Helping to Feed Glen Cove Families in Need

So many in our community are hurting at this time. Many have lost jobs; many struggle to provide for basic needs for themselves and their families. For these reasons and more, it is our honor to be working with the Glen Cove High School Food Pantry to provide a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and other essential items which are distributed to some 150 Glen Cove families. We will continue this weekly dropoff as long as there is the need.

If you’d like to donate to the food pantry, bring your groceries to the back of the high school on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Drop-off is at the garage door next to the cafeteria. The food pantry has access to refrigerators, so eggs and dairy are okay in addition to non-perishables.

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Finley Middle School Food Pantry

We’re excited to revisit the Finley Middle School Food Pantry as our Charity of the Month for September.

Located just across the street from the store, the food pantry at Finley Middle School provides fresh and shelf-stable food items to residents of Glen Cove every Friday from 3-5 p.m.

Staffed by student and teacher volunteers, the pantry goes above and beyond to serve from 10-60 families each week—taking special orders, sending food home with students, and making deliveries for families lacking transportation.

We’re proud to be donating to this amazing program (for the second year in a row!) making such a difference in the lives of our Glen Cove neighbors.

WELLNESS TOP 3: Get off to a healthy school year

The start of a new school year brings with it many exciting  changes, Confinement indoors much of the day also brings with it the inevitable colds, flu and other viruses passed from one well meaning child to the next.

Children are exposed to millions of germs at school, resulting in 8-12 colds per year for children in day care or elementary school. It’s only a matter of time before these germs turn into a day off spent home sick in bed, and possibly spreading the illness to the rest of the family. Days off from school and work cost the US economy nearly $576 billion per year, according to Forbes.

There are ways to prepare for another school year and protect your kids from the germs they will encounter at school. Rather than reaching into the medicine cabinet to treat your child’s symptoms, here are a few ways to boost your child’s immune system and prevent illness.

1. Natural Factors Vitamin C Fruit Chews: Vitamin C  is vital to the body’s maintenance of overall health. This easy-to-take chewable formula by Natural Factors—with 500mg of 100% Vitamin C in every chew, plus citrus bioflavonoids, rosehips and rutin for increased absorption—it’s one of our top-sellers. Available in 4 kid-friendly flavors: Blueberry, Raspberry and Boysenberry; Jungle Juice; Four Mixed Fruit Flavors, and Peach, Passionfruit and Mango. $13.99, 30 chewables
2. Probiotic Garden of Life: Like the rest of us, kids need probiotics to build a healthy microbiome and support digestive and immune health. We love the Dr. Formulated Chewable Probiotics from Garden of Life. Designed by David Perlmutter, M.D., an expert in the human microbiome, a board-certified neurologist, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and an expert in brain health, this USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified probiotic has no added sugar, contains vitamin C from the organic Amla berry (30mg), vitamin D (400IU), and prebiotic fiber to help maintain healthy immunity. Available in 3 delicious flavors including Berry Cherry, Strawberry Banana and Watermelon. Everyday low price $18.99, 90 chewables
3. Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil: Fish Oil delivers nutrients that support the development of young bodies, including healthy eyes, healthy brain function, and vital immunity. This liquid fish oil for kids is easy to mix into applesauce or mild enough to take right off the spoon. Begninner’s DHA (ages 1+) has 400 mg EPA and 250 mg DHA per serving; Elementary DHA for school-age children (ages 4+) has 1000 mg EPA and 500 mg DHA per serving. Everyday low price $23.99, 4.23 fl oz

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Glen Cove Youth Bureau Fill-a-Bookbag Drive

We’re excited to introduce our August Charity of the Month: the Fill-a-Bookbag Drive sponsored by the Glen Cove Youth Bureau. This is the second time we’re supporting this bookbag and school supplies drive, a critical effort  for this local nonprofit.

The Fill-a-Bookbag Drive brings individual donors and businesses together to provide needed school supplies to some 300 Glen Cove students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. Making the GCYB our Charity of the Month for August allows us to do our part to make sure lack of school supplies is not a deterrent to academic success for any child in the Glen Cove School District.

***Rising Tide is a collection point for the Fill-a-Bookbag Drive. Simply leave supplies in the box outside the store. Ask cashiers for a complete list of needed items***

In addition to the Fill-a-Bookbag Drive, other GCYB programs intended to close educational and recreational gaps for Glen Cove students include Glen Cove After 3, after-school and summer enrichment opportunities for students grades K-8; and the Drop-in Center, open for homework help and after-school fun for students grades 1-5, and to teens looking to socialize in a safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment in the evenings. The Summer Youth Employment Program teaches 16-18 year olds skills for entering the workforce including how to prepare a resume and cover letter, and how to dress for success, interview for a job, and more.

Thank you for supporting this amazing local charity through our Charity of the Month program…we’re so grateful we can always count on our customers!

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club

We are so excited to announce our June Charity of the Month: The Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club. We’ve chosen to support this organization multiple times because we have so much respect for their commitment to the children in this community.

The Club serves nearly 600 youth (ages 6 -18) annually in the Glen Cove community with after-school programs in education, sports, recreation, dance, technology and art—all designed to enrich and enhance learning and build self-esteem. And in a few weeks when school’s out, the Club will be providing a fun, affordable summer program with creative and imaginative activities designed to keep kids interested in learning while having fun with their friends.

Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club’s mission: To provide a safe and caring environment that will inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as productive and responsible citizens.

Rising Tide is proud to support this mission and this wonderful local organization.

CELEBRATE MOMS: 7 Ways to Add Meaning to Mother’s Day

As with most holidays in the U.S., the original meaning tends to fade, replaced by a more modern interpretation. Mother’s Day is no different. In the years before the Civil War, Ann Reeves Jarvis started “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to teach women how to care for their children. Following Ann’s death in 1905, her daughter, Anna Jarvis, conceived of “Mother’s Day” to honor the myriad sacrifices mothers made for their children.  She wanted it to be an intimate day of celebration between mothers and families; she envisioned children wearing white carnations and visiting their mothers or going to church with them in honor of the special day.

