Lots to think about as the kids head back to school…but is head lice one of them? Unfortunately, yes. An estimated 6 to 12 million infestations occur each year in the U.S. among children 3 to 11 years of age.

Don’t worry…we’ve got everything you need to prevent and treat those creeping critters this school year. Long Island-based Fairy Lice Mothers line contains no toxic chemicals, and is safe (and effective!) for children, pregnant women, and those with allergies. (Just a heads up: the new generation of so-called Super Lice have become resistant to toxic chemicals in conventional treatments, anyway, so a natural line of prevention/treatment is most definitely the way to go!)

  • MagicHalo Shampoo ($14.99): A registered homeopathic treatment, MagicHalo relieves itching and helps prevent reinfestation.
  • MagicHalo Conditioner ($11.99): Moisturizes the hair and scalp, while also preventing lice. Sulfate free.
  • MagicMint Detangler ($9.99): Keep lice away! This unique lice fighting tool can be used as a preventative; safe enough to use every day.
  • MagicMousse ($14.99): 99% effective in removing lice and easing nit removal. 
  • MagicBox ($29.99):This kit is the all-in-one way to prevent and eliminate lice. Includes MagicHalo Shampoo, MagicMousse, and the MagicWand for removing nits.
***All Fairy Lice Mothers products will be 15% off in September for Back to School.***