Here at Rising Tide we’re excited for another year of giving to the amazing charities right here in our own neighborhood.

Year Two of our Charity of the Month program gave us the chance to meet a whole bunch of new people doing heroic work in this community. As the first full year of the program (we launched in April 2017 to honor Earth Day), we were able to donate almost $8,000 to 12 charities. This includes our Holiday Roundup, which benefited two of our favorite local hunger relief organizations: Island Harvest and the North Shore Soup Kitchen (formerly the North Shore INN).

As always, we could not have done this without YOU! The monies for the Charity of the Month originate from our Bring Your Own Bag program, also launched in 2017. The objective: to encourage our customers to bring their reusable bags, lightening our carbon footprint by significantly reducing our use of paper bags. Each time a paper bag is given out, 10 cents is charged to the customer, then donated to our Charity of the Month. Reusable bags are the same—bring in your own bag and 10 cents will be donated to the charity, as well. So…eco-healthy habits are built while our neediest charities are funded. We love this program!

Wanted: New Local Charities
We’re always looking for new local nonprofits to add to our program. If you’re involved with a local charity that you feel would fit within our mission (we prioritize groups that fall into the following categories: children’s health and education, hunger relief, environmental awareness and education, organic and sustainable farming, and animal welfare), please fill out and submit a Request a Donation form on the Rising Tide website.

Thanks again for all you do to help us give so much too so many!