Anna successfully campaigned to make Mother’s Day a national holiday but once she saw the commercialization of the holiday, she grew to regret it. She later spent much of her time and resources actively lobbying the government to get it removed from the U.S. calendar.

Quite a sordid past for what should be a lovely holiday! Let’s take Mother’s Day back, making it a day to share with the moms in your life in the way that will mean the most to them. Check out these options, something for every kind of mom:

1. Be of service. What can you do to help? Clean for mom, or help her with some techy project she can’t get a handle on—or hire a professional to do either one. Fix something that needs mending, or bring along a handyman to do the job. Wash and fold her laundry. Cook her a meal, or better yet, come stocked with multiple meals that she can freeze and parse out over time.

2. Quality time with mom. Schedule brunch or High Tea with mom. Take a walk in a beautiful place, or enjoy a little pampering together at a local spa. Visit the Nassau County Museum of Art, home to indoor art exhibits and interesting outdoor installations.

3. Alone time. Maybe Mom would love a little time to herself to do whatever it is she likes to do best. Let her off the hook for the traditional Mother’s Day meal, and let her do her thing. Spend the time without her to tackle a project she doesn’t have time to get to, shop for a little something you know she’ll love, create a piece of art in her honor, or make a simple but thoughtful dinner for her return.

4. Plant a garden. Due to the good weather and generally warm temps, Mother’s Day is  the unofficial start of planting season. Take mom to pick out some veggie, fruit or flower seeds, then break ground on her 2019 garden. In addition to the beautiful organic plants from Long Island’s own Marion Gardens, Rising Tide also carries dozens of organic seeds from High Mowing Seeds, including handy collections of seeds like “Summer of Sunflowers”, a “Bee’s Garden”, “Three Sisters”, “Easy Salad Greens”, and “Kid’s Garden” (a fun collection of “easy to succeed” seeds!). If a full-scale garden is too ambitious, purchase a beautiful pot and help her plant some lavender, rosemary, mint or other herbs she can use all summer long.

5. Eat (or drink) outdoors. Nothing cues the shift in seasons like a picnic. Head to the beach, or the park, or lay out a blanket in your backyard. Source some healthy, delicious salads and sandwiches from Rising Tide or another favorite spot. Or how about a sunset cocktail on the water? This area offers many opportunities for sipping something tasty alfresco. Take it one step further and take a bottle of rosé in a water taxi for a cruise around Hempstead Harbor.

6. Buy a green gift. You want Mom to be healthy and to make choices that lead to a long, happy life; this year, choose a gift that reflects that desire. We’ve got something for every kind of mama.

  • HydroFlasks: Hydration is so important, especially as we head into summer. We’ve got stainless steel HydroFlask water/coffee bottles in all shapes and sizes, and in beautiful spring colors.
  • Women’s Supplements: No matter what Mom’s age, there are hormones to contend with; Womensense supplements are there for every stage of a woman’s life, and can help her through things like adrenal fatigue, menopause, thyroid issues, and balancing estrogen.
  • Organic & Fair Trade Sweets: If she’s going to indulge on Mother’s Day, it might has well be with the good stuff! (Plus…so many studies lately point to the merits of having dark chocolate in your life. If chocolate equals health, we are ON BOARD.) Choose from an array of healthier alternatives, including Chocolove Chocolate Bars, Bark Thins snacking chocolateSkinny Dipped Almonds, Alter Eco Chocolates and Dark-Chocolate Covered nuts & fruits from Tierra Farm.
  • Mama Care: We’ve got all kinds of clean, toxin- and cruelty-free goodies to make Mama feel good and look her best. (Check out the Mother’s Day display at the front of the store..there is something for every mom!) Among our favorites are the CBD Bath Bombs by CBD Living. Aromatic and healing and made with 60mg of nano-CBD, these make bath time oh so special. Available in Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Coconut Lime. And for clean facial care for mom, there’s the Sweet Treats git set from one of our favorite natural skin care co.’s, MyChelle Dermaceuticals. This lovely little gift set contains the Refining Sugar Cleanser and the Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balm.

7. Give the Gift of Charity. You and Mom will both feel good when you donate to a great cause in her name. The International Rescue Committee offers many ways to do this, including helping to pay for health pregnancies for woman in Kenya ($52); funding emergency food for malnourished children in places like Nigeria and Yemen ($68 gives three meals each to 50 children), and providing a year of school for children in crisis in war-torn countries like Syria ($58). If there is a local nonprofit that means a great deal to your mom, make your donation there instead.

Of course this is just a quick guide; only you know your favorite moms and what would mean the most to them on Mother’s Day. Reflect on this, and it will be a holiday to remember for all!


To know steel cut oats is to love them. Such is the philosophy behind Cold Spring Harbor-based Ally’s Oats, the company offering the newest, healthiest, grab-and-go snack at Rising Tide. Available in five yummy flavors (the most popular? Peanut Butter Honey, of course!), Ally’s Oats are perfect for pre- or post-workout, school snack or lunch, a quick on-the-go meal—virtually any time you need a convenient, wholesome  bite with zero guilt attached. We spoke with Alison McShea, Ally’s founder, about her family legacy of steel cut oats, and why she’s so excited to share them with everyone at Rising Tide.

RT: What is the origin of Ally’s Oats?
AO: I grew up in Rockville Center in a family of 9. Back then, steel cut oats was a way for my mother to make sure we all had a hearty,  healthy meal to sustain us throughout our school day. My grandmother was from Galway, Ireland and fed her family the same oats.

Now I am a single mom raising four children of my own. When I went back to work full-time, my daughter disliked the school lunch choices, so I put a pot of steel cut oats in the fridge and told her they would make a great, healthy lunch.  Fast forward…she loved the oats and shared them with friends and staff. Pretty soon I was selling steel cut oats in the high school to all the students and teachers!  As our followers grew, I began to research the many health benefits of Ally’s Oats. I had inherited my mother’s love of steel cut oats.

