APRIL 2024

The temperature might be all over the place, but at Rising Tide everything is coming up roses, and tulips, and daffodils and… well, you get the idea. As the world blooms beautiful outside, we know many of you will be busy freshening things up inside. That’s why we’ve got all the eco-conscious cleaning supplies you need in order to dust off those winter blues. And, as we do every month, we’ll be adding new products that we think you’re sure to fall in love with. 

Passover is also around the corner, so we’re busy stocking up on all of your seder needs. 

Come on in, because as the weather warms, our doors will be wide open!

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Happy Passover

RT is packing our shelves with much of what you need to host your Passover seder. From bitter herbs like parsley, to non-GMO matzo, to ingredients needed to make a savory matzo ball soup, we want to provide you the best ingredients for your holiday dinner. If you don’t see what you need, please don’t hesitate to ask us to order it for you!

Seasonal Produce: For The Love Of Your Heart

Seasonal Fruits

With the weather warming up, some of our favorite fruits are coming into season. One popular choice is the tiny but mighty blueberry! This powerhouse berry is packed with antioxidants and makes a delicious addition to just about every meal—from your morning yogurt or smoothie, to your afternoon snack, to your famous homemade blueberry cobbler.

Seasonal Veggies

It’s spiky and funny looking, but it makes an absolutely succulent addition to your meal. It’s the artichoke, of course, and April is a peak month for it. Steam it, stuff it, or turn it into a dip. This layered veggie is a must-eat this time of year.

If It’s Getting Greener Outside It’s Time To Get Cleaner

There’s something about spring… the colors that bloom, the chance to open the window and let in the fresh air, and that beckoning feeling of renewal. It just makes you look at your home in a whole new way. And if your home’s picture is looking a little cluttered, dusty, or drab, then it’s time for a good ole spring cleaning! Get your rags ready, and let’s do this! With the help of products like ECOS, you can wipe away the winter grime using globe- and plant-friendly formulas that are also biodegradable. ECOS makes it easy to clean your space without using gross ingredients.

Here’s What’s New At RT:

We’ve got lots of newbie products that we’re sure you’ll be springing into the aisles for. Great additions like:

  • Rind Vegan Cheeses: Get your cheese knives ready because we’ve got two new vegan selections from Rind. Made using their own vegan cream base with methods that honor a number of French cheese-making traditions, Rind is a must-have for your vegan cheese board. Savor the buttery, bloomy Cambleu and the herbaceous Herbs de Provence.
  • Liquid Death Water: Liquid death wants to murder your thirst with its mountain-sourced water. Found beneath hundreds of feet of stone, it not only kills your dehydration, but it also treats your body to natural minerals and electrolytes. RT has got both their sparking and still varieties. It’s so good it’s criminal.
  • Love & Chew: Imagine baking nostalgia into the form of a cookie, and you get the idea of what a Love & Chew cookie tastes like. And yet… there’s a not-so-secret twist: all of those homespun baked goods come with superfood ingredients like almonds, chia, and dates. Their cookies give you all the delicious sentimentality you want, without all the sugar and white flour you don’t.
  • Vevan Vegan Cheese: If you thought being vegan or lactose intolerant meant saying goodbye to a great grilled cheese forever, think again. Vevan’s ooey-gooey melty cheddar is totally vegan and totally ready for two slices of bread and a hot skillet! Likewise for their utterly meltable Mozzarella Shreds. Hello again, baked ziti.

Smoothie Of The Month

Drink in that Spring Glow this month at Rising Tide. With carrot, pineapple, mango, ginger, and coconut water, it’ll satiate your hunger and let good health blossom.

Charity Of The Month

Founded in 1986, the people behind the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor have worked tirelessly to rally the public’s interest in restoring the harbor to its full ecological potential. It’s been a mission that Jerry and Rising Tide have supported for over 30 years. Protecting and promoting the harbor’s resiliency, as well as educating the public, are included in the advocacy work that CSHH does to ensure that our harbor is and remains healthy, sustainable, and thriving.