Return policy

We love our products and hope you will too.  

In the event you would like a return, we will issue one within 30 days of the transaction AND with proof of purchase. 

Proof of purchase consists of: 

  • A receipt 
  • A grateful card that the item was purchased under, OR 
  • The credit card the item was purchased with 

A request for a return is no guarantee of a return. All refunds will be processed at the sole discretion of our manager on duty. 

Bring your own bag – BYOB Program

We are extremely proud of our BYOB program that was initiated with a focus on sustainability and community investment. Since the program was launched on Earth Day 2017, we’ve raised over $23,000 for the amazing charities in our local area, at the same time changing habits and raising awareness about the use of paper bags.

Each month our BYOB program is linked to a local charity (look for the sign behind the register for a description for the current month, or check our social media). To raise the funds to donate, we charge $.10 for each paper bag we give out and donate $.10 for each reusable bag of yours we use. The goal? To reduce the number of paper bags we use by half.

Our BYOB donations not only help Charities of the Month to continue to thrive and meet their own goals – they also allow us to meet the people behind the charities, and to learn more about the exciting work going on in our own backyard. A great big thank you to all those folks that work to serve the neediest members of our community!


Covid-19 Policy

From the beginning of the pandemic, Rising Tide instituted robust measures to keep all of our staff and customers safe. We strictly followed NY state guidance at the outset and will continue to do so now and in the future. In light of the recent change to New York state’s COVID guidance, we are making an adjustment to our policy. 

Rising Tide is asking all unvaccinated visitors to please continue wearing masks or face coverings.  We also strongly recommend the use of face coverings for all shoppers in our small store, regardless of vaccine status.  For the time being, our staff will remain covered until further public health guidance is issued.  Free curbside pickup is still available through our website for those wishing to reduce their exposure to others.

We understand that this shift in policy feels sudden for many, and we thank you for your feedback and patience as we navigate this next phase together. We will continue to evaluate changes on the Federal, State, and Local levels as we move forward with our valued community towards a healthier time.  As always, thank you for your support and understanding.

Online Shopping for Curbside Pickup

In an effort to provide our customers with the most convenient and flexible shopping experience, Rising Tide Market is now offering online shopping. Select your items, choose your pickup time, and then let us do the shopping for you!

For more information including account setup click here.