Back to School means back to making school lunches—and the constant search for tasty, HEALTHY lunch items your kids will actually eat (and hopefully even like!).

The days of the traditional lunch (sandwich, fruit, cookie) are waaaay behind us, and most parents we know get super creative when it comes to stocking their little ‘uns lunchboxes. Rising Tide is lunchbox central, with all kinds of great options for even the pickiest kids.

Start in the Deli, where house-made burritos (with cheese or without) or chicken burgers make a perfect main course. Pick up a small thermos and our hearty soups and chili (made fresh daily) can be lunch stars, as well. Roll up some sliced turkey or ham from our meat case (turkey/ham, cheese, apples and honey mustard make a roll-up few kids will argue with).

For a kind of anti-sandwich, we’ve got all kinds of wraps and tortillas (including some g-f) that are the perfect vehicles for quick quesadillas or to encase any tasty leftovers. And don’t forget to hit up our 100% organic produce department, where you’ll find all the fruits and veggies your kids will love (best served, we find, as a kebab or cut into some creative shape. These kids will make you WORK for it!).

When it comes to filling out those lunchboxes, we’ve also got a ton of great kid-friendly snacks –many on sale for September—wholesome enough for you and yummy enough that your kids won’t toss them out.

  • Lilly’s Classic Hummus & Crackers $3.99
  • Annie’s Organic Snack Mix and Cheddar Snack Mix 2/$6
  • Veggie Go Fruit & Veggie Strips $1.69/each
  • Peeled Snacks (Apple, Mango, and Paradise Blend) 3/$7 (sale ends Sept. 11)
  • Quinoa puffs from I Heart Keenwah, in Truffle, Herb, and Cheddar flavors 2/$5 (sale ends Sept. 11)
  • Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bars (Dark Chocolate flavor) $2.89/box
  • Organic Valley Stringles Mozzarella or Cheddar Sticks: $4.29 for 6
  • Larabar Fruit and Nut Bars 5/$5
  • Justin’s Snack Packs: Nut butter/pretzel packs come in Almond butter, Maple Almond Butter, and Chocolate Hazelnut butter 2/$3
  • Skinny Pop Singles $.99/bag **everyday low price**

Truly, the options are endless for stocking a nutritious, delicious lunch. (make sure you’re thinking sufficiently out of the box…even breakfast can make a great lunch!) Get a vibe on your kid’s needs and wants, then come on in. We’ve got you covered.