RT: What is the company’s mission?
AO: To share our love of organic steel cut oats and offer a healthy, ready-to-eat snack or meal.  Ally’s Oats are full of vitamins and beta glucan, and are a source of iron, protein, and many other healthy ingredients.

RT: Who are the people behind Ally’s Oats?
AO: I am Alison McShea, the founder, and my partner is Bruce Pomper.  Ally’s Organic Oats has also put together a family of enthusiastic Oat helpers. Patricia, my identical twin sister, is a great help with graphic design and business planning. Gabby is our main kitchen staff member and helps manage the kitchen.

RT: What sets Ally’s Oats products apart from other ready-to-eat products on the market?
AO: Ally’s Oats is the only organic steel cut oats, cooked and ready to eat as a meal or snack or dessert throughout the day. Most oats on the market are rolled or steamed, thus have been through a “process”. Ally’s steel cut oats have the husk still on them…this is the gold standard of oats.

RT: Who is your ideal customer?
AO: Anyone looking to eat healthy and feel good! Our steel cut oats are particularly good for anyone who is pre-diabetic or diabetic, due to its low glycemic level.

RT: What’s the latest from Ally’s Oats? Anything new and exciting in the pipeline?
AO: Ally’s Oats has just pushed into Manhattan and has signed on with several new corporations’ Health and Wellness Programs.  Ally’s Oats provides employees with a healthy, balanced meal or snack that can help workers be more productive. Our company is expanding and we are looking for larger kitchen space to keep up with growing demand.

RT: How would you describe the role steel cut oats can play for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle?
AO: First, steel cut oats are very low on the glycemic index, which keeps your sugar levels from spiking. Secondly, oats are a complex carb full of vitamins and protein, making them a great snack or meal before or after the gym.  Steel cut oats are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber which promotes good colon health and helps you feel fuller, longer. Oats have also been reported to lower bad cholesterol.

RT: At Rising Tide, we love local! What has it meant for you to be a local, Long Island company? How do you focus on local in your business?
AO: Ally’s Oats loves being a Long Island company. We celebrate our North Shore roots by hiring local workers and working in our neighborhood church kitchen. Through our kitchen—based in Huntington N.Y.—Ally’s Oats provides a healthy snack to the homeless men who are given a warm bed, a meal and a packed lunch the next day. We are constantly exploring sourcing local vendors for honey and other ingredients.

RT: What are your healthy, go-to-snacks when not munching on Ally’s Oats?
AO: I make a large pot of chicken chili and veggies every Sunday. It’s full of fresh organic veggies, chicken, and beans.  I start my day with an egg over avocado on flax bread. My treat is a piece of Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate…yummy!

RT: What’s your favorite recipe to make using Ally’s Oats products?
AO: I love my oats on plain greek yogurt with ¼ cup of hot blueberries poured over it and walnuts to top it off.  I also love my oats in a morning protein shake. It makes the shake thick and keeps me satiated.

RT: What is one fun thing about Ally’s Oats that no one would know?
AO: I cook the oats in a kitchen that is connected to an “open” room, and there’s a senior yoga class going on as I cook in the early mornings. They are all huge supporters of Ally’s Oats and are cheering us on!  Ally’s Oats are cooked in an “ohm” environment. Namaste.

LOCAL FLAVOR: ClayNation Art Studio

When Julie Papas opened the ClayNation studio in 2004, she was out of college for less than a year. With schools cutting back on art and music programs and adult stress levels at an all-time high, Julie was excited to offer an outlet for creative arts on the North Shore.  A Locust Valley native and Glen Cove transplant, she is thrilled to offer this community a space where people of all ages and creative talents can walk in any time and make art in a fresh, fun, energetic space. As our adjacent neighbor and host of many a Rising Tide Staff Night Out, we love ClayNation, and were excited to chat with Julie about this neighborhood gem.

RT: First…what is it about creating art that makes people feel so darn good?
CN: Aside from the myriad of studies that show creating art releases endorphins, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and awakens the senses, making art in this current time of stress, screens, and hyper-busy schedules in some way forces the maker to relax and connect. When I look around the studio, no one is looking at their phone, typing on computers, youtubing, blogging, or staring like a zombie at a TV screen. People are interacting—they’re talking, listening to music, engaging in their project, and relaxing. Creating something from start to finish and then admiring the project at its completion…that feeling of pride is amazing.

RT: What sets ClayNation apart from its competitors?
CN: We have the BEST staff. Our employees love the studio and treat everyone who comes here like family. I have employees that have stayed with me for 5, 7, even 10-plus years. The customers have personal relationships with the staff and it’s an amazing community feeling in the shop.

RT: What’s it like running a small business in Glen Cove? Do you find the community to be supportive?
CN: I am so happy I made the decision to open ClayNation in Glen Cove 15 years ago. The community has been everything. People were very supportive of this concept right from the beginning and have continued to support us to this day. Kids that we had as campers return as young adults to work in the studio and inspire the next generation of artists. We have a group of women that have attended our Tuesday night adult night for all the years we have been open. We are so happy to be here.

RT: What are your most popular programs for children? Adults?
CN: The bulk of our success is in the walk-in studio, open and available for people to come create 7 days a week. Kids (and their parents) love our drop-off programming during school breaks and in the summertime. We run a “Second Saturday Workshop” for adults where we teach different new techniques. Our Tuesday night “Paint & Sip” adult night is always a good time.

RT: What’s new at ClayNation?
CN: We always have the wheels turning! New this month is a retail section where we plan to sell a wide range of art supplies (paint, colored pencils, markers, paper, and more). We will be building this up for the next few weeks and looking for feedback from the community about what types of supplies they may want to be able to purchase locally. Also, coming this Summer we will have walk-in wood sign painting (staining, stenciling, and distressing wooden board art).

RT: What’s something fun that most people don’t know about ClayNation?
CN: We LOVE dogs. Next time you come to pick up your artwork, bring your pup to visit us!

