We’re Fully Stocked! We’ve Got All the Essentials and Much, Much More

RT Shelves Are Filled with All the Essentials…and Much More

Thanks to some savvy buying on our end, and amazing distributors who move mountains to ensure we receive our essential items, we’ve got everything you need to keep living the healthy lifestyle you count on Rising Tide for. That means organic fruits and vegetables (fresh and frozen), paper products, grains and beans (and yes, we have YEAST!)—we’ve got it all. Plus, as always, we’ve got the carefully vetted, high-quality supplements necessary to keep your immune system strong as we move past COVID and into the future.

And while we are so lucky that our shelves are stocked, we are not currently able to run our monthly sale. Even with a complete assortment of essential items, supplies of other items have been intermittent, which has required us to look to other opportunities for procuring them. This means discounted pricing is not always possible. We are hoping to bring our sale back in the month of June or certainly as supplies allow.

LOCAL FLAVOR: Chaga Island Tea

Chaga mushrooms are a fungus that grows on hardwood trees in cold, northern forests, used by Russians and Scandinavians for centuries to treat everything from digestive issues to cancer. We had the opportunity to speak with Plainview-based Chaga Island Tea, to learn more about the health benefits of this magical mushroom elixir and why we should add it to our wellness routine.

RT: What is Chaga Island’s origin story?
CIT: Chaga Island was conceived from a 30-year friendship between Debbie Falborn, R.N. and Bridget Leroy, both native Long Islanders. Many years later when Bridget’s third child was diagnosed with mononucleosis, she discovered her friend Debbie was living in the same town and reached out to her for her advice as a former pediatric nurse. By Bridget’s account, she was shocked to be handed three wood-like pieces of chaga mushroom and told to go home, brew it, and have her son drink the tea. In five days, the illness that was supposed to keep him in bed for 4-6 weeks was gone. His bloodwork was negative for mono.

Soon after that making chaga tea became their mission. Together Debbie and Bridget spent over two years learning and developing the magnificent Chaga Tea we have the good fortune to have available to us. Initially sold at Farmer’s Markets, it went to retail stores around Long Island in 2018. The feedback from consumers was amazing for this great-tasting, organic brewed medicinal tea.

RT: What sets Chaga apart from other healing teas?
CIT: What sets us apart from other chaga products is the process. There are only two ways of receiving the healthy benefits of chug mushrooms, both of which requires breaking down the chitin (the hard, shell-like component of fungi cell walls). Only alcohol extraction or long, slow brewing using water can extract the medicinal properties. Using the water method, the body can better assimilate the mushroom’s benefits.

RT: What role do chaga mushrooms play for those adhering to a holistic lifestyle? 
CIT: Chaga mushrooms are considered to be The King of Medicinal Mushrooms. They are antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant . In fact, they have the highest antioxidant value of any other natural substance aside from raw cacao. Chaga tea is one of the highest immunomodulators on the planet. Some of its many nutrients include Vitamin A, Vitamin B-complex, Vitamins C, E and K, iron, calcium, zinc, and fiber.

RT: When/how often should we drink Chaga tea? What do you recommend? 
CIT: We suggest to others to do as as we do and enjoy our teas every day for health maintenance. Our teas an be enjoyed both cold and hot.

RT: Anything new at Chaga Tea?
CIT: At Chaga Island Tea, we’re always looking to provide our clients with new combinations of organic flowers and herbs that contribute to well-being. Look for new flavors in the coming year!

RT: For those of us who dream of starting their own local biz, what has it been like to launch/run a successful local business?
CIT: Starting a local successful business can be daunting but a dream that can be realized. There are so many talented passionate creators of food here on Long Island. We at Health By Design, it’s our mission to join with the imaginative creators of food and drink to bring their products to market. As a team of people who care about the integrity of food, snacks, and beverages, we are excited to continue to bring forth delicious healthy gluten free, keto, organic, and kosher foods to Long Island.

Try Chaga Island Teas in Cinnamon  and Hibiscus flavors. Other products in the Health By Design collection include Chocorite Keto Blast (a keto meal replacement bar), Splitz (a split pea snack), CloudWater (a CBD sparkling water) & Blossom Water, a flower and fruit beverage.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Organic Valley Eggs

The best, most nutritious eggs come from free-range, cage-free chickens. That’s why all Organic Valley chickens have access to green, organic pastures, where they spend their days clucking, strutting and pecking at bugs and earthworms. On rainy days, the chickens stay in the coop, but keeping them happy and healthy is still  Organic Valley’s highest priority. And possibly the best thing about Organic Valley is that they’re not a giant corporation, but a cooperative made up of over 2,000 family farms (some right here in NY State), all pooling their passion and resources to bring organic food to the tables of people across the country.
OV eggs are tough to crack:

  • Each egg contains 6g of organic protein
  • Organic Valley eggs contain NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything
  • Organic Valley goes beyond organic standards to provide extra outdoor space for foraging and exercise, more room for perching indoors, and guaranteed shade outside for the hot summer months

**ON SALE ALL MONTH**$3.99 (Reg $5.99)


To know steel cut oats is to love them. Such is the philosophy behind Cold Spring Harbor-based Ally’s Oats, the company offering the newest, healthiest, grab-and-go snack at Rising Tide. Available in five yummy flavors (the most popular? Peanut Butter Honey, of course!), Ally’s Oats are perfect for pre- or post-workout, school snack or lunch, a quick on-the-go meal—virtually any time you need a convenient, wholesome  bite with zero guilt attached. We spoke with Alison McShea, Ally’s founder, about her family legacy of steel cut oats, and why she’s so excited to share them with everyone at Rising Tide.

RT: What is the origin of Ally’s Oats?
AO: I grew up in Rockville Center in a family of 9. Back then, steel cut oats was a way for my mother to make sure we all had a hearty,  healthy meal to sustain us throughout our school day. My grandmother was from Galway, Ireland and fed her family the same oats.

Now I am a single mom raising four children of my own. When I went back to work full-time, my daughter disliked the school lunch choices, so I put a pot of steel cut oats in the fridge and told her they would make a great, healthy lunch.  Fast forward…she loved the oats and shared them with friends and staff. Pretty soon I was selling steel cut oats in the high school to all the students and teachers!  As our followers grew, I began to research the many health benefits of Ally’s Oats. I had inherited my mother’s love of steel cut oats.

RT: What is the company’s mission?
AO: To share our love of organic steel cut oats and offer a healthy, ready-to-eat snack or meal.  Ally’s Oats are full of vitamins and beta glucan, and are a source of iron, protein, and many other healthy ingredients.

RT: Who are the people behind Ally’s Oats?
AO: I am Alison McShea, the founder, and my partner is Bruce Pomper.  Ally’s Organic Oats has also put together a family of enthusiastic Oat helpers. Patricia, my identical twin sister, is a great help with graphic design and business planning. Gabby is our main kitchen staff member and helps manage the kitchen.

RT: What sets Ally’s Oats products apart from other ready-to-eat products on the market?
AO: Ally’s Oats is the only organic steel cut oats, cooked and ready to eat as a meal or snack or dessert throughout the day. Most oats on the market are rolled or steamed, thus have been through a “process”. Ally’s steel cut oats have the husk still on them…this is the gold standard of oats.

RT: Who is your ideal customer?
AO: Anyone looking to eat healthy and feel good! Our steel cut oats are particularly good for anyone who is pre-diabetic or diabetic, due to its low glycemic level.

RT: What’s the latest from Ally’s Oats? Anything new and exciting in the pipeline?
AO: Ally’s Oats has just pushed into Manhattan and has signed on with several new corporations’ Health and Wellness Programs.  Ally’s Oats provides employees with a healthy, balanced meal or snack that can help workers be more productive. Our company is expanding and we are looking for larger kitchen space to keep up with growing demand.

RT: How would you describe the role steel cut oats can play for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle?
AO: First, steel cut oats are very low on the glycemic index, which keeps your sugar levels from spiking. Secondly, oats are a complex carb full of vitamins and protein, making them a great snack or meal before or after the gym.  Steel cut oats are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber which promotes good colon health and helps you feel fuller, longer. Oats have also been reported to lower bad cholesterol.

RT: At Rising Tide, we love local! What has it meant for you to be a local, Long Island company? How do you focus on local in your business?
AO: Ally’s Oats loves being a Long Island company. We celebrate our North Shore roots by hiring local workers and working in our neighborhood church kitchen. Through our kitchen—based in Huntington N.Y.—Ally’s Oats provides a healthy snack to the homeless men who are given a warm bed, a meal and a packed lunch the next day. We are constantly exploring sourcing local vendors for honey and other ingredients.

RT: What are your healthy, go-to-snacks when not munching on Ally’s Oats?
AO: I make a large pot of chicken chili and veggies every Sunday. It’s full of fresh organic veggies, chicken, and beans.  I start my day with an egg over avocado on flax bread. My treat is a piece of Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate…yummy!

RT: What’s your favorite recipe to make using Ally’s Oats products?
AO: I love my oats on plain greek yogurt with ¼ cup of hot blueberries poured over it and walnuts to top it off.  I also love my oats in a morning protein shake. It makes the shake thick and keeps me satiated.

RT: What is one fun thing about Ally’s Oats that no one would know?
AO: I cook the oats in a kitchen that is connected to an “open” room, and there’s a senior yoga class going on as I cook in the early mornings. They are all huge supporters of Ally’s Oats and are cheering us on!  Ally’s Oats are cooked in an “ohm” environment. Namaste.

LOCAL FLAVOR: Coast to Coast Trail Mix

Two entrepreneurial brothers (both originally from Long Island) with a passion for trail mix are the driving force behind Coast to Coast organic trail mix. First there’s Drew, a vegan athlete and health and nutrition expert who in 2017 rode his bicycle coast to coast from New York to Washington. While out on the road, he brought along and mailed himself huge bags of trail mix to ensure he would have something substantial to eat on his journey.  Biking a hundred miles a day and sometimes living off of only these mixes, Drew realized this was something he should share with the world.

