Inspired by a customer who, along with her husband, collectively lost more than 20 pounds drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, several of us on staff have joined the ACV craze. We dove into the research around ACV and found the key to the vinegar’s success as weight loss tool: Acetic acid. It seems the acid blocks the absorption of starch, so any starches (read: carbs) you eat are not digested. Hence, the weight loss! An added ascetic acid bi-product: if the starches are not being digested, your blood sugar is not being spiked, which can help control appetite.

Wanna join us?

(Note: much of the research around ACV indicates that you need to be patient if you want to see improvements. This is not an overnight fix…but we would be skeptical of if it was, wouldn’t you?!)

To Shoot or Swig?
There are many ways to take your ACV, but those of us on staff are divided between these two:

  • Take a 1oz shot of the stuff 30 minutes prior to each meal. (This can be hard on the gut for some; experiment and see what it does for you.)
  • Mix anywhere between a tablespoon and an ounce of ACV with 6-8oz of water and sip it 30 minutes before each meal

If you give it a try, post on Rising Tide’s Facebook or  Instagram and let us know how it goes. We can’t wait to hear what ACV does for you!