RT: As one of our closest neighbors, I have to ask: What’s your favorite thing to eat from Rising Tide? What are your go-to’s (lunch, snacks, drinks, wellness products, or other)?
CN: Here’s the list of my go-to Ri-Ti foods: Vegan Spring Rolls, Rising Tide’s Kung Pao Bowls, Unreal Crispy Peanut Butter Cups, Late July Nacho Chipotle Chips, and pretty much ANY Soup of the Day! I ate the Rising Tide Soup of the Day for lunch every day for about 8 months straight. I’ve pretty much tried them all and they are ALL AMAZING, but my fave is Tuscan Bean.

Visit ClayNation at 38 Forest Avenue (rear building). Studio hours are Monday-Friday from 1-8; Tuesday from 1-10 (adults only 6-10); Saturday 12-8; and Sunday 12-5.

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Healing Headbands

For the second year in row, we are pleased to be supporting our February Charity of the Month: Healing Headbands.

Harnessing the healing power of art and laughter, Sea Cliff-based Healing Headbands works with people with serious illnesses (children and adults) to create joy. Run by certified laughter leaders and co-founders Barbara Grapstein and Joanie Accolla, Healing Headbands has worked with more than 1,000 children, conducting workshops in hospitals, schools, with Girl Scout troops, corporations and everywhere healing is needed.

The workshops begin with 20 minutes of simple improv-style laughter exercises, scientifically proven to shift brain chemistry and get participants ready to “paint their joy”. The colorful art created is then printed on ultra-soft micro fiber with UV protection up to 50 percent. Headbands are made from the art and can be custom-sized for special purposes (i.e. casts or bandages). Now the children can “Wear their Happiness”.

Since its founding in 2013, Grapstein and Accolla have integrated healing workshops in 12 major hospitals in the United States with plans to duplicate and expand the program nationally. Contact Barbara and Joanie at to bring the project to your community.

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Volunteers for Wildlife

Volunteers for Wildlife is a nonprofit wildlife hospital and education center located on the grounds of Bailey Arboretum in Locust Valley. It’s mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wild animals who have been injured, sick, or orphaned, and to educate the public about the importance of wildlife and ecological conservation. Each year, VFW accepts nearly 2,000 patients (mainly songbirds, waterfowl, and small mammals), all native to Long Island.

Children (3+) and adults can learn about our local furry friends through educational programming created by the VFW. Scout groups, library programs, guided nature hikes, night walks—there is something for everyone. To coordinate a program for your group, reach out to the Education Coordinator at

What a Charitable Year: We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You


Here at Rising Tide we’re excited for another year of giving to the amazing charities right here in our own neighborhood.

Year Two of our Charity of the Month program gave us the chance to meet a whole bunch of new people doing heroic work in this community. As the first full year of the program (we launched in April 2017 to honor Earth Day), we were able to donate almost $8,000 to 12 charities. This includes our Holiday Roundup, which benefited two of our favorite local hunger relief organizations: Island Harvest and the North Shore Soup Kitchen (formerly the North Shore INN).

As always, we could not have done this without YOU! The monies for the Charity of the Month originate from our Bring Your Own Bag program, also launched in 2017. The objective: to encourage our customers to bring their reusable bags, lightening our carbon footprint by significantly reducing our use of paper bags. Each time a paper bag is given out, 10 cents is charged to the customer, then donated to our Charity of the Month. Reusable bags are the same—bring in your own bag and 10 cents will be donated to the charity, as well. So…eco-healthy habits are built while our neediest charities are funded. We love this program!

Wanted: New Local Charities
We’re always looking for new local nonprofits to add to our program. If you’re involved with a local charity that you feel would fit within our mission (we prioritize groups that fall into the following categories: children’s health and education, hunger relief, environmental awareness and education, organic and sustainable farming, and animal welfare), please fill out and submit a Request a Donation form on the Rising Tide website.

Thanks again for all you do to help us give so much too so many!

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Island Harvest Weekend Backpack Feeding Program

Founded in 1992, Island Harvest is Long Island’s largest hunger-relief organization, and plays a vital role in countering the sharply rising problem of hunger right here on the Island. Through its Kids Weekend Backpack Feeding Program, founded in 2006, Island Harvest provides 62,500+ packs of nutritious food to schoolchildren who may not otherwise receive solid meals on weekends.

With all its hunger-related efforts combined, Island Harvest provides food and non-food items to 316,000 Long Islanders living with food insecurity and in need, giving them a voice to help them transition from uncertainty to stability. And they’re always looking for volunteers! Check out their volunteer page to find out how you and your friends and family can make a difference during the holidays and throughout the year.

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Harbor Day Care Playground

Our neighbor across the street (soon to be our adjacent neighbor when the exciting new location of Rising Tide is opened), Harbor Child Care serves children ages 12 weeks-12 years in a nurturing, safe, stimulating environment. Every child in their early childhood and school-age programs receives the highest quality instruction, education and care.

Glen Cove is a unique community with broad-based cultural, ethnic, religious and socio-economic diversity among its residents. People choose to live, work and attend school in Glen Cove intentionally because of this special quality. The nonprofit Harbor Child Care at Glen Cove applauds Glen Cove’s character as they seek to provide an early childhood experience that reflects the entirety of the Glen Cove community. Tuition scholarships and social services assistance are available to families in need.

Playtime Counts
This month, we’re happy to be donating our Charity of the Month monies to Harbor Day Care’s new playground fund. As part of Harbor’s new Creative Curriculum, physical movement and exercise will be taught using 21st century state-of-the-art playground equipment.  This new playground will help the children play more freely, improve their motor skills, enhance their social skills, and explore new possibilities for fun, games and imagination.  Your Bring Your Own Bag/Charity of the Month donations will allow every child at Harbor Day Care to have access to outdoor experiences that promote and enhance their curiosity and interest in the world around them—a great cause for our great neighbors.