Back in New York City, his brother Liam—a fine artist and creative director— was creating cool art projects, but not spending enough time with the people he loves.  He called Drew and asked him what they could work on together. Considering that Liam’s diet is almost entirely made up of Halal street chicken and trail mix, it seemed the perfect venture for the two brothers. Coast to Coast Trail Mix was born, driven by a desire to produce the cleanest, healthiest product possible, and, ultimately, bring it to the masses at a price everyone can afford.

RT: What sets Coast to Coast products apart from other trail mix on the market?
CTC: We sprout and dehydrate all our nuts and seeds to make them easier to digest and absorb the nutrients.  This also gives them a delicious clean taste and a crunchy texture unlike other mixes on the market.  The selection of ingredients for each mix creates a balanced nutritional profile and provides a wide array of vital nutrients. These are everyday foods; not just snacks to indulge on every once and a while.

Our packaging is also 100% compostable in personal homes.  We’ve left bags in my backyard and found them decomposing after only a day or two.  They can be burned in a campfire and if you accidentally drop them on the trail, Mother Nature will forgive you!  The material is also derived from 100% non-GMO crops grown and processed in the USA.  This kind of clean is unheard of in this market.  Most importantly, they are delicious!

RT: What’s the latest from Coast to Coast? Anything new and exciting in the pipeline?
CTC: We’ve got some top-secret stuff in the works for 2019—new mixes based on feedback we’ve received from customers and some really cool innovations. We’ve been a business for just four months, but things are moving in a very positive direction. We believe that starting with an uncompromising dedication to our guiding principles will allow us to grow authentically into a powerful force.

RT: How would you describe the role nuts, dried fruits, etc. can play for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle?
CTC: Nuts and seeds are fantastic sources of essential fatty acids (omega 3/6/9) and high-quality proteins.  Walnuts are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids and pumpkin seeds provide one of the best sources of plant-based protein in the world.  Choosing these as a source of nutrition not only nurtures our bodies, but benefits the environment by reducing our dependency on animal sources. Dried fruits are a great source of simple carbs for fueling everyday activities or intense athletics, and we also make sure to include superfoods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and even some complete proteins, in every mix.

RT: Why is 2019 the year of trail mix?
CTC: Man, if everything we’ve said so far isn’t getting people excited about trail mix… I don’t know what will!  I hear they are eating it in Avengers: Endgame, so we fully expect to be a meme by this summer. But on a serious note— I think that our culture is definitely moving more towards plant-based nutrition, especially with the recent dire warnings regarding climate change, and trail mix is an ideal way for people to fit tons of important nutrients into one easy-to-manage, on-the-go meal.  We hope to lead the industry in the right direction and avoid the trappings of the bland mixes lacking any real superfoods that we see on the market.

RT: When you’re not noshing on organic trail mix… what are you loving to eat right now? What are your go-to’s?
CTC: Liam loves Halal street chicken.  Halal food is generally cleaner and the animals are treated better so he thinks that counts! Drew has been really into parsnips and broccoli rabe lately.  Making fries out of parsnips in an air fryer is the way to go.  Throw some chili powder on those and you’re set!  Aged black garlic and broccoli rabe is another winner.  As far as go-to’s are concerned… we should definitely give a shout out to Tierra Farms for all their great work in the bulk nuts, seeds, and dried fruit world.  That is a company that does everything right.  I’m also a big fan of Hu Chocolate, based out of NYC and producing clean chocolate bars sweetened with coconut sugar.  Their almond butter & quinoa crisp flavor is my number one indulgence.  Also, hemp seeds!  Drew eats them every day and they are the perfect secret ingredient for a vegan athlete.

RT: What’s your favorite recipe using a Coast to Coast product?
CTC: It’s definitely a tie between mixing Andy’s Blend into my morning oatmeal (sometimes quinoa and/or amaranth) and topping off some MUD brand Paleo ice cream with High Plains Mixer for dessert.  Someone told me they baked cookies with Black Hills mixed in and that sounded awesome!

RT: What are a few FUN things most people don’t know about  Coast to Coast?
* Liam and Drew are almost never in the same room together.  Outside of Christmas, the two haven’t seen each other since the company launched on September 1st!
* Every bag of trail mix is hand mixed and packed by Drew
* Liam just had an art showing at Art Basel in Miami
* Drew has toured the country and released multiple albums with various punk bands, but they all had dumb names that he’s too embarrassed to mention here
* Liam was once on GQ’s most eligible bachelors in New York list
* Drew mailed five pound bags of Andy’s Blend to his friends in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minneapolis, Jackson (Wyoming), and Philipsburg (Montana), thinking that would be enough for his journey (in addition to whatever fresh food he could find), but wound up eating so much more food than he anticipated. To fill the gap, he made huge bags of trail mix out of whatever he could find en route.  High Plains Mixer was created in the Badlands of South Dakota when dates and pine nuts were all the store sold.  Black Hills came about because he was craving chocolate and the only thing that didn’t contain milk and sugar was the same kind of unsweetened chocolate Coast to Coast uses today!

FEATURED PRODUCT: Tasty New Items from The Piggery

Early last month, we had the great pleasure of paying a visit to The Piggery butcher shop in Ithaca, NY. What we saw there was incredibly inspiring: Piggery owners and staff doing what they love and doing it with ingenuity and passion, raising some of the happiest animals anywhere—grazing in pristine, nutrient-rich pastures as nature intended. We love The Piggery!

That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce you to our latest Piggery products. Figure them into your holiday festivities; we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

* Uncured Pepperoni and Genoa Salami: Hello, festive charcuterie plate! These savory artisanal meats are made without any added nitrates or nitrites, except for the ones naturally occurring in cultured celery powder and sea salt.

* Pastured Turkey and Pork Bone Broths: Made in the Piggery shop by slow simmering turkey or pork bones for more than 16 hours. Make it into your favorite soup or sip as a warm drink. Great for the gut and super nourishing.

Check out The Piggery products (and all our other meticulously curated meats) in the refrigerated case across from the Deli.


Tierra Farm is a certified-organic manufacturer and distributor of nuts and dried fruits, located right here in New York State, 20 miles south of Albany. If you’ve enjoyed many of the nuts and dried fruits in our Bulk department then you already know…their products are GREAT—healthy and delicious. We love Tierra Farm because they are an organic, employee-owned, environmentally conscious company that manufactures its own products. Rising Tide had a chance to chat with our favorite nut folks to find out what makes them tick and what’s new in their world.

1. What is the origin of Tierra Farm?
Tierra Farm started as a diversified organic vegetable farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The organic nuts and dried fruit portion of the business started in 1999 as a way to generate income in the slower winter months. That portion of the business continued to thrive into what it has become today, and we still maintain our original farm.

2. What sets Tierra Farm products apart from other nut purveyors on the market?
We offer our customers exceptional value through unbeatable quality at prices that are fair both to the consumer and to the farmer. Our products are made without added oils or refined sugars in our peanut-free facility. We manufacture the products we sell. We dry roast and flavor nuts and seeds, blend trail mixes, grind butter, cover nuts and fruits in chocolate, and roast fair-trade coffee. Everything is made in small, hand-crafted batches for freshness. All products are gluten-free, peanut-free, and kosher. Our chocolate and coffee are certified fair trade.

3. In what ways does Tierra Farm show concern for the environment and the future of our planet? 
Tierra Farm handles only certified-organic products which are grown without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers. This sustains biodiversity, conserves fresh water, and enhances the soil. We generate over 70% of our electricity from solar panels and recycle over 60% of our waste. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and our deli cup containers are made from over 50% recycled material—both are recyclable after use. We’re continuously looking for better ways to protect the planet.

4. What’s the latest from Tierra Farm? Anything new and exciting in the pipeline?
We recently launched nine new products that buyers and consumers can buy in our retail store, cooperatives, independent grocery stores and online. These organic, gluten-free products include raw blanched almonds, unsalted blanched almonds, salted blanched almonds, honey cinnamon blanched almonds, mango strips, diced mango, pineapple chunks, pineapple rings and lime infused banana.

We also have an exciting new 1.6 oz Organic Grab and Go product in production that we plan to launch soon, so stay tuned!

5. How would you describe the role nuts can play for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle?
Despite the fact that nuts are high in fat, they have health numerous benefits, including being a great source of nutrients. They are also loaded with antioxidants, high in fiber and are good for your heart. Tierra Farm nuts are all organic, gluten-free and kosher, which means that they are made with no added oils or refined sugars.

6. When you’re not noshing on nuts, what are you loving to eat right now? What are your go-to’s?
When we’re not snacking on our variety of nuts we are definitely noshing on some of our delicious dried fruits and chocolates. The organic banana chips are a popular and delicious snack around the office that’s rich in potassium and magnesium. For something sweeter (besides the chocolate covered cashews!) the dark chocolate covered coconut is an office favorite that most employees will tell you tastes like a Mounds chocolate bar.

7. What is your favorite way to use Tierra Farm during Thanksgiving/Christmas? Our products make great snacks to put out on the table when you are hosting a holiday party or event. Our chocolate dollops and chips are also great to bake with when making a delicious dessert to bring or have around the holidays! Also, our 20 oz. upscale cloth bag of Organic Salted Pistachios in shell is one of our most heart-healthy nuts and makes an awesome gift during the holidays.

8. What about a favorite holiday recipe? 
Old-Fashioned Organic Pecan Pie 
1 9-inch organic unbaked pie crust
1 cup organic cane sugar syrup
1 cup organic granulated sugar
3 large organic eggs, lightly whisked
1/4 teaspoon organic salt
2 tablespoons organic unsalted butter, melted
1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
2 cups Tierra Farm organic Raw Pecans
Pre-heat the oven to 350°F with an oven rack placed in the middle of the oven.

Roll out the pie crust and transfer it to a 9-inch pie pan. Cover loosely with plastic wrap or a clean kitchen towel and freeze for 15 minutes while you prepare the filling.

Microwave the organic cane sugar syrup in 30 second bursts on HIGH (about 1 – 1.5 minutes total), or set in a saucepan of simmering water, until the syrup is pourable.

Combine the syrup, sugar, eggs, salt, melted butter, and vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl. Stir gently until the mixture is smooth and all the ingredients are evenly combined. Stir in the pecans.

