The Rising Tide Bakery features a tasty selection of house made pastries, cookies and cakes—all made mostly from scratch, most containing 100% organic flour, organic fruit, and filtered water. Vegan options are available, including everyone’s favorite: Rosie’s Vegan Blackout Cake.

Body Care

When stocking our Health & Beauty Department, we carefully review ingredients before ordering an item. Our policy is to choose products that contain NO: Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminum or Artificial fragrances. We also emphasize products that are: Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free and made with organic ingredients.


The RT Deli is known for its wide array of healthy prepared foods. Though the vast majority of our dishes are organic, occasionally certain items are not organically available. We are 100% transparent about our ingredients – Our staff is ready to answer any questions. 

Grocery and Perishables

At Rising Tide, we prioritize organic (therefore non-GMO) items. We are relentless in our quest for new products representing different food priorities: veganism, keto, gluten-free, and more. We do not carry items that have artificial colors, flavors, chemical additives, preservatives or are at risk for GMOs.

Juice and Smoothies

Operated out of our full-service Deli, our beverage bar is unlike most others in that it is stocked 365 days a year with 100% fresh and frozen Organic Produce. Choose from one of our Signature Smoothies or Juices, or fully customize your own with one of our many options.


We’re highly selective when stocking our Meat and Seafood department, working with our local vendors to ensure the highest quality products are available to you. Our natural partner D’Artagnan has been committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices for decades. In addition, we support many local and regional farms raising natural, organic and grass-fed animals.


We bring in only the freshest seafood, always with one eye on the environment, and the other on taste. Our salmon is organic and sustainably raised without the use of gmos, antibiotics, or hormones. Our tuna is wild caught, dolphin safe and BPA-free.


We take great pride in our 100% Certified Organic produce department—the only one in the area. We favor small, local growers wherever possible, and are continually building these relationships in order to expand our offerings to our customers (and support local farmers!). We define local as any farm or food purveyor within 300 miles of the store. But we also offer hyper local fruits and vegetables from Long Island when available.


Personalized attention combined with decades of experience make the RT Supplement department stand out from any other. We put our stock in brands that meet our standards for purity and efficacy, are progressive in their use of organic ingredients and sophisticated extraction methods. Most importantly, our brands back their products with the kind of science we can trust.