RECIPES: Not-So-Scary DIY Halloween Treats

You want to give your children Halloween treats they’ll love, but without all the ghoulish stuff—GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, high fructose corn syrup—you avoid all other times of year. While healthier packaged treats are more readily available than ever (come into the store for a great selection of Rising Tide-approved Halloween treats), don’t underestimate the fun (and ease!) of creating homemade treats made with wholesome, organic/non-GMO ingredients. Whether you’re hosting a party, bringing snacks into a child’s classroom, or simply want to control a fraction of your child’s Halloween booty, get some inspiration for healthy Halloween recipes here.

Raw Almond Butter Cups
Black Widow Spider Cupcakes 
DIY Almond Joys
Chocolate Almond Butter Crunch Bars 
Gummy Bears 

Maple Chili Popcorn
Taco Lime Pumpkin Seeds 
Haunted Pizza

Fruit & Veggie treats
Halloween Apple Bites
Caramel Apples Six Ways 
Veggie Skeleton

LOCAL FLAVOR: Nikki’s Naturals

Dry skin sufferers, allow us to introduce you to Nikki’s Naturals. Jayson and Nicola (Nikki) McLeod have created a line of 100% natural hair and skin products—made right here on Long Island—using only the finest organic, unrefined Ghanaian Shea Butter. If clean and gentle is your thing, get to know this local biz.

RT: What was the impetus for creating Nikki’s Naturals?
NN: The need to provide our children with 100% chemical-free soap and moisturizer to help heal their eczema gently.

RT: What sets your health and beauty products apart from other personal care products on the market?
NN: Our products are 100% plant-based, no chemicals, no colors, no parabens, no artificial ingredients.

RT: What’s the latest from Nikki’s Naturals?
NN: We just came out with our vegan/plant-based hair line, perfect for all hair types.

RT: Now our favorite question: What are you loving to eat right now? What are your top go-to’s (snacks, drinks, wellness products or other)?
NN: We are a vegan/dairy-free vegetarian family that believes health is wealth. We love to eat vegan mac and cheese combined with roasted cauliflower, and our go-to snacks are the cheddar cauliflower crackers by The Ground Up. We juice lots of raw fruits and veggies, but one of our favorite drinks is plain old seltzer water—we don’t drink soda or commercial juices. We also take Moringa Oleifera powder daily. This ensures we’re getting all of the necessary minerals and nutrients.

RT: What’s your favorite Nikki’s Naturals product to give as a gift?
NN: Our favorite Nikki’s Naturals LLC products to give as a gift is our Black Soap Face/Body Wash and our Whipped Shea Butter Face/Body Mousse. These two products used together help heal and moisturize the skin on a cellular level. Because they are non-comedogenic, they also help rid the skin of acne.

RT: What’s one FUN thing most people don’t know about Nikki’s Naturals?
NN: We love to dance! We’re always dancing.

RT: What’s it been like to start and run a company in Long Island/New York State?
NN: Starting and running Nikki’s Naturals LLC in Long Island has been and still is a fabulous experience. Although tough at times, it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done. There’s a true and deep need for our products because they’re genuine and they work.

RT: So many in this community dream of starting their own business. What’s your best piece of advice for launching a successful local business?
NN: Master your product, find where the demand for it is, and never give up!

Clip Box Tops for Local Schools

It’s still summer, but we’ve got Back to School on the brain! We’re specifically thinking about our own local schools, and how we can help them be all they can be for the children of our community. Enter Box Tops. Since 1996, Box Tops—featured on some of your favorite natural and organic brands—has helped schools just like the ones in our neighborhood earn over $868 million for things like building playgrounds, installing computer labs, and funding for other school enrichment programs.

This month, help us help our own local schools earn cash by clipping Box Tops. Throughout August, visit Rising Tide to purchase Annie’s and Cascadian Farm products on display at the front of the store and ON SALE for 2 for $6. Clip the Box Tops and either bring them to your local school or back to the store, where they can be placed in the available collection boxes. Save money, clip Box Tops, and help our schools thrive!

To learn more, visit


We’ve been loving on this line of 100% grass-fed, organic dairy products for a few years now. It’s not just the taste of their milks and yogurts (which is exceptional) that drew us in, but also the philosophy (use the best possible farming practices and you’ll benefit both children and the planet) that backs everything they do. We were tickled to be able to chat with Maple Hill about where they’ve been, what new products they’re excited about, and what is the best use of their new blended yogurts (Hint: it’s incredibly delicious and fun to make with your kids!).

RT: Who is behind the creation of Maple Hill?
MH: Today, Maple Hill has over 150 small family farms from which we source our milk. But back at the very beginning, there was only one family and one farm—Stone Creek Farm—a 250-acre dairy farm that Tim and Laura Joseph purchased in 2003. Tim and Laura had no farming experience — they had never milked a cow — but received a fast education when sixty-four cows stepped off the trailers in 2004. The Josephs began as conventional dairy farmers, but quickly became enamored with organic practices.

RT: What sets Maple Hill apart from other organic dairy products on the market? 
MH: Maple Hill is rooted in our desire to provide the best nutrition for our own kids and that idea is still the “heartbeat” of our company—we believe that 100% grass-fed organic dairy farming done right is the pinnacle of organic, creates the best nutrition for all kids, and leaves the soil better than we found it. It doesn’t get any better than that! Our products are made from our own strictly managed 100% grass-fed organic farms – the milk they produce makes all the difference.

RT: How important is it for you to source local, NY State ingredients?
MH: Our milkshed is the heart of our business. We have over 150 small family farms, all of which are in NY and run by NY families.

RT: What’s the latest from Maple Hill? 
MH: We just released our new Blended Yogurt – we think it’s the highest quality blended yogurt on the market, and the only 100% grass-fed organic one!

RT: How would you describe the role dairy plays for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle?
MH: Dairy is a wonderful health food when it’s from 100% grass-fed organic sources – it is better for the land, the farmers, the cows and in the end, better for you. It has a higher nutritional profile than conventional milk and we use very little sugar, and no additives.

