Time to Make the Doughnuts (and Cookies and More)

It’s common knowledge…the amount of holiday cheer you’ll enjoy is directly related to the quality of your TREATS! Whatever you celebrate in December, you’ll want to get your hands on some holiday-specific goodies that’ll really make your season bright. You really want your stuff to sparkle? Make them yourself.

Take a cue from Martha herself and keep it simple with this assortment of kitchen-tested recipes. Come into Rising Tide for all your baking staples, including a ton we’ll have on sale this month for the occasion.

Hanukkah Love
It’s Jewish tradition to eat fried foods in commemoration of the miracle of the Temple oil. Two must-haves on the Festival of Lights: Potato Latkes and Jelly Donuts (sufganiyot).

Warming Cocktails
Ensure your guests are nice and toasty; round out your holiday nosh with a festive hot drink (preferably with a fairly serious hit of booze!). Here are some stylishly delicious options from the folks at Saveur.

Whatever you do, and whatever you serve…we hope all your holiday festivities are healthy, safe, and filled with joy!


Vegan Holidays Made Easy

For all our vegan friends out there, we’ve got your back this holiday season! We checked in with Alyson, our Assistant Store Manager (and one of Rising Tide’s resident vegans) to see what ingredients she uses to make all the magic happen for her family on Christmas.

Here are some vegan MUST-HAVES…from Alyson’s holiday table to yours:

If you have any questions about how to “veganize” your traditional holiday favorites, just ask! We have all kinds of ideas for simple swaps that’ll make your holiday meet YOUR needs.


Digestive Support for Your Holiday Feast

Prepping, cooking, cleaning…stressing! It’s easy to get caught up in a Thanksgiving whirlwind that can leave you overwhelmed and run down. Add a huge meal into the mix and you can find yourself with digestive distress and reduced immunity that can really lay you out.

We get it (we’ve been there!), and we’ve got a plan to help you cope better over this Thanksgiving holiday.

Tackle Immune Support

Along with the magic of the holidays comes a healthy dose of added stress. Adequate sleep, a daily meditation or yoga practice, a healthy diet, and a little bit of “me” time can all go a long way toward helping you keep it together this time of year.

A daily probiotic can also mitigate the effects that holiday stress can have on your health, giving you the extra oomph to fight off seasonal colds and flus.  We can’t say enough about Healthy Trinity Probiotics by Natren (and are offering them for 20% off—we’re looking for converts!). Take one or more daily, and eat probiotic rich foods (experts recommend 1-2 tablespoons of raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut with every meal. We love the Hawthorne Valley kraut, available in Original and Turmeric flavors).

Digestion: Before, During and After a Big Meal

Let’s be honest, eating delicious home-cooked foods is a huge part of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Just take it easy. Keeping your eating in check on Thanksgiving is the only foolproof way to feel great at the meal’s end.


Want a little insurance? Take some digestive bitters before your meal. We like Chamomile Digestive Bitters by Urban Moonshine. Available both in travel-friendly spray and tinctures, Chamomile Digestive Bitters are crafted from exceptional blends of certified organic herbs and roots, and have a nice soothing taste. Take before your meal to optimize digestion, or afterwards to relieve heartburn, or soothe gas and bloating.


Another way to optimize digestion of a big meal is to take digestive enzymes with the meal itself.  Enzyme deficiencies can result from factors including age, diet and lifestyle, and can lead to a bunch of uncomfortable symptoms including gas, bloating, indigestion and irregularity. Take 1 or 2 digestive enzymes with your meal for assistance in breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We love (love, LOVE!) DigestGold Enzymes, and we’re offering 20% off in anticipation of our Thanksgiving feasts.


While probiotics can boost immunity anytime, they also make great post-meal curatives. Each Healthy Trinity probiotic capsule contains a minimum of 30 billion colony forming units (cfu) of three super strains of bacteria known to target the gastrointestinal tract. Pop a few of these babies after the big meal and you’ll be yourself again in no time!