Remove the pie crust from the freezer and pour the filling into the shell. Use a spoon to make sure the pecans are distributed evenly. Place the pie on a baking sheet to catch any drips and bake for 50-55 minutes. The pie is done when it reaches an internal temperature of about 200°F, and when the top crust turns deep golden-brown and feels firm when gently tapped.

Allow to cool completely and keep loosely covered with plastic in the refrigerator. Keeps one week.

9. What’s one FUN thing most people don’t know about Tierra Farm? 
One fun thing most people don’t know about Tierra Farm is that our employee offices are at the same location as our fully functioning farm! While Tierra Farm has expanded and some corporate offices are off-site, the majority of the offices are in the same building as where we roast, pack, and ship our product. Our farm also grows onsite fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs that are used for our employee lunch program. This program provides employees with a free organic lunch that is cooked on-site by our company Chef.

**Our Tierra Farm Organic Cajun Cashews and Organic Salted Mixed Nuts are both ON SALE for the month of November. Check out our Bulk section for these and other holiday (and game day!) snacks…**


If you’ve tried Bread Alone’s whole wheat sourdough bread (or any of their other breads we carry, for that matter!), you know they’re doing something exceptional at this Upstate NY bread company. Made using old-fashioned methods, their breads contain little more than organic stone ground flours, water, organic grains and sea salt. The result is simple, wholesome, local, organic bread that makes you rethink every other bread you’ve ever had.

RT: Who are the people behind Bread Alone?
BA: Bread Alone was founded in 1983 by Dan Leader and remains a family business to this day. Dan’s partner Sharon came on board in the early years and his son Nels joined in 2012. Together they comprise the heart of the company, however there over 200 people that help get this ship to sail every day. From production to distribution to customer service, every employee is considered a member of this extended family.

RT: What was the impetus behind the creation of the company? In other words…why bread?
BA: Dan was deeply entrenched in NYC’s bustling culinary world, and at the time (think early 80s) French cuisine was the standard for fine dining. This took him to Europe where he fell in love with the craft of artisan bread-making. After too many hours spent in crowded city kitchens, he packed up his family and moved them to the Catskills for a better quality of life, and to bake bread where no one had baked bread before: sleepy Boiceville, NY.

RT: What makes Bread Alone different from other artisan breads?
BA: Most of our breads are certified organic, and those that aren’t are made using certified organic grains. We feel strongly that organic grains are the best choice for our planet, farmworkers, gut, and taste buds. We also offer a robust selection of sourdough breads, all made my hand.

RT: How important is it for you to source ingredients locally? Why/why not?
BA: Supporting our community is imperative. This was built into our mission from the very beginning with the choice to source organic. Today we maintain deep commitments to our local mills both within NY state and beyond our borders. We source our fresh seasonal fruit and produce and milk from local farms. This ethos also extends to our cafes where we have relationships with local vendors across the menu, from our tea and coffee to our bacon.

RT: What’s one fun thing most people don’t know about Bread Alone?  
BA: We have 664 solr panels on the roof of our main bakery in Lake Katrine! The 194kw solar array went live on Earth Day 2018 and provides around 25% of our energy needs. We consider this just the beginning; we plan to source our energy from 100% renewable sources by 2030.

RT: What’s the latest from Bread Alone? Anything new in the pipeline?
BA: We have a new line of Nordic-inspired sourdough breads, baked out of our original bakery in Boiceville. Thes nutritionally dense breads are packed with flavor and are offered in three varieties: 100% Rye, Einkorn, and Fruit & Seed.

RT: When you’re not noshing on delicious homemade bread… What are you loving to eat right now? What are your go-tos (snacks, drinks, wellness products, or other)? 
BA: We’re thankful that the temperature has finally caught up with the season – we’re loving fresh fall apples. A sweet honeycrisp gets us through that afternoon slump!

RT: What’s your favorite recipe to make using Bread Alone bread?
BA: We’re purists – nothing beats a slice of our Einkorn Nordic bread toasted and slathered with a healthy dose of cultured butter.

RT: What is your favorite bread(s) for the holidays?
BA: Our sourdough panettone – moist, slightly citrus, and with just enough chocolate chips.

RT: What has it been like to be a “local” food business in New York State? 
BA: It’s been an honor! We’re surrounded by an incredible community, and we couldn’t imagine baking our bread and living our lives anywhere else.

RECIPES: Not-So-Scary DIY Halloween Treats

You want to give your children Halloween treats they’ll love, but without all the ghoulish stuff—GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, high fructose corn syrup—you avoid all other times of year. While healthier packaged treats are more readily available than ever (come into the store for a great selection of Rising Tide-approved Halloween treats), don’t underestimate the fun (and ease!) of creating homemade treats made with wholesome, organic/non-GMO ingredients. Whether you’re hosting a party, bringing snacks into a child’s classroom, or simply want to control a fraction of your child’s Halloween booty, get some inspiration for healthy Halloween recipes here.

Raw Almond Butter Cups
Black Widow Spider Cupcakes 
DIY Almond Joys
Chocolate Almond Butter Crunch Bars 
Gummy Bears 

Maple Chili Popcorn
Taco Lime Pumpkin Seeds 
Haunted Pizza

Fruit & Veggie treats
Halloween Apple Bites
Caramel Apples Six Ways 
Veggie Skeleton

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day On May 12

On May 12, join us in celebrating World Fair Trade Day and the movement of small-scale farmers and artisans around the world. Consumers and mission-driven brands are a key part of this movement; to shop these brands is to invest in food and farming systems that feed the planet and give back to the land.

Each fair trade brand’s products and its producers tell a different story: Alaffia’s deodorant helps support reforestation projects in rural Togo, increasing food security and helping to slow erosion. Alter Eco’s chocolate partners are reintroducing heirloom cacao varietals as part of an agroforestry project in Ecuador. In India, Dr. Bronner is partnering with a project that is revitalizing land into a rich, regenerative ecosystem to grow mint oil that puts the tingle in your soap—and a wealth of food and cash crops. Equal Exchange’s coffee helps power deep organic practices, and farmer-led workshops that pass the wisdom on to the next generation of Honduran farmers.

Small-scale producers are growing food and farming systems that give back to their communities and regenerate our planet. When you support the fair trade brands that support them, you’re helping grow that future, too.

Look for special in-store deals throughout May, and let your purchases be Fair for Farmers every day!

LOCAL FLAVOR: Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York

We’re so excited to bring you this fun profile of one of our favorite local vendors: Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York. Since 2016, Steiner’s has been delighting Long Islanders and others with its homegrown recipe for sensational gluten-free coffee cake and delectable brownies. Whether you need to avoid gluten or not, you do NOT want to miss Steiner’s desserts. True to their mission, they sacrifice nothing in the way of taste, mouthfeel, etc. Look for them in the Rising Tide freezer section. Jennifer Pool (AKA the Granddaughter) fills us in on the history and goings-on at Steiner’s in the interview below. Say hi to her the next time she’s here demo-ing Steiner’s amazing treats.

RT: Who are the people behind Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York? 

SCCONY: In 1963, Malcolm Steiner (A.K.A Grandpa) set out to conquer another hobby: cooking & baking. At that time, he was already a painter, an Orchidist (a person who raises orchids), a volunteer at Long Island Jewish Hospital (delivering said orchids to patients’ rooms), and in his spare time, he ran Steiner Plastics which became Universal Sign Company. The company was situated in the stables of Pratt Oval Estates in Glen Cove founded by his mother, Cyrille Steiner. Grandpa Malcolm quickly became a commander of the kitchen. If he wasn’t in his greenhouse, he was walking around the kitchen in his apron with a dish towel hanging out of his back pocket. He was tall, bald, skinny and loved butter. If it didn’t taste right he was famous for saying, “Just add butter.” He worked at Universal Sign Corporation alongside his son until his passing at 90. He was a man of very few words, however we have a treasure trove of memories filled with his very best recipes. Fortunately, he took his daughter in-law Nanci (A.K.A mom) under his wing and taught her everything he knew.

Nanci Steiner (born in NYC, raised in Port Washington) was diagnosed a Celiac over 30 years ago. Over the past three decades she worked tirelessly to develop a gluten-free all-purpose flour that baked for the masses. Many a cake met their demise in her kitchen. She has tested every product on the market. Her one goal was to bake something so good, so delicious, so perfectly moist that the unsuspecting consumer would never know it was gluten free. In 2010 Jeffrey (A.K.A my brother) and I realized she was very close. We went ahead and developed the brand: Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York. In May of 2016, Nanci nailed it. On the precipice of her 70th year, she was ready to launch her company.

RT: What was the inspiration for the creation of the company? In other words…why coffee cake

SCCONY: Well everyone LOVES coffee. And everyone LOVES cake. Grandpa made a fabulous coffee cake. Naturally we picked one of the most labor-intensive recipes possible. Each cake is made with lots of love. Four layers in all.

RT: What makes Steiner’s different from other local bakers?  

SCCONY: All of our baked goods are gluten and nut free WITHOUT sacrificing taste, texture or moisture. @nycoffeecake always #easytoeat and #funtoshare.

RT: How important is it for you to source ingredients locally? Why/why not? 

SCCONY: We love local. If we can integrate ingredients, marketing materials, packaging or other items from local providers we absolutely do so. We owe our success to this community; all of our firsts happened right here.

Our first criteria in our business decision tree is avoiding a negative impact on the environment. Our belief that less is more has resulted in small serving sizes, using the places people already shop  (i.e. Rising Tide Market) to deliver our products, and streamlined packaging solutions. In addition, we ALWAYS look back at what we’re leaving behind, a philosophy that has led to the use of plant-based and biodegradable packaging solutions; one-box to ship, and zero-waste manufacturing.

RT: What’s one fun thing most people don’t know about Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York?  

SCCONY: I’ll give you two. The first is that we actually have all of Grandpa Malcolm’s recipe cards. Some are illegible and others were typed up by his secretary. The second is that Nanci NEVER writes down any of her baking notes. NEVER. It drives us crazy.

RT: What’s the latest from Steiner’s? Anything new in the pipeline? 