RT: When you’re not noshing on wholesome, grass-fed dairy products… What are you loving to eat right now? What are your go-to’s?
MH: We love Perky Jerky and Teton Waters Ranch sausages – both grass-fed products themselves! We’re also huge fans of Vital Farms eggs and butter.

RT: What’s your favorite recipe to make using a Maple Hill product? 
MH: Definitely our Frozen Yogurt Bark.

RT: What’s one FUN thing most people don’t know about Maple Hill? 
MH: None of the founders had a background in farming when they started this journey.

RT: So many in this community dream of starting their own business. What’s your best piece of advice for launching a successful local biz?
MH: Surround yourself with people that have passion and are great at what they do.

Jen’s Top 3: Reducing Test Stress

This month and next, middle- and high-schoolers could be faced with higher-stakes exams that can lead to increased anxiety. Stress can hit while studying, or when sitting for the actual exams. Before test tension hits hair-pulling levels, try some natural de-stressors to help calm and center your student. Try them one at a time to see which one works best for your child.

  1. Stress Relax Pharma Gaba by Natural Factors. This natural source of the brain compound GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) can be both physically calming and help with mental focus. Teens and tweens (10 and up) can take two of these chewables as needed (up to 2x/day), either preventatively before a big test or as a grounding agent while studying.


  1. Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower. This famous blend of five different Bach Flower remedies is gentle and side-effect free, and can be used with kids of all ages. Take during times of acute stress as needed for balance and clarity.


  1. Homeopathic Stress Relief by Siddha Flower Essences. Add this liquid tension-reducer to your child’s water or juice; sipping throughout the day may help quell temporary anxiety while helping boost concentration. Stress Relief works progressively and cumulatively, so give to your children regularly for best results.

Jen’s Top 3: Allergy Prevention (Stop Seasonal Allergies Before They Start)

As we write this, we’re in the midst of our fourth nor’easter in so many weeks. It certainly doesn’t FEEL like spring, does it? But cold as it is, this is the BEST time to begin an anti-allergy protocol that should allow you to skate through allergy season unscathed (or at least in better form than in years past). Here Jen offers her springtime allergy prevention protocol. All three are safe for children, except where indicated. What are you waiting for? Start now!

  1. Nettles Quercetin by Oregon’s Wild Harvest. Stinging nettles are itchy when they touch your skin, but when ingested have been shown to promote a healthy immune response to seasonal allergies. Quercetin is among the important flavonoids that fight inflammation in the body, including inflammation related to allergies and asthma. Together they’re allergy prevention gold. Take one on an empty stomach once/day.
  2. Nenningers Naturals Triple Allergy Defense. These homeopathic remedies provide symptom relief of pollen, mold and dust allergies all in one bottle. And they do it all quickly, with no drowsiness and no harmful side effects. Take once daily.
  3. Neti pot. When used properly morning and night, the warm water and salt solution in this little vessel will loosen mucus to relieve congestion and clear out pollen and other allergens. We carry the Nasopure Nasal Wash System, as well as the more traditional net pot, from Ancient Secrets. For basic instructions on using a net pot, click here.
    For children (who may be uncomfortable with the neti pot), use Xlear saline spray twice daily, morning and night. The spray not only moisturizes and soothes irritated sinuses and nasal cavities, but its secret ingredient—xylitol—prevents bacteria and allergens from sticking to nasal tissue.

Bonus tip for allergy sufferers: Put a little Un-Petroleum Jelly on a Q-tip and gently line the nostrils before you go outside—especially if you’ll be out in the woods or if it’s a windy day. The sticky jelly will catch the pollen before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your system.

Jen’s Top 3: Ward Off Cold and Flu

As the cold weather creeps in, retreating inside is inevitable. Also inevitable: more time spent in indoor air makes us more susceptible to whatever bugs might be lurking.

This year, take proactive steps to keep all miserable critters at bay. RT’s resident wellness guru, Jen Musgrove, offers her Top 3 Picks for staying cold and flu free this winter.

Elderberry: As far back as 460 BC, Hippocrates referred to elderberry as his “medicine chest,” owing to the great many health benefits conferred by the brightly colored herb.  One of the oldest medicines on the planet, this natural antiviral and antimicrobial has been shown to shorten duration of cold and flu; in fact, it’s comparable to drugs like Tamiflu for the treatment of flu (with none of the harsh side effects). TRAVEL TIP: If you’re planning to take an airplane this winter, it’s been proven that supplementation with elderberry before, during, and after air travel has beneficial effects on travelers’ health—particularly respiratory health.

Jen likes the Gaia Black Elderberry Syrup for adults and kids.  Use as directed.

Andrographis: Used as a cold remedy since ancient times in both India and China, the powerful andrographis herb is a great tool for squashing colds before they get you. (Unlike elderberry, andrographis is not known to be helpful once you’re in the acute phase of a cold, but does its best work as an immunity-boosting preventative.) Get your andrograghis fix with Kold Kare by Kare N Herbs. Use as directed. (Note: Kold Kare is safe to use with kids; Jen suggests one tablet a day.)

Astragalus: A Chinese herb used medicinally for thousands of years, the Astragalus root’s main claim to fame is its ability to regulate the body’s immune response. Specifically, astragalus boosts white blood cell activity to guard against seasonal colds, viruses and respiratory infections. Classified as an adaptogen, it also protects against mental, physical and emotional stress. (Bonus!) Jen recommends taking Oregon’s Wild Harvest Biodynamic tincture,  and for children, Herbs for Kids Astragalus.

Stay healthy!




CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Island Harvest’s Weekend Backpack Program

We are pleased to introduce you to our December Charity of the Month: Island Harvest’s Weekend Backpack Program.

Founded in 1992, Island Harvest is Long Island’s largest hunger relief organization. Its volunteers and staff deliver millions of pounds of good, surplus food to a network of 570 food pantries, soup kitchens and other non-profits that provide feeding services to those in need. Island Harvest plays a vital role in countering the sharply rising problem of hunger here on Long Island.

