RT Shelves Are Filled with All the Essentials…and Much More

Thanks to some savvy buying on our end, and amazing distributors who move mountains to ensure we receive our essential items, we’ve got everything you need to keep living the healthy lifestyle you count on Rising Tide for. That means organic fruits and vegetables (fresh and frozen), paper products, grains and beans (and yes, we have YEAST!)—we’ve got it all. Plus, as always, we’ve got the carefully vetted, high-quality supplements necessary to keep your immune system strong as we move past COVID and into the future.

And while we are so lucky that our shelves are stocked, we are not currently able to run our monthly sale. Even with a complete assortment of essential items, supplies of other items have been intermittent, which has required us to look to other opportunities for procuring them. This means discounted pricing is not always possible. We are hoping to bring our sale back in the month of June or certainly as supplies allow.