SCCONY: It’s a long pipeline. Here’s a small taste: Our ginger snaps and banana bread are not to be missed. Our goal is to have them retail ready by Summer 2018. Currently in R&D: pumpkin spice cake and chocolate chip biscotti.

RT: When you’re not noshing on coffee cake and brownies… What are you loving to eat right now? What are your top go-to’s (snacks, drinks, wellness products or other)?

SCCONY: I am currently LOVING celery with Justin’s Peanut Butter. My two favorites that really haven’t changed in years are Siggi’s 0% plain yogurt now topped with Purely Elizabeth Granola, and Garden of Eatin’ Red Hot Blues.

RT: What’s the right occasion to serve Steiner’s coffee cake? What do you serve it with?

SCCONY: Easy. Any time is the right time. Clearly if a cup of coffee is in hand then so to should be a coffee cake. Our coffee cake is a fabulous addition to any brunch. It also tops off a dessert menu with or without some fabulous vanilla ice cream. Our preference is Talenti.

RT: What’s your favorite recipe to make using Steiner’s Coffee Cake?

SCCONY: The secret ingredient in all of our baked goods is Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York All-Purpose Flour. Our favorite thing to bake is Grandpa Malcolm’s signature dessert: Betty’s Birthday Cake. Everyone in our family  has this cake on their birthday. It’s a six-layer cake with mocha filling between each layer of delicious chocolate cake topped off with homemade vanilla whipped icing.

RT: What’s the strangest way you’ve heard someone use a Steiner’s coffee cake (or brownie, etc.)?

SCCONY: Another easy one. I have a friend who eats our coffee cake with bacon. He loves it.

RT: So many in this community dream of starting their own business. What’s your best piece of advice for launching a successful local biz?

SCCONY: It’s never the right time, it won’t be easy, you’ll be exhausted, it’s not a sure thing, someone down the street is doing the same thing…GO FOR IT! In all seriousness…be prepared to listen, filter, listen some more, and make decisions. You won’t always make the right decision— that’s ok. The only mistake is not moving forward.

RECIPES: Vegan-ize Your Memorial Day BBQ

Whether you’re a vegan yourself, are friends with one, or, like a lot of us, trying to eat more plant-based foods to support your health and the health of the planet, this may be the year to re-think the traditional Memorial Day BBQ. Let’s be clear— this is not about sacrifice, but about choosing to serve fresh, mainly organic foods that taste amazing and leave you feeling light (and virtuous!).

At Rising Tide Market, we carry a great selection of vegan-friendly BBQ items, including Beast Burgers and Beyond Burgers from Beyond Meat and frankfurters and sausage from Field Roast. Or let us do the cooking…our Deli features an assortment of vegan salads, burgers, and desserts, including our not-to-be-missed Vegan Blackout Cake. Check out the Freezer section for vegan ice creams crafted by Van LeeuwenLuna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss and more.

If entertaining your way means it has to be homemade, our 100% organic Produce Department is chock full of every veggie & fruit you need to whip up a vegan holiday bbq that every kind of eater will love. These recipes will put you on the right (green) path…

Main Dishes
Smoky Carrot Dog
Sesame Tofu Skewers with Peanut Butter Dip
Portobello Mushroom Sliders
Vegan Lentil Burgers

Herby Picnic Potato Salad
Grilled Napa Cabbage with Chinese Mustard Glaze and Scallions
Watermelon, Cucumber andAvocado Ceviche
Vegan Biscuits

Chewy Coconut Oatmeal Cookies
Grain-Free Mixed Berry Crisp
Vegan Chocolate Cake with Avocado Frosting


We’re thrilled to introduce you to High Mowing Organic Seeds, our valued source for organic seeds since 2015. What began with just 28 varieties in1996 in founder Tom Stearns’ backyard has since grown exponentially—a one-man operation now a thriving business making available to home gardeners and commercial growers over 600 heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seed.

True to its roots, High Mowing Organic Seeds continues to grow many of the varieties they sell on their 40-acre farm in northern Vermont, setting them apart from the majority of other seed companies. Come check out our wide assortment of Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified seeds on the racks at the front of the store. We’re just about a month away from the ideal time to plant your backyard garden. Start planning now!
Assorted seeds: $2.75/each

***New for 2018*** We’ve got an entire rack of High Mowing Organic microgreens seeds! Studies show that microgreen plants contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their more mature counterparts. Choose from Red Beet, Russian Kale, Broccoli, Green Chard and more.
Microgreens seeds: $5.99/each

LOCAL FLAVOR: MUD Coconut Mousse

In 2013, Miriam Wietniewska and Sam Friedman fell in love. But they were often at odds over dessert. Sam loved sugary desserts like cookies, cakes and ice cream. Miriam would look at the ingredients and cringe – sugar, high fructose corn syrup, polysorbate 80, carrageenan? Ahhh! One night, Miriam whipped up a four-ingredient “ice cream” made of coconuts, cashews, dates and cacao. For the first time, Sam was hooked on a healthy dessert. Soon enough, friends, family, and even perfect strangers wanted MUD in their home. Today, MUD’s Coconut Mousse product line is available in more than 60 health food and grocery stores in NYC, Long Island, Upstate NY, Connecticut and growing. Its purpose is clear: to nourish people and their higher purpose—and give them sweet nourishment along the way.

Since 2015, over 20,000 people have tried MUD. They often ask: ‘Are you sure there’s no dairy or refined sugar in here?’ Yes, they are 100% sure.

Note to customers: Make sure to let MUD soften! Since they use no preservatives or gums, it gets hard in the freezer. MUD is best enjoyed thawed for 20 minutes at room temp, or even from the fridge!

RT: Who are the people behind the MUD?
: Sam Friedman, the sweet tooth, and Miriam Kwietniewska, the health nut.

Sam is a social entrepreneur from Rockaway Beach, NY with a passion for creativity, collaboration, and commerce. Before MUD, he founded an IT platform that today is helping fund global agricultural projects. Sam has always had a big sweet tooth. Before the age of 12 he ran a chocolate-covered pretzel stand, and sold ice cream in his home town. Sam serves as MUD’s CEO and Chief Taste Tester, helping keep MUD sweet.

Miriam Kwietniewska is a soulpreneur with a passion for health and wellness. At age 9, Miriam emigrated from Poland to Long Beach, NY. Her interest in healing started thanks to her mom’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS). At the age of 23, Miriam experienced divine intervention after seeing someone heal themselves from progressive MS. She applied holistic healing principles to herself, which changed her life and led to the co-founding of MUD. Today, Miriam is coaching her mom to heal herself naturally, continuing to develop natural products, and collaborating with change-makers to awaken the collective consciousness of the planet. Miriam serves as MUD’s Chief Product Officer, helping keep MUD healthy.

RT: What makes MUD different from other dairy-free frozen desserts out there?
M: First, MUD uses whole foods, not processed derivatives. We use whole cashews and dates to preserve precious vitamins, minerals, and fiber for you! Each serving of MUD has 12 vitamins and minerals, and 4-5 grams of plant-based protein.  Other dairy-free frozen desserts use liquid milks, syrups, natural flavorings and powdered gums and fibers, which have little to no nutrient density.

Secondly, MUD’s Coconut Mousse is real food that tastes like dessert. It’s organic nuts and fruits ground and whipped together for your pleasure and convenience. And we sweeten exclusively with dates, not with refined sugar or high glycemic syrup. Dates grow on palm trees in arid climates, and in Ayurveda are considered a ‘sattvic’ food (light, pure energy). Dates are low to medium glycemic and contain a lot of fiber, which helps to offset the glycemic response in the blood. In other words, although MUD’s Coconut Mousse tastes like a dessert, it doesn’t carry the negative side effect of a sugar crash. Satisfy your sweet tooth while nourishing your body.

RT: How important is it for you to source ingredients locally?
All of our ingredients grow in countries with a tropical climate like Madagascar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Dominican Republic. The only ingredient we can currently source from the USA is our organic dates from California. When we source ingredients it’s very important for us to know where they’re coming from and how the people, crops and local environments are treated. As we grow, we learn how to ask better questions and how to source closer to the source. For instance, we source our Madagascar vanilla from a company that partners directly with small farmers via their cooperatives, and we source our organic coffee and cacao from certified fair-trade partnerships.

RT: What’s one fun thing most people don’t know about MUD?
Each serving of MUD’s Coconut Mousse is infused with Ocean energy. MUD is made in Rockaway Beach, a true New York City gem. Rockaway is a peninsula nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Manhattan skyline, making it a perfect place for nature lovers who love the creative energy of the city!

RT: What’s the latest from MUD? Anything new in the pipeline?
Yes! We are expanding our distribution reach, and are expected to be sold in over 500 stores in the Northeastern U.S. before the summer of 2018. Yay! On the research & development side, we are developing a new flavor line of Mousses made with unique nut and seed varieties.

RT: When you’re not noshing on MUD… What are you loving to eat right now? What are your go-to (snacks, drinks, wellness products, etc.)?
We love to cook at home, especially Ayurvedic-inspired meals.
For snacks we love Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips, Lara Bars, Eating Evolved chocolates, REBBL Drinks, Harmless Harvest coco water. Our favorite Wellness products are Essential Rose Life Roll-On (smells divine!) and Bach Flower Essences.

RT: How has it been to open a business in NY State? What’s it like to be a “local” food business?
It’s been challenging yet rewarding. New York is such a busy place that you can find inspiration all around you, and you have millions of entrepreneurial minds at your disposal. Being local has meant a lot for us. We derive a lot of support from our Rockaway Beach community who have given us the opportunity to sell MUD at the local farm, food co-op, markets, etc. We also love meeting the local store owners that share bits of advice, wisdom, and laughter. It makes the hard days manageable, and we feel like we’re building a strong network of friends and allies. We are also part of the Long Island Food Council (LIFC) which has been invaluable in helping us scale our business. Through LIFC, we meet industry professionals who guide us, and we’re given the space to pitch and refine our ideas and strategies.