When it comes to promoting a sweet night’s sleep, we sip Yogi Kava Stress Relief tea before bed—the Kava calms the body and mind, and we’re hooked on the combo of cinnamon, sarsaparilla and carob flavors. Mmmmmm.

Try not to overeat this thanksgiving. And drink lots of water, especially if you’re having alcohol. (If you drink a little TOO much alcohol, pick up some PartyTime, an herbal hangover treatment that supports the liver and makes for a better morning after).

Here’s to eating AND being merry this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!


Crunch Into History With Heirloom Apples

The history of the apple and human enjoyment goes back thousands of years. Greek literary references mention them at about 800 B.C., while archaeological excavations have dated human related apple remains (um, cores?) back to 6000 B.C. No matter how you slice it, apples have been part of human culture long enough to describe some 17,000 (17,000!) varieties.

Thanks to the efforts of apple enthusiasts everywhere, many of North America’s earliest—or heirloom—apple varieties are still available to us today. And thanks to Bill, our Produce Manager, we’ve got a whole bunch of them here at Rising Tide Market!

While supermarket apples look great (uniformly round and shiny), they often lack in taste. And while heirloom apples sometimes look funky (lumpy, pear-shaped, freckled) they can taste absolutely FANSTASTIC, and boast a complexity flavors that will make you think of the historic apple in a whole new light.

Flavor for Days

Do an experiment. Plan an informal tasting of some of these treasured, old-fashioned apples and you’ll find yourself throwing around words usually reserved for wines: floral, honeyed, spicy, aromatic, tart, crisp, lively flavored…with a dry finish!  It’s the differences among these apples that we should value, as it is their differences that make some great for cider, others for baking, others perfect for snacking all on their own. Bill can tell you which ones are best for each.

Here at Rising Tide, our heirloom apple varieties will change as they become available throughout the season so you’ll be able to try many different kinds.

Some of the HEIRLOOM APPLES in the store today:

Orleans Reinette: An 18th century French apple with great flavor

King David:  Awesome crunch, a little chewy, with a refreshing tart/sweet balance

Cortland: Tart, white flesh and a solid “appley” flavor

Crab Apples: Tiny, sweet and tart with a great crunch

Granny Smith: Tangy-tart, and crunchy

McIntosh: Crimson red with bright white flesh, a pleasant sweetness, and a good crunch

Golden Delicious:  Sweet and fragrant with a crisp flesh…a great all-around apple

(Note: we’ve also got heirloom pears, including the tiny, sweet and lovely Seckel pear and all-around crowd pleasers like the Bartlett.)

By the way, if this sort of thing interests you, there’s a great site called the Heirloom Orchardist (http://heirloomorchardist.typepad.com) that will educate you on everything you ever wanted to know about heirloom apples, including the history of each. Fascinating stuff.

And while everyone has their own favorite way to use apples, we’ve got a little something different for you here: a recipe for an Chunky Almond Fruit Spread, adapted from one by Jenny Sugar at POP Sugar Fitness. This simple-to-make snack is healthy, has just three ingredients, and is perfect for lunchboxes or anytime noshing.

Chunky Almond Fruit Spread

Yield: 4 servings

Total time: 5 minutes


apple| 1 medium

raw almonds| 1/8 cup

orange juice| 1 Tbsp


  1. Remove the core from the apple, and cut into chunks.
  2. Place all ingredients in a high-power blender or food processor, and blend until smooth but slightly chunky — not too long or you’ll have applesauce.
  3. Enjoy on crackers, a rice cake or even another fruit. Store leftovers in the fridge in a sealed container.


The Healthy Lunchbox: Time to Get Creative!

Back to School means back to making school lunches—and the constant search for tasty, HEALTHY lunch items your kids will actually eat (and hopefully even like!).

The days of the traditional lunch (sandwich, fruit, cookie) are waaaay behind us, and most parents we know get super creative when it comes to stocking their little ‘uns lunchboxes. Rising Tide is lunchbox central, with all kinds of great options for even the pickiest kids.

Start in the Deli, where house-made burritos (with cheese or without) or chicken burgers make a perfect main course. Pick up a small thermos and our hearty soups and chili (made fresh daily) can be lunch stars, as well. Roll up some sliced turkey or ham from our meat case (turkey/ham, cheese, apples and honey mustard make a roll-up few kids will argue with).