Support for Hungry Kids
With Rising Tide’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) monies for December, we will contribute to Island Harvest’s Weekend Backpack Feeding Program, designed to supplement meals on the weekends for children who depend on school breakfasts and lunches during the week. The Kids Weekend Backpack Feeding Program provides packs of nutritious, shelf-stable food in 28 schools to 1,729 children on a weekly basis.  These children rely on school lunches and breakfasts, but may not have solid meals on weekends and holidays, when school is out. Each packs contain four nutritious and ready-to-eat meals, two snacks and two servings of milk and juice—and double that amount for holiday breaks. The food packs are distributed with newsletters that include age-appropriate, multilingual games and puzzles encouraging healthy eating, plus information for parents about local food resources.

This supplemental weekend food lets children return to school nourished and better equipped to learn, socialize and excel. During the 2017/2018 school year, approximately 62,500 packs of food will be distributed—bringing thousands of weekend/holiday meals to children who otherwise would go without. Rising Tide is so excited to be able to contribute to their amazing efforts! 

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Grassroots Environmental Education’s ChildSafe School

We are pleased to introduce you to our October Charity of the Month: Grassroots Environmental Education’s ChildSafe School initiative

Grassroots is a New York-based non-profit organization founded in 2000 with a mission to educate the public about the links between common environmental exposures and human health, and to empower individuals to act as catalysts for change within their own communities. Their programs are based on science, and their network of environmental experts includes leaders in the fields of environmental toxicology and medicine from Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Tufts and New York Universities, U.C. Berkeley, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and other similar institutions.

Keeping Our Children Safe
As part of our continued efforts to support organizations that work with children and the environment,  we will be raising funds for the entire month of October for Grassroots’ ChildSafe School initiative. The ChildSafe School is an award-winning science-based program designed to help you make your child’s school environment as safe as it can be.

Recent increases in rates of asthma, cancer and other childhood illnesses as well as learning and behavioral problems linked to exposure to toxins in the environment have sparked an increased interest in the environmental quality of schools.

The ChildSafe School provides a step-by-step framework to help parents, teachers and administrators make their schools as environmentally safe as they can be, by adopting policies such as:

  • prohibiting the idling of school buses and other vehicles
  • mandating the use of safe cleaning products
  • eliminating the use of pesticides on school grounds and playing fields

North Shore School District Benefits from ChildSafe
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Patti Wood and others at Grassroots, in 2011, New York State became the first state in the country to pass a law banning all pesticides on school grounds. But they’ve also undertaken initiatives closer to home. In 2016, every school in the North Shore School District switched from toxic rubber crumb playground surfaces to woodchips. Up next:  The ChildSafe School is taking on the removal of wireless routers in classrooms, and turf fields and artificial fragrances in schools.

For more information on The ChildSafe School, visit For more on all the amazing work Grassroots is doing for our community and beyond, visit them at

Back to School, Back to Lice (Ugh!)

Lots to think about as the kids head back to school…but is head lice one of them? Unfortunately, yes. An estimated 6 to 12 million infestations occur each year in the U.S. among children 3 to 11 years of age.

Don’t worry…we’ve got everything you need to prevent and treat those creeping critters this school year. Long Island-based Fairy Lice Mothers line contains no toxic chemicals, and is safe (and effective!) for children, pregnant women, and those with allergies. (Just a heads up: the new generation of so-called Super Lice have become resistant to toxic chemicals in conventional treatments, anyway, so a natural line of prevention/treatment is most definitely the way to go!)

  • MagicHalo Shampoo ($14.99): A registered homeopathic treatment, MagicHalo relieves itching and helps prevent reinfestation.
  • MagicHalo Conditioner ($11.99): Moisturizes the hair and scalp, while also preventing lice. Sulfate free.
  • MagicMint Detangler ($9.99): Keep lice away! This unique lice fighting tool can be used as a preventative; safe enough to use every day.
  • MagicMousse ($14.99): 99% effective in removing lice and easing nit removal. 
  • MagicBox ($29.99):This kit is the all-in-one way to prevent and eliminate lice. Includes MagicHalo Shampoo, MagicMousse, and the MagicWand for removing nits.
***All Fairy Lice Mothers products will be 15% off in September for Back to School.***

How to Avoid Ticks This Summer

A mild, rainy winter has led to an extra tick-y season here in Long Island and other places around the country. Unfortunately, ticks bring with them the possibility of contracting conditions such as Lyme Disease (which can be treated if caught early) and Powassan virus, which currently has no treatment.

Our resident Wellness guru, Jen, has some important tips to help you stay tick-free this summer.
1. Wear lightly colored clothing to make ticks more visible.
2. Tuck pants into socks to minimize skin exposure.
3. Run a lint roller over your body and clothing before heading outdoors.
4. Take/eat garlic, Brewer’s yeast, and Vitamin B6 to make you less appealing to ticks.
5. Use DEET-free insect repellents. Otherwise known as N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, DEET has been shown in studies of rats to kill off the neurons in the brain that control muscle movement, learning, memory and concentration when treated with a dose equivalent to that a person would use. Children could be at a greater risk here, as their skin absorbs the DEET more readily. Opt instead for essential oil-based repellents containing powerful oils such as lavender, lemongrass, rose geranium, eucalyptus and citronella.

Rising Tide’s TOP PICKS for Avoiding Ticks:

If you DO find a tick on yourself or someone else, follow these tips for removing it.

See what the Town of North Hempstead is doing to manage their tick situation (naturally!) this summer.

CHARITY OF THE MONTH: Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club

We are so excited to announce our May Charity of the Month: The Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club!

The Club serves more than 600 youth (ages 6 -18) in the Glen Cove community with after-school programs in education, sports, recreation, dance, technology and art—all designed to enrich and enhance learning and build self-esteem. And now that school’s out, the Boys & Girls Club will be providing an amazing and affordable summer program including day trips, lunch and a different fun theme each week.