RT: So many in our community dream of starting their own local business. What’s your one piece of advice for launching a successful local biz?
Do it from a heart-centered place. Allow the business to choose you, not the other way around. In other words, don’t sit there and try to conjure up the best new business idea. Instead, practice self-awareness and live your life in heart-centered presence. The perfect business idea will hit you over the head!!  Hopefully it won’t hurt too much.

RT: What is your wildest dream about the future of MUD?
One million clean, nourishing, accessible and affordable MUD products sold worldwide. All packaging is 100% biodegradable. MUD grows organizational arms to fuel positive change in food, health & wellness, agriculture, mass media, and water industries.

(Photography courtesy of Rising Tide shopper and photographer Ashley Cuoco.)

RECIPES: What to Make in Your Instant Pot

You have a slow cooker; do you really need an Instant Pot? The answer is…maybe. Depending on how you  plan to use it, and for what. We are Instant Pot newbies, but have already had great success with a few dishes.

What Instant Pots do REALLY well:

  • Make legumes: They are magic at cooking beans of all kinds, no pre-soaking necessary.
  • Saute: Unlike a slow cooker, you can saute in the Instant Pot. This is ideal when you want to brown meat or caramelize veggies before cooking the rest of your dish.
  • Make broths, soups and stews: Use the saute function to get some real flavor going on your meat or veggies before adding your liquid. You can adapt most every soup or stew recipe for the Instant Pot.
  • Hard boiled eggs: Finally you can make them perfect—and a cinch to peel—every time.

You can also use your Instant Pot to make beautiful rice and other grains, desserts, and even yogurt.

Before you run out and purchase one, It’s important to note that the Instant Pot is NOT for everything. While it makes magic of some meats, and is sublime for soups and stews (and risotto, etc.), it does not, as this NY Times article notes, do crispy or crunchy very well. It’s not all that Instant either; it takes a full 20 minutes to heat up and then release steam. Make sure to build that into your cooking plans.

For everything you ever wanted to know about your Instant Pot (but were afraid to ask!), Melissa Clark of the NY Times has got you covered with this in-depth Instant Pot cooking guide.

Join Chefs Christine Sanchez and Maggie Odell for an evening of Instant Pot magic at the Glenwood Life Center on Tuesday, March 20. These creative chef/moms will school you in the art of the Instant Pot, taking all the mystery out of pressure cooking. Learn 4-5 recipes including a dessert. 

RECIPES: Fire Up Your Instant Pot
Here are some Instant Pot recipes we’ve experimented with already (can you say Boef Bourguignon in 90 minutes?!) and some we are dying to try:

Garlicky Beans with Broccoli Rabe
Coconut Curry Chicken
Classic Boef Bourguignon
Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Meatballs
Instant Pot Bone Broth*

Indian Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Onions (Chana Masala)
Melissa Clark, Dinner in An Instant

Yields: 6 servings

1 lb dried chickpeas
2 1/2 tsp kosher salt
3 onions: halved, thinly sliced
1 bay leaf
3 TBS grapeseed, safflower or peanut oil
4 garlic cloves, grated on a Micriplane or minced
1 1 1/2-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated
1 jalapeño or other green chile, seeded if desired, minced, plus more for serving
1 TBS tomato paste
1 14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes
1 tsp garam masala
3/4 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp ground turmeric

This very classic Indian dish features soft chickpeas simmered in a spicy tomato gravy. Here, the dish is made entirely in the pressure cooker, beginning with the dried chickpeas and ending with the bubbling sauce. However, if it’s more convenient, you can just cook the chickpeas in the pressure cooker, preparing the sauce and finishing the dish in a skillet. That will leave your pressure cooker free for rice which is just perfect to serve underneath a pile of these fragrant, ruddy chickpeas.

1. In the pressure cooker, combine the chickpeas, 7 cups of water, 2 tsps of the salt, the onion halves, and the bay leaf. Cover and cook on high pressure for 40 mins. Allow the pressure to release naturally. if the chickpeas aren’t done, cook at high pressure for another 5 minutes, then manually release the pressure. Drain the chickpeas, reserving the broth, and return the empty pot to the pressure cooker.

2. Using the sauce function (or do this in a skillet over heat), heat the oil in the pressure cooker. Add the sliced onions and cook, stirring frequently until golden brown, 10-15 minutes.

3. Stir in the garlic, ginger, jalapeño and tomato paste, and cook until fragrant, another minute. Then stir in the tomatoes, scraping any browned bits from the bottom of the pot, and cook until the sauce has thickened, 1-3 minutes.

4. Stir in the garam masala, cumin, chili powder, turmeric, and remaining 1/2 tsp salt, and cook until fragrant, 1 minute; then stir in the chickpeas. If the mixture looks too thick, add a few tsps of the reserved chickpea cooking broth. Simmer for another 5 mins to let the flavors meld. Then taste, adjust the seasonings if necessary, and serve with more jalapeño on top if you like. Extra reserved chickpea broth can be frozen for up to 3 months and is an excellent substitute for chicken stock.

*For the Beef Bourguignon and the Bone Broth, pre-order the beef/bones from Rising Tide Market; ask for Ashley. 

FEATURED PRODUCT: Garden of Life Bars & Powders

The new year is a great time to reassess different aspects of our lives, including our fitness and nutrition regimen. What’s serving us? What could be tweaked to help us meet our workout and weight-loss goals? All-important protein—a metabolism booster and muscle builder—is a great place to begin that review.

Garden of Life protein powders and bars are ON SALE for the entire month of January. Try out a few and see which best meet your needs. Garden of Life is an innovator in organic, non-GMO whole foods products, and a company we have always relied on for traceable, science-backed formulas that are as clean as anything on the market.


  • Organic Fit High-Protein Weight Loss Bars (Green coffee bean extract to burn fat; Ashwagandha to fight cravings)
  • SPORT Performance Protein Bars (20g of organic pea and rice protein)
Raw Organic Meal (Shake & meal replacement)
Raw Protein and Greens (Combo protein & greens)
Raw Organic Fit (Fat burning/weight loss)
Organic Whey Protein (Creamy grass-fed whey protein)
Organic Plant Protein (Grain free)
Check out what Garden of Life is up to and decide what’s right for you. If you have questions about any of the GOL products we carry, feel free to ask Jen or any of our staff in the Rising Tide Wellness department.

LOCAL FLAVOR: RT Speaks with The Piggery

With such a carefully curated meat department, we need to be super selective about which vendors we bring in to the store, and which products we feel will best serve our customers. The Piggery, based just a few hours north in Ithaca, NY, meets every single one of our requirements for a local, artisanal vendor—and then some! And while you’re falling in love with their Nitrate Free, Pasture Raised Uncured Pig Dogs  or like us, their Rosemary Thyme Rubbed Pastured Pork Chops (see recipe below!), you should know that people behind the pigs are as lovely as their meat is delicious. We were lucky enough to chat with Brad Marshall and Heather Sandford—husband-and-wife owners of The Piggery—to get their take on how their business became what it is today, and to learn the mission behind the meat.

RT: Who IS The Piggery?
TP: The Piggery is a regionally recognized whole animal butchery located in Ithaca, NY that has been featured in Edible Brooklyn, Time Out NY, The New York Daily News, Bon Apettit and more.  We’re also farmers!  The Piggery Farm in Trumansburg, NY and JD Farms in Eaton, NY graze heritage pigs and turkeys on certified organic pastures and woodlots and finished on non-GMO feeds. We operate one of the smallest USDA butcher shops in the country where we handcraft meats for awesome customers like Rising Tide.

RT: What is The Piggery’s Origin Story?  
TP: It’s been a long and winding journey!  We’re not exactly sure how it happened either!  We (Brad and Heather) moved back to Upstate NY (outside of Ithaca) in 2004 to homestead and develop our 70-acre farm.  We were very interested in local/small scale farming and noticed that there was very little meat at the farmers’ market.  Only frozen, poorly processed/unfamiliar cuts (like rump roasts) seemed to be available from local farms.  We were already raising pigs for ourselves and thought it’d be an interesting idea to slaughter weekly, process the meat on farm under a NYS Ag & Markets license, and bring fresh meat and cured items to market.  Within 6 weeks, we had a line 40 people deep at the opening bell and it hasn’t slowed since.  We’ve always felt that The Piggery is a community driven project that has grown and evolved to meet the needs of our community, even though that community has grown a little geographically.

 RT: What makes The Piggery stand out from other local farms/butchers/artisanal meat purveyors?  
TP: We’re unique in that we’re truly a farmer-owned and operated pasture-raised/non-GMO fed farm and whole animal butchery.  Not many farms have a model of following their herd from birth through final processing for the customer.  We’re very focused on raising well cared for animals for over a year and producing meat that’s clean—just meat and spices—for our customer.

RT: What’s something about The Piggery that most people don’t know?
TP: Hmmmmm… I would say they probably don’t know how many hours we spend doodling on notepads trying to figure out how to use the whole animal every single week…. It’s a tricky, yet stimulating puzzle. It’s very important to us to use as much of every animal harvested from our farms as possible.

RT: What’s the latest news from The Piggery? Anything new in the pipeline we should know about?  
TP: All sorts of things are happening in The Piggery-verse these days!  Although we’ve always raised our animals on Certified Organic pastures with non-GMO feeds, we’re in the home stretch of being Project Non-GMO Verified which is soooooo exciting!  It’s been a mountain of paperwork, but we’re so proud to support this project.  We’re also updating our package with more details like Nutritional Info, Gluten Free. Antibiotic Free, Non-GMO Project Verified.  We really are just a group of small farmers and didn’t realize how much customers depend on those labels.  It’s taken us a little while to save up the funds for a redesign:) We’re also improving our on-farm feed mill operation which feels pretty great!

RT: When you’re not noshing on your delicious meats, what are you loving to eat right now? What are your go-to snacks on the farm?
TP: Heather’s pretty paleo these days and loves sipping on bone broth and hacking recipes with almond flour.  The Thai restaurant down the street gets an awful lot of her business on cheat days:) Brad is the biggest carnivore you’ll ever meet.  You’ll regularly find him wandering around the butcher shop break room gnawing on a smoked hock.

