Now you need look no further than your favorite natural foods store for great prices on cases of premium bottled water.

Stock up this summer when it’s HOT and HUMID out there, and the need for really good hydration is a must. While all fluids count toward your total H2O intake (yes, even your morning cold-brew coffee), nothing beats good old fashioned water for keeping you looking and feeling your best on steamy summer days.

  • Mountain Valley Water: 12 1 liter glass bottles, just $24.99

Naturally alkaline, unique blend of minerals, and a remarkably refreshing taste.

  • Waiakea Water: 12 1 liter bottles, $19.99; 24 500ml bottles, $24.99

The first Hawaiian volcanic water…and a certified CarbonNeutral company with its eye on people and the planet.

Look for more great deals on cases of water, coming soon!