The Boys & Girls Club mission is to provide a safe and caring environment that will inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as productive and responsible citizens.

What could be better than that?

Remember, each time you bring in a reusable bag to Rising Tide Market you’ll be asked if you want to donate your $.10 to the Charity of the Month. Please give to this worthwhile organization!

Note: If you would like to make an additional donation to the Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club, and help impact the lives of children right here in your own neighborhood, please contact us at

World Fair Trade Day is May 13

Here in the first world we take our bananas, chocolate and coffee (oh yes, especially our coffee!) for granted. But many people in other countries are not so lucky. Each day, tens of thousands of people in various Asian, African and South American countries—men, women and even children—work themselves to the bone in unbearable conditions for pennies so we can continue to enjoy the things we love.

The Fair Trade movement seeks to level the playing field for workers around the world, ensuring that everyone enjoys decent wages and working conditions, regardless of where they live. Other principles of the Fair Trade movement: no child or forced labor, environmental sustainability, workplace non-discrimination, and investment in community development projects.

Set on the second Saturday of May each year since 2004, World Fair Trade Day is a global event designed to draw attention to the objectives of the Fair Trade movement.  This is a great time to consider choosing Fair Trade alternatives for some of your favorite products.

How Do I Shop Fair Trade?
More than just chocolate, coffee and bananas, the Fair Trade designation can refer to any of the following:
* a variety of agricultural and handcrafted goods, including baskets
* clothing
* cotton
* coconuts
* home and kitchen decor
* jewelry
* rice
* soap
* tea
* toys
* wine

How Do You Know If It’s Really Fair Trade? 
There are different third-party certifications for Fair Trade products. Depending on the certification, they may inspect fields, processing plants, and sometimes trading operations to ensure fair trade standards are met. Check the websites of your favorite fair trade brands to learn more about what they are doing to empower workers to organize and tend to what matters the most to them (and to us!): their families, their communities and the environment.

Today, in honor of World Fair Trade Day (and why not make it the rest of the month?), choose products from some of our favorite Fair Trade brands committed to working with small-scale farmers within the framework of the Fair Trade movement. TheoDr. Bronner’s, Alter Eco, Alaffia and Guayaki are all ON SALE this month at Rising Tide Market.

Happy World Fair Trade Day!

This Year, Hack Your Easter Basket

To gift an Easter basket to someone who loves you is one of the holiday’s simple pleasures. And it doesn’t need to be stacked with all kinds of avoidableshigh fructose corn syrup, food dye, sugar, sugar, sugarto be something special. We’ve got everything you need to create a thoughtful Easter basket that’s plenty sweet, but with a healthy twist.

Start with the main event. When it comes to Easter chocolate, don’t settle for less than the best. We’ve got organic Lake Champlain Chocolates in every shape and form: chocolate bunnies, chocolate, peanut butter and caramel Easter eggs, chocolate carrots, and milk and dark chocolate truffles and more. Everything is beautifully wrapped and ready for its Easter close up.

Candies & Other Treats
Equally delicious (and still made without any preservatives or chemical food dyes) are organic lollipops and gummies from Yum Earth, and organic jelly beans from Surf Sweets. Mint and Red Velvet Snowballs (in the case near the Deli) by local baker Pleasant Petites are colorful (and tasty!) enough to grace the prettiest Easter basket, and are Vegan, gluten free and organic. Colorful candy coated chocolate peanut candies by Sunspire can be found in our Bulk section, as can organic trail mixthe crunchy nuts and seeds cut nicely through all the sweet treats. Go a little crazy and add a few pieces of fruit—oranges or small containers of organic pomegranate arils are bright and fresh and packed with disease-fighting antioxidants.

Colored Eggs
Add a rainbow of colors with hardboiled eggs decorated with a non-toxic dye kit by Color Kitchen; then get creative serving up the leftover eggs. We’ve also got colored frosting and rainbow sprinkle kits for beautiful Easter cakes cupcakes.

Surprise Items
Lastly, personalize the basket with some fun, non-edible items. For small children, stickers, erasers, stuffed bunnies, watercolor paints and coloring books, small puzzles and Play Doh (comes in an egg!) are always a hit. Treat tweens and teens to chemical-free Pogo Lip Balm from Eco Lips in fun, bright colors; colorful stainless steel water bottles from Hydro Flask and Life Factory, spring-themed candles from Big Dipper Wax Works, and our favorite Easter basket add-in: our top-selling flossing toothbrush from SoFresh.

Once you’ve assembled your healthier Easter basket, gift it to someone you love…and have a wonderful Easter!

Glen Cove Native Makes One-of-A-Kind Beach Bags

At Rising Tide Market, nothing makes us happier than supporting a local, heart-centered vendor with one eye on aesthetics and the other on the planet.

So imagine our excitement at teaming up with Glen Cove girl and first-rate designer Hilary Star de Roy, and her company The Royal Native.

Inspired by the glamour of the mid-century jet set and the adventurous spirit of the bohemian gypset movement, and fueled by a dozen years in the fashion industry, Hilary took her love of patterns and an impeccable eye and ventured out on her own. A short time (and two children) later, she poured everything she knew into an old dream: launching her own line of African wax print clothing and accessories. The Royal Native was born.

Fast forward to Summer 2016…we love Hilary and are crazy about her prints! Case in point: her Cabana Totes, available right here at The Rising Tide Market. Crafted from vibrant, exotic, hand-blocked patterns, these are the PERFECT bags for a day at the beach, the farmer’s market, or any other summer outing. Just $59.99 for the only bag you’ll need this summer. And it’s locally made!


Eco-friendly to their very last fiber, The Royal Native Cabana Totes are reusable, machine washable, and made with love and care in the USA. Come in and get yours today, and visit Hilary online at ‪#‎royalnative‬ ‪#‎africanwaxprint‬ ‪#‎totebag‬‪ #localisbest #‎montauktomexico‬ ‪#‎bestbeachbagever‬