RT: Like you, so many people dream of leaving behind their urban/suburban lives for life on the farm. What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing this kind of dream? 
TP: It’s as equally painful, hard, expensive, joyful, fulfilling and magical as it looks. 🙂

 RT: Okay last question…at Rising Tide, our customers love your Rosemary Thyme Rubbed Pork Chops, made from The Piggery’s pasture raised heritage hogs. Any tips on preparing them to bring out their innate deliciousness?

TP: I LOVE the Rosemary Thyme chops. If the weather gods are kind to us, they’re great on a grill.  But around the holidays, when most people are cooking inside, here’s my cooking recommendation:

Put a bit of lard, grassfed butter or olive oil in your favorite cast iron skillet and warm over medium low/medium heat.  Place chops in skillet for 5-10 minutes.  Flip and cook other side for about 5 minutes.  Use a digital meat thermometer to check temperature near the bone.  When the temp is 147 degrees F, remove from heat and rest chops for 5-10 minutes.
If you have a little extra time…. sautee some onions in lard, butter or olive oil until translucent. Add some fresh or re-hydrated mushroom slices, a bit of heavy cream, and fresh or dried rosemary to make a luscious sauce to top your chops. Enjoy!

CLEAN SLATE: Start the Year Off with Rising Tide at Our Annual Jan. 1st Bash

With New Year’s Eve parties (and all of 2017!) behind you, it’s time to take your first healthy steps into 2018.

Spend the first day of the new year with your friends at your favorite natural food grocer. The Rising Tide New Year’s Day bash is the place to spend Jan. 1, 2018:

  • SHOP for healthy, organic, GMO-free groceries, supplements and produce…20% off the entire store!*
  • Enter to WIN dozens of awesome raffles from many of our best-selling vendors…a raffle is awarded every hour!
  • SAMPLE our health-boosting RT Bone Broth, along with loads of other tasty items.
  • CHILL to the laid-back musical stylings of our very own Josh and Steve.
  • TOAST your friends and neighbors—with FREE Rising Tide greens drinks!—for a beautiful, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful year to come.
  • GRAND PRIZE...everyone who shops on Jan. 1 is entered to win a brand new Apple Watch! We look forward to seeing you there!

* Customers will receive 20% off everything in the store EXCEPT Every Day Low Prices.

RECIPES: Safe Food Dye Makes Holidays Bright

For many bakers, food coloring plays an important role in making holidays prettier, more festive and a lot more fun. If you hesitate to use commercial food coloring filled with artificial food dyes, you’re in good company; consumer watchdog CSPI says artificial food dye can cause everything from hyperactivity and allergic reactions to cancer. (The group is actually calling for the government to ban three of the most common dyes. See how Europe took steps back in 2010 to rid its food supply of the toxic dyes.)

This year, choose food coloring you can feel great about. We’re so excited about the beautiful Holiday Tree Sprinkle Set from Color Kitchen Foods, along with their toxin-free icing in green, yellow, blue, orange and pink. All Color Kitchen products are made with simple ingredients, including pigments from vibrant plant sources like turmeric, spirulina, beet, radish, cabbage, and annatto. Plus, they’re vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and contain no hydrogenated oils. Just good, clean colors to magically transform all your holiday baking.

Here are some treats you can make this holiday season with your Color Kitchen Foods icing and sprinkles. YUM!

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies (recipe from the photo on this post)
Candy Cane Mousse
Hanukkah Cutout Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies with Royal Icing 
Red Velvet Cheesecake 


RECIPES: Lovin’ the Pumpkin

You pick your own, you carve it, you clean out the goo and roast the yummy seeds. But what else can your pumpkin do? Turns out pumpkin is one of the healthier things you’ll eat this fall. Packed with antioxidants, Vitamins A and C, fiber, and omega-3s, pumpkin is much more than just its gorgeous orange flesh. And what feels more like fall than eating pumpkin (or drinking it, as in the case of the pumpkin spice latte from vegan heavyweight Oh She Glows)?

Make this fall the pumpkiny-est ever with this awesome collection of recipes (note: fresh pumpkin is not required for most of these recipes. A high-quality canned pumpkin puree like the one from Farmer’s Market is more than adequate in almost every case.)

Don’t have time to whip up your own pumpkin-coctions? Rosie’s homemade Pumpkin Spice Pudding and Brian’s Pumpkin Protein Smoothie are right here at Rising Tide Market, in the grab and go case by the Deli.

Savory Pumpkin-Sage Muffins 
Alton Brown’s Pumpkin Bread 

Chipotle Pumpkin Veggie Burger
Pumpkin Chickpea Hot Pot

Pumpkin Spice Latte Quinoa Breakfast Casserole
Pumpkin Spice Pancakes (vegan)
Pumpkin Waffles (dairy)

Pumpkin Pie Tarts
Pumpkin Spice Latte with Salted Pumpkin Spice Syrup
Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake 

Non-GMO Month: Intro to Biodynamic Agriculture

October is Non-GMO month…what better time to talk about Biodynamic Farming—what it is and how it affects the food you eat? Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about biodynamic farming and its potential impact on all our lives:
(Note: all photos for this story are from Rosendals Garden, the amazing Biodynamic Farm Jerry and Ashley biked to during their recent trip to Stockholm. There has been so much talk in recent months of the growing trend in biodynamic farming, they wanted to see what it was all about!)

  1. Biodynamic and Organic farming practices come from the same place. The organic farm movement grew out of the development of the biodynamic approach to agriculture that started in the 1920s. (The term organic was coined from the biodynamic principle that the farm should be viewed as a self-contained organism).
  2. In practice, the biodynamic farm is run very much like an organic farm, with a focus on building soil fertility, rotating crops, banning GMOs, and eliminating chemicals and hormones.
  3. The major difference between organic and biodynamic farming: Biodynamic farms feature a completely closed system and the use of biodynamic preparations. Having livestock on the farm, dedicating at least 10% of the land as a biodiversity preserve, and growing certain herbs and plants on the farm help maintain it as a self-contained and sustainable system.
  4. The Demeter Biodynamic® Processing Standard (there are 16 categories in all, including oil, wine, cosmetics and body care) fundamentally ensures an unbroken chain of accountability from the farm to the finished product.
  5. The demand for biodynamic products is increasing in the U.S. (In Europe, there are entire stores that carry only biodynamic products!) Every commercial farm or product must be certified through Demeter International, the oldest ecological certification organization in the world to legally use the term Biodynamic on labeling and promotion.
    As of 2016, Demeter USA (the U.S. representative of Demeter International) has almost 200 members and certifies more than 20,000 acres. These numbers are set to increase as they have been experiencing an average of 10% growth in certification in recent years. Why the resurgence now? More and more consumers are alarmed (and fed up!) with the byproducts of conventional farming: erosion of topsoil, increased pesticide usage and run-off, global warming, animal abuses, low value of produce, and GMOs.


Shop Biodynamic at Rising Tide

Rising Tide market has its finger on the pulse of every new biodynamic certified product that enters the marketplace. In store now:

For more on Biodynamic farming, check out this article from Shape magazine.

Meteor Showers (and Hot Coffee!)

Years ago, Ashley P.’s mom dragged her to the beach in the middle of the winter to view a meteor shower. They brewed their coffee, bundled up, and headed out to take in a not-to-be-missed natural phenomenon. (The shooting stars made it remarkable; the coffee, bearable!)

This weekend (Aug 12-13), you have a shot at experiencing a similar astral explosion –a Perseid Meteor Shower—for yourself. And while it’s summer, the nights still get cool, so bring along your hot tea or coffee in a new 12oz Hydroflask Coffee Cup, with Hydro Flip cap ($19.99).  Your brew will stay nice and warm while you bask in the glow of a celestial wonder you’ll remember forever.

Check out these tips to make the most of your pre-dawn star search (hint: the more you minimize moon glow, the more meteors you’ll see!)


STAFF CHALLENGE: Feeling’ Good with ACV

Inspired by a customer who, along with her husband, collectively lost more than 20 pounds drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, several of us on staff have joined the ACV craze. We dove into the research around ACV and found the key to the vinegar’s success as weight loss tool: Acetic acid. It seems the acid blocks the absorption of starch, so any starches (read: carbs) you eat are not digested. Hence, the weight loss! An added ascetic acid bi-product: if the starches are not being digested, your blood sugar is not being spiked, which can help control appetite.

Wanna join us?

(Note: much of the research around ACV indicates that you need to be patient if you want to see improvements. This is not an overnight fix…but we would be skeptical of if it was, wouldn’t you?!)

To Shoot or Swig?
There are many ways to take your ACV, but those of us on staff are divided between these two:

  • Take a 1oz shot of the stuff 30 minutes prior to each meal. (This can be hard on the gut for some; experiment and see what it does for you.)
  • Mix anywhere between a tablespoon and an ounce of ACV with 6-8oz of water and sip it 30 minutes before each meal

If you give it a try, post on Rising Tide’s Facebook or  Instagram and let us know how it goes. We can’t wait to hear what ACV does for you!

Get Creative With School Lunches…Win FREE Preserve Storage Cups

Everyone who makes lunches—for themselves or their kids—knows what a hassle it is to make meals (every day!) that are well-rounded, healthy and most elusive of all…enjoyable to eat. Try as we may, time and creativity can be hard to come by in the midst of work, carpools, homework and other obligations.

Yet…the facts are in. School lunch is not something to be overlooked or undervalued. Among the many, many studies about school lunch, a recent paper out of U.C. Berkeley demonstrated that school districts serving healthier lunches had higher test scores. A direct correlation. If these districts can improve test scores by jacking up nutrition content, imagine what you can accomplish from your kitchen at home?

It All Starts With an Idea
As with most things in life, the first step is inspiration. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has put together some great tips for cleaning up your school lunches in terms of ingredients and sustainability (zero-waste lunch, anyone?).  Pinterest is a well-spring of innovative lunch items, as is this article on bento-box lunches,  and this one from Bon Appetit. 100 Days of Real Food has loads of ideas for real healthy lunches, made with real clean ingredients. Peruse the articles, then come in to Rising Tide to stock up for the first few weeks of school. We’ve got a whole lot of back to school snacks and more on sale in August; you may find your child’s favorite new treat amongst them.

