As we write this, we’re in the midst of our fourth nor’easter in so many weeks. It certainly doesn’t FEEL like spring, does it? But cold as it is, this is the BEST time to begin an anti-allergy protocol that should allow you to skate through allergy season unscathed (or at least in better form than in years past). Here Jen offers her springtime allergy prevention protocol. All three are safe for children, except where indicated. What are you waiting for? Start now!

  1. Nettles Quercetin by Oregon’s Wild Harvest. Stinging nettles are itchy when they touch your skin, but when ingested have been shown to promote a healthy immune response to seasonal allergies. Quercetin is among the important flavonoids that fight inflammation in the body, including inflammation related to allergies and asthma. Together they’re allergy prevention gold. Take one on an empty stomach once/day.
  2. Nenningers Naturals Triple Allergy Defense. These homeopathic remedies provide symptom relief of pollen, mold and dust allergies all in one bottle. And they do it all quickly, with no drowsiness and no harmful side effects. Take once daily.
  3. Neti pot. When used properly morning and night, the warm water and salt solution in this little vessel will loosen mucus to relieve congestion and clear out pollen and other allergens. We carry the Nasopure Nasal Wash System, as well as the more traditional net pot, from Ancient Secrets. For basic instructions on using a net pot, click here.
    For children (who may be uncomfortable with the neti pot), use Xlear saline spray twice daily, morning and night. The spray not only moisturizes and soothes irritated sinuses and nasal cavities, but its secret ingredient—xylitol—prevents bacteria and allergens from sticking to nasal tissue.

Bonus tip for allergy sufferers: Put a little Un-Petroleum Jelly on a Q-tip and gently line the nostrils before you go outside—especially if you’ll be out in the woods or if it’s a windy day. The sticky jelly will catch the pollen before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your system.