For a kind of anti-sandwich, we’ve got all kinds of wraps and tortillas (including some g-f) that are the perfect vehicles for quick quesadillas or to encase any tasty leftovers. And don’t forget to hit up our 100% organic produce department, where you’ll find all the fruits and veggies your kids will love (best served, we find, as a kebab or cut into some creative shape. These kids will make you WORK for it!).

When it comes to filling out those lunchboxes, we’ve also got a ton of great kid-friendly snacks –many on sale for September—wholesome enough for you and yummy enough that your kids won’t toss them out.

  • Lilly’s Classic Hummus & Crackers $3.99
  • Annie’s Organic Snack Mix and Cheddar Snack Mix 2/$6
  • Veggie Go Fruit & Veggie Strips $1.69/each
  • Peeled Snacks (Apple, Mango, and Paradise Blend) 3/$7 (sale ends Sept. 11)
  • Quinoa puffs from I Heart Keenwah, in Truffle, Herb, and Cheddar flavors 2/$5 (sale ends Sept. 11)
  • Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bars (Dark Chocolate flavor) $2.89/box
  • Organic Valley Stringles Mozzarella or Cheddar Sticks: $4.29 for 6
  • Larabar Fruit and Nut Bars 5/$5
  • Justin’s Snack Packs: Nut butter/pretzel packs come in Almond butter, Maple Almond Butter, and Chocolate Hazelnut butter 2/$3
  • Skinny Pop Singles $.99/bag **everyday low price**

Truly, the options are endless for stocking a nutritious, delicious lunch. (make sure you’re thinking sufficiently out of the box…even breakfast can make a great lunch!) Get a vibe on your kid’s needs and wants, then come on in. We’ve got you covered.








Introducing, Your Favorite New Chip

Holy guacamole! It’s time to check out a new chip.

When we first tried Forager Organic Vegetable Chips, we were bowled over. And when we realized they were made using only fresh pressed veggies (the byproduct of making cold pressed juices), ancient and sprouted grains, and a touch of sea salt, we thought…that’s genius! Why waste all that nutrient-rich vegetable pulp when you can make it into a super healthy, 100% organic, non-GMO, great tasting, undeniably crunchy (and pleasantly addictive) chip?

We were hooked.

All three flavors are awesome: Greens (Kale, cucumber, spinach, fennel, parsley, etc.), Roots (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, ginger) and Beets (beets, kale, cucumber, basil, etc.). But it’s the Greens flavor that’s flying off the shelves as quickly as we can stock them. They’re THAT good.

Like a tall glass of juice (without the juice).


When Moo is Moot: We’re Going Nuts for Macadamia Milk

It used to be if you were dairy free (allergic, intolerant, vegan, or your own unique combo), you were out of luck in the milk department. Today, we have entire shelves dedicated to alternative milks, each with its own set of dedicated fans. So no matter you’re dairy status, you are in (a great deal of) luck.

At Rising Tide, our new favorite alternative milk is macadamia milk. It’s got all the benefits of the magnificent macadamia nut—tons of manganese, Vit E and zinc for squashing free radicals; omega-3 and monounsaturated fats for heart health; and a rich, creaminess that’s hard to find in other nut milks (if you ever eat macadamia nuts, you’ll know what we mean…the texture is just…mmm).

Milkadamia Milk macadamia milk hails from the eastern coast of Australia (the original home of the macadamia nut), from nuts grown on the family-owned Jindilli Farms. With abundant rainfall, loads of sunshine, fertile soil and low-impact farming, these nuts have the life! And you can taste it in the milk.

Available in Original and Unsweetened, Milkadamia Milk is everything you look for in a nut milk: dairy free, soy free, GMO-free and carrageenan-free. It’s particularly good steamed in a latte, blended into your favorite smoothie, soup or pudding, or simply chilled in a glass. With milk this good, you’ll never miss the dairy.