Not yet sold? This article from the NY Times does a great job illustrating how far a few solid, healthy school meals can go in the life of an impoverished child.

Here are a few more back-to-school recipes to get you started:
Carrot Applesauce Muffins
Hummus Wrap 
Creamy (Vegan) Tomato Rice Soup (Thermos lunches are the bomb! Or try our Lifefactory glass storage containers…on sale this month!)
Peanut Butter Stuffed No-Bake Cookie Bites 

**Post and WIN!**
What’s YOUR favorite lunch to pack for work or school? Post it on our Instagram and you’ll WIN 2, 8oz reusable round storage containers from Preserve—perfect for all your on-the-go snacks. Just come in and show us your post…the containers are yours!

Only the Best Will Do For National Ice Cream Month

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day (this year, it will be celebrated on Sunday, July 16). He was clearly on to something; according to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the average American consumes approximately 23 POUNDS of ice cream annually. Yes, Americans love their cold, creamy desserts.

If you’re an ice cream lover in this neck of the woods, you’re in luck: Some of the best ice cream spots on Long Island, consistently voted so year after year, are located right here in Nassau County. If you haven’t been yet, this is the perfect month to check out Skipperdee’s L’il Cupcake and Ice Cream Shop in Point Lookout (an old fashioned ice cream parlor and candy shop); Marvel Ice Cream in Lido Beach (soft serve heaven) and Douglas and James in Port Washington (a traditional scoop shop serving homemade flavors in a waterfront setting). For ice cream sandwiches the likes of which you have never seen, hit up Frozen Sin ice cream truck, serving up beautiful treats made with local, seasonal ingredients. (Note: for pure vanilla creaminess right here in Glen Cove, Rising Tide has amazing deals on Alden’s Organic ice cream this month (Mint Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Bean and Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl)…$5.99/48 oz container. Yum!

Non-Dairy Ice Cream
If you’re vegan but still crave some really tasty creamy goodness this summer, here is a list of the best vegan ice cream spots in NYC. Or just come into Rising Tide; we’ve got a few vegans on our team that make sure we carry the good stuff: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream in Coffee, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, $10.99/14oz.

Beat the Heat with Amazing Prices on Cases of Water

Now you need look no further than your favorite natural foods store for great prices on cases of premium bottled water.

Stock up this summer when it’s HOT and HUMID out there, and the need for really good hydration is a must. While all fluids count toward your total H2O intake (yes, even your morning cold-brew coffee), nothing beats good old fashioned water for keeping you looking and feeling your best on steamy summer days.

  • Mountain Valley Water: 12 1 liter glass bottles, just $24.99

Naturally alkaline, unique blend of minerals, and a remarkably refreshing taste.

  • Waiakea Water: 12 1 liter bottles, $19.99; 24 500ml bottles, $24.99

The first Hawaiian volcanic water…and a certified CarbonNeutral company with its eye on people and the planet.

Look for more great deals on cases of water, coming soon!


Hemp History Week, June 5-11

Hemp has long been a darling of the environmentally conscious consumer. What many people DON’T know is that hemp contains no significant amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and as such, it’s impossible to get high from it. Despite this reality (and hemp’s many redeeming features), hemp is still considered a Schedule 1 Narcotic under the Controlled Substances Act.

How archaic!

This year, the 8th annual Hemp History Week celebrates America’s rich history with industrial hemp BEFORE it was outlawed (the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp!), and educates consumers about the barriers to hemp farming in the United States.

More Facts About Hemp:
* Hemp seeds are an amazing source of sustainable protein (more protein than even chia or flax seeds…add to smoothies, or sprinkle on cereals, yogurt and salads), are anti-inflammatory, great for your skin (thank you, amino acids!), can balance hormones and even reduce pain. And hemp seed oil–the oil derived from pressed hemp seeds–contains the most heart-friendly essential fatty acids of any nut or seed oil.
* The cultivation of environmentally-friendly hemp yields more protein while requiring significantly less of each natural resource (land, water, fossil fuel) and producing fewer emissions than protein that comes from animal sources.
* Hemp crops pay. In Canada, hemp nets $200-$400 per acre, while just across the border, U.S. soy and corn typically net less than $160 an acre, according to the USDA.
*  Millions of U.S. cars made by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and Tesla Motors are already being built with interior hemp-composite panels. If these companies could source U.S. grown hemp it would create long-term jobs in all sectors, strengthen regional economies, and maximize supply chain efficiencies. It’s a win-win-win!

At Rising Tide, we’re getting behind hemp all week by discounting hemp products from one of our favorite vendors: Nutiva. Check out the end cap all week and add some hemp into your life!

For more information about hemp and what you can do to help change Federal policy on hemp farming in the U.S., click here, and join Hemp History Week on Facebook.

RECIPES: A Vegan Passover

The egg-heavy holiday of Passover (not to mention that pesky lamb shank!) is an opportunity for Vegans to get creative. If you’re also avoiding rice, beans and corn, you have to improvise even more, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a deliciously festive holiday.

First, let’s get straight what’s allowed and not allowed, according to Jewish law. During their escape from Egypt, the Jews didn’t have time to let their bread rise and instead ate unleavened bread or matzoh, so leavened foods (chametz)  are off the menu. These include bread, pasta, and any foods made with yeast, wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oats.

In addition to these restrictions, Ashkenazi Jews also stay away from other foods known as kitniyot. As mentioned above, this includes rice, corn, millet, peas, beans, legumes (including soybeans), peanuts and sesame, poppy and mustard seeds.

Even with all of these no-no’s, there are lots of ways for Vegans to go when preparing a Passover menu. Quinoa, for example, is not considered a grain (it’s actually a very versatile berry!), and can make a wonderful pilaf. Traditional pasta is no good, but veggie noodles are; get that spiralizer out for a delicious “noodle” dish everyone will love. Do without chopped liver? Never, when you can improvise with this savory mushroom cashew dip.

Check out these Vegan Passover primers from the NY Times and onegreenplanet.com, and a whole bunch of other recipes we think you’ll love. A Zissen Pesach (Happy Passover!) to you and yours.  (Don’t forget your Passover staples! While you’re shopping for the ingredients to make your fabulous Vegan seder, pick up your organic Manischewitz Matzo and organic Kedem grape juice.)

Mushroom Cashew Dip (faux chopped liver)

Quinoa Veggie Pilaf

Noodles with Avocado Herb Pesto

Spinach Potato Matzah Gratin

No-Bake Chocolate Macaroons

Sweet Potato Kugel

The Art of Cleaning (and Greening!) Up

It’s almost spring…time to RENEW, to dig out from the piles of dirt and clutter we accumulated over the winter and get everything glowing again.

Are your cleaning products as healthy as your diet? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit environmental research organization, 53 percent of cleaning products they reviewed contained lung-harming ingredients; 22 percent have been shown to cause asthma. In addition, carcinogens like formaldehyde and chloroform were found in several cleaners.

DIY Cleaning
In an effort to minimize the negative effects of chemical cleaners in your own home, common household items can be great substitutes. Here are some must-haves to keep in your DIY cleaning supplies arsenal. Stock up on the basics, then use these simple recipes to create everything you need to make your house sparkle, naturally.

Lemon: Super effective against household bacteria (and smells fresh and lovely!)

Olive Oil: Makes a great base for leather furniture cleaner and more

White Vinegar: Safely cuts through grease, and removes mildew, odors and stains

Baking Soda: The ultimate green cleaning weapon—cleans, deodorizes and scours

Tea Tree Oil: An excellent natural disinfectant and natural mold fighter

Make These Products Extinct
Once you’ve greened up all your necessary products, let’s dump the ones the EWG says we don’t need anymore, EVER. These include:

  • Air fresheners (open windows instead, or diffuse your favorite essential oils)
  • Anti-bacterial products, which can spur the rise of antibiotic resistant superbugs. Good old soap and H2O does the trick every time!
  • Fabric softener or dryer sheets. Instead, use wool dryer balls or add a little vinegar to the rinse cycle.
  • Drain cleaners (use a plunger or snake instead) and oven cleaners (make an inexpensive paste of baking soda and water).
Better Products Abound
Not a DIYer? The good news is there are safer versions of all your favorite household cleaners. We’ve got a whole bunch of eco-friendly household supplies on sale this month, including Ecover Dish Tablets, Biokleen Stain and Odor Remover, Earth Friendly ECOS Dishmate Dish Liquid, and Seventh Generation Auto Dish Powder and Gel. For more info on safer household cleaning products, check out the EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning, a database of more than 2,500 everyday household cleaning products.

‘Cashewgurt’ for All

This is serious business. We have found the creamiest, most delicious vegan yogurt alternative from Forager Project (the same guys who brought us those amazing organic veggie chips we were raving about this summer—and are STILL addicted to). We promise you do NOT have to be Vegan to enjoy this.

Available in 5 delicious flavors (plain, vanilla, lemon, strawberry and blueberry) with a mouth feel that is…well you have to try it to believe it. Organic, non-GMO and made from cashews, this “cashewgurt” , as they call it, is the BEST dairy-free yogurt alternative we’ve tasted (and we’ve tasted a LOT). Plus it’s got a whole bunch of probiotics, so you’re doing a good thing for your gut while you’re making the rest of you super happy.

Try it today, and let us know what you think…

RECIPES: Warming Trends

What is better on a cold winter day than a steaming, comforting, filling hot bowl of SOUP? The only thing better is a soup made from scratch, and being around to enjoy the warm, savory aromas while it cooks.

Let’s clear one thing up from the start: making soup is NOT difficult. Aside from some chopping and stirring, it virtually cooks itself, makes a large quantity, and freezes like a charm.

Start off a meal with a helping of soup and studies show you’ll feel fuller, longer. Make your own stock (so easy!) or bone broth (great for digestion and immunity) and you up the nutrition ante on any recipe you use. (If you don’t have time to make your own, there are some great bone broths at the store, located in the refrigerator case across from the Deli.)

We’ve got a bunch of recipes here for you, but don’t feel like you have to follow them to the letter. The nature of soup is that it is very forgiving. Change nearly all the ingredients and it will still taste wonderful!