The Many Reasons to Love Cacao Nibs

If you haven’t tried Cacao Nibs, you don’t know what you’re missing. With the crunch of a nut, but the satisfying mouthfeel of chocolate, nibs are bits of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao bean (essentially the least processed and most natural form of chocolate). They’re packed with fiber, have free radical (anti- cancer) fighting properties, and have been shown to help prevent heart disease. These nutritional powerhouses are like superfoods on steroids!

Plus, it turns out Cacao Nibs are extremely versatile. Our favorite way to enjoy them is in a smoothie. Rising Tide features Raw Cacao Nibs in two of our yummiest smoothie creations; The Betterfinger (better than a Butterfinger!) and The Boss (named after the man, the legend, Rising Tide founder and owner Jerry Farrell).Try them once–you’ll be hooked.

At home, swap Raw Cacao Nibs for sprinkles on ice cream or cupcakes, bake them into granola or cookies, or use in savory dishes like this salad from Chef Michael Chiarello http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/michael-chiarello/mixed-green-salad-with-whole-citrus-vinaigrette-recipe.html. And there’s certainly no harm in just snacking on them. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

We’ve got Raw Cacao Nibs for a great price in Rising Tide’s bulk section. At $12.99/lb., they’re $5/lb. less expensive than the packaged kind. Pick some up, get creative, then let us know YOUR favorite way to use them.

New to Bulk: Alternative Flours for Baking

We recently renovated our entire Bulk department with an eye toward serving your needs. That’s right–we listened to you and our other customers about the items you use most in your kitchens, and those that you wanted to save money (and packaging) on. And voila, our new Bulk section was born, featuring a bunch of items that are brand new (and pretty exciting, if you ask us!).

Probably the biggest change we made to our Bulk offerings was to add in those items—Organic Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour and Organic Coconut Sugar—that let gluten-free and Paleo diet followers bake their own treats and snack foods without breaking the bank. Buying whole foods, baking your own healthy snacks, and making meals from scratch is healthier for you and your family, and with just the tiniest bit of web research you’ll find hundreds of easy recipes out there that are quick, nutritious and delicious (you won’t miss the wheat!)

Some of the best sites we’ve come across for kitchen tested (this is key!) G-F and Paleo recipes include:







We also tested one terrific coconut flour recipe right here in the Rising Tide kitchen, with great results:

When working with Coconut Flour, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Coconut flour is super absorbent, so you’ll need less flour than when using traditional wheat flours. The general rule of thumb: use 1/4-1/3 of a cup of coconut flour in place of 1 cup of grain-based flour.
  2. Because it’s more dense than wheat flours, adding extra moisture is necessary. Doubling or tripling the eggs in your favorite recipes adds the requisite moisture to ensure baked goods remain moist and delicious.
  3. Besides eggs, other things that help with binding include sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. Flax, chia, guar gum and xanthan gum can also be helpful as they develop an egg-like consistency when mixed with liquid. One tablespoon of ground flax seeds soaked in 3 tablespoons of water can replace 1 egg, and just a little bit of the gums can add an extra binding element that mimics gluten.

And here are a couple of tips for baking with Almond Flour, adapted from Danielle Walker’s site, Against All Grain (http://www.againstallgrain.com):

  1. The finer the grind, the better your baked goods will turn out. On the flip side, the coarser the flour, the grainier the texture of your treats.
  2. Nut flours burn easily. You’ll be using a lower baking temperature and longer time than you would use with a normal wheat flour recipe. Keep a close eye on your baked goods though, because all ovens heat differently.
  3. Almond flour is DEFINITELY less expensive if you BUY IT IN BULK. You can store flour in your refrigerator for a month and your freezer for 6-8 months. If you store in the freezer, just remove the portion you need for your recipe and let thaw at room temperature for 30 minutes.
  4. Almond Meal is different than Almond Flour. Almond Meal is ground almonds with the skin ON, while Almond Flour is blanched almonds with the skin REMOVED. In other words, the Almond Flour is more finely ground, and ideal for making, say, a fluffy cake, that is not terribly forgiving.

Good luck baking with your alternative flours. If you make something fantastic, reach out to us on Facebook!