A NY Times Guide to Making Soup
10 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Soup Recipes
17 Soups to Make and Eat All Week Long
Jamie Oliver’s Gorgeous Winter Soups
Recipe: Beef Bone Broth
Bon Appetit: Homemade Veggie Stock

Valentine’s Gifts with Heart

Shopping for the ones you love is easy at Rising Tide Market. We’ve got a wide array of gifts that everyone can feel good about. Here are some of our top picks:

Great scents:

  • Big Dipper Wax Works candles $2.99-$29.99
  • John Masters Organic Soy Candles in Blood Orange & Vanilla w/ a warm, sultry, citrus scent, $23.95
  • Aura Cacia Discovery Kit including the four most popular essential oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree) $24.99
  • Aura Cacia Love Potion (oh yeah!), featuring Jasmine and Sandalwood, $10.99
  • River Path Incense Gift Set from Shoyeido, $7.99
  • Aromafier Classic essential oil diffuser ($13.95) and Signature Sensory 3-Pack—Savory Chai, Citrus Blossom and SpaRoom Blend ($24.95) by SpaRoom

Give Great Skin:

Oh, Man:

  • Everyman Jack Beard Oil, Shave Cream and a Manual Chrome Razor ($ -$)

Sweets for Your Sweet:


Gin Bao: Long Brewed Tea Steeped in Tradition

Want a new bevy to ward off the winter blues? Gin Bao Long Brewed Teas bring the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the Rising Tide drink case. For centuries, ginger bao (broth) has simmered in kettles across Asia, and served as the base for traditional herbal tonics and remedies. The Chinese drink ginger bao daily to aid digestion, increase vitality, and strengthen the immune system.

Mr. Mak’s Gin Bao was started by Mr. Mak to aid in his own health journey. When creating Gin Bao Teas, he sticks closely to the traditional recipe, using only simple, organic ingredients and a long brewing process. The result is a clean, refreshing drink with a powerful punch of ginger—the perfect way to kick your carbonated drink or too-much-coffee habit.

Here at Rising Tide Market, we’ve got it 3 ways, each with a base of Ginger to support circulation, digestion and immune function, and Ginseng puree, to boost immunity and increase natural killer cell function. This is a winter immunity duo if there ever was one!

Original Dynasty: Just the basics, with a hint of lemon.

Harmonizing Queen Bee: With added honey, for a subtle sweetness. In China, honey is said to restore chi (life force)  and support digestion.

Energizing Dragonwell: Naturally caffeinated with green tea extract—great energy, no crash.

All Gin Bao drinks are gluten free, vegan and contain 70 calories/serving or less. Come in and see what the Chinese have been relying on these many millennia.




Great Guts!

Your body contains about 100 trillion bacteria – more than 10 times the number of cells in your entire body. The type and quantity of microorganisms in your gut—widely considered to be our body’s “second brain”— interact with your body in ways that can either prevent or encourage the development of all kinds of conditions (and can affect your mood, skin, immune system, digestion, etc.). Studies also show a direct correlation between probiotic intake and weight loss, possibly due to the effect probiotics have on hormones and proteins related to appetite and fat storage.

The ideal ratio between the bacteria in your gut is 85 percent “good” and 15 percent “bad.” Maintaining this optimal ratio is essential…but not always easy. Lifestyle and environmental factors like stress, pollution, processed foods and more can throw gut flora out of whack. Fermented foods (krauts, yogurt, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, etc.) can help to right some of those gut disparities.

If you find you’re not getting enough of these foods, opt for a probiotic supplement (best taken just before, during or after a meal). Make sure your supplement has a minimum of 3-50 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units), and that it targets your specific health concerns.

Here’s some more to consider when choosing an effective probiotic supplement, according to natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola:

  • Make sure it’s a reputable brand that you can trust
  • Make sure the package is resealable. Is it being stored as directed on the product label?
  • Ensure that it does not contain any bioengineered ingredients (GMOs)
  • Confirm that the product is manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • How many different strains of bacteria does it contain? Look for a product with multiple strains to work throughout your gastrointestinal tract
  • Look for valuable strains, including species of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. Some of the more important strains include:
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum that reside in the small intestine or the upper GI tract among your immune cells.
    • Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium bifidum that reside in the large intestine or the lower bowel, which are also critical areas for health.

One brand we love here at Rising Tide is Garden of Life; all of our Garden of Life Probiotics –including the Dr. Formulated products, customized by brain health expert and best-selling author of Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter–will be on sale for 20% off the original price during the entire month of January.

Make 2017 The Year of the Gut!

5 Steps to a Healthier 2017

We love the idea of starting the year off on a healthy, positive note. Resolutions to eat better, work out more, call mom every week…they often fall by the wayside despite our best intentions (roughly 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, while less than half are still on target six months later). The problem is often that the resolutions we make are too broad to commit to. Studies show the more specific your goals the better (not: I’m going to work out more, but: I’m going to start running for 20 minutes, 3x/week). Another way to improve your resolution stick-to-it-ive-ness? Ask a friend for support. Better yet? Support each other.

Here are a few easy habits to change in 2017 to improve overall health and vitality. Keep it manageable; start with just one, then add in more once you’ve got the first one nailed.

Eat fermented foods. The process that turns fermented foods into probiotic powerhouses also boost levels of good bacteria in your digestive tract, improving the health and balance of your body’s collective microbiome, or bacterial community. A healthier microbiome, in turn, has been shown to aid in digestion, increase immunity, prevent disease, and—according to some preliminary studies—reduce blood pressure and keep you slim.

As we are completely taken with cultured foods of all kinds, naturally we are stock our shelves with them, as well. Check out our dairy case for all kinds of probiotic-rich goodies: krauts, kefir, yogurt, gut shots, kim chee. We’ve also got kombucha on tap, and a whole range of probiotic supplements that will provide similar health benefits.

Resolution: Eat 1 tablespoon of raw sauerkraut with each meal.

Hydrate.  It’s been said that Water is life. That’s because our bodies are composed of roughly 60% water, so when we’re dehydrated – and most of us spend our days dehydrated to some degree – we affect the performance of the majority of our body. Nearly all of our systems do not function as well without the proper water intake. So start 2017 with a goal to hydrate better. Water is the ideal; carry a bottle with you to remind you to drink throughout the day (our favorites are from Hydro Flask and Life Factory; we’ve got both here in the store). Tired of regular water? Try infusing with organic fruits and herbs. Want to alkalize your tap water? We’ve got New Wave Alkaline Filter Pitchers that raise the water’s pH by adding the perfect balance of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium.

Take a break from water with the mild, sweet, refreshing taste of coconut water, known as a high-electrolyte beverage, and thus a super hydrater. Harmless Harvest  is our favorite, made from 100% certified organic Thai coconuts.

Resolution: Instead of worrying about how many ounces you need in relation to your body weight, etc., try something new: Drink when you’re thirsty.

Get outside. Yup. Even in the winter. Even in the SNOW. There is a laundry list of reasons why spending time outdoors can improve your life: it increases concentration, it can reinvigorate a stale exercise routine, get you some much needed Vitamin D—but we think the most important reason is that being outdoors makes you FEEL BETTER. It improves your MOOD, which will set you up for all other good things to come your way. Dress properly, stay hydrated (yes, you can dehydrate, even in the cold weather) and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature’s sleep cycle.

Resolution: Vow to get out for 30 minutes, 3x/week. Walk the dog, snowshoe, take a forest walk, go for a run.

Meditate. Download one of the popular meditation apps, or just sit quietly for a few minutes each day and focus on your breath. It’s that simple, and offers a host of whole body benefits (reduces stress, minimizes symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves sleep, increases focus, to name a few). Don’t miss out on a more relaxing 2017.

Resolution: Meditate for 5 minutes, 2x/day.

Eat more superfoods.  This word gets thrown around a lot so it doesn’t mean much…except to single out foods that are nutrient dense (have a dense concentration of vitamins, minerals, good fats, healthy enzymes—generally with fewer calories) and help to treat, lower the risk of, or prevent specific health conditions. Our favorite easy way to get more superfoods? Throw them in the blender. Yup, your morning smoothie is a convenient receptacle for all those antioxidant packed foods we know we should be eating, but never get around to. Sunfood makes an incredible line of raw (read: pure and unadulterated), delicious superfood powders that turn an ordinary smoothie into a true powerhouse breakfast. Choose from Acai, Moringa, Camu Camu, Goji Berry, Maca, and Mixed Berry Smoothie Mix (contains many of the above superfoods, plus banana, cacao, and brown rice protein). If you’d rather DIY, our Bulk Section contains a bunch of superfoods—chia, hemp, goji berries, cacao nibs—that are great both in smoothies and in baking, hot cereals, salads and more.

Resolution: Eat two “superfoods” each day (not sure which foods actually qualify as such? Chances are if you think they’re super, they are). Here’s a pretty thorough list to use as a cheatsheet. 

Power to the PEAple

Calling All Modern Hippies!

If you care about how your munchies affect your body (and spirit) AND the planet we live on, Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs wants YOU.

This LA-based snack co. believes that chickpea by chickpea, they can change things for the better. And if their new chickpea snacks are any indication, we think they might just be right. The pepper power Hippeas chickpea puffs are on our list of new things to LOVE. Organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, with 3 gm of fiber and 4 gm of protein per 1oz serving, they’re just about the best 130 calorie snack you can find.

Lest you forget, chickpeas are super healthy. As members of the legume family, most of their fiber is insoluble, which is great for digestive health. And they’re so packed with fiber and protein, they help to regulate blood sugar in those who eat them. Plus, chickpea plants are really good for the planet, too, as they naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow. Good for you and the planet! That’s our favorite kind of win-win.

As part of their mission to make change from the ground up, Hippeas supports Farm Africa, enabling farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to grow their own way out of poverty. You’ve got to love the mission (and we think you’ll dig the snacks, too!).

We’ve got Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs in sriracha sunshine, pepper power, happenin’ hickory, and vegan white cheddar in 1oz snack size bags (and all those flavors plus maple haze and far out fajita in 4oz bags…for sharing!).