We’re almost there; we’ve already had our “false fall” where we got our first glimpse of cooler temps, and as school begins and new routines are implemented, we start to feel the warm, laid-back beauty of summer begin to fade. But it’s not over yet! Summer is officially still summer until September 22. Spend the next few weeks checking off your summer wish list items, while also preparing for a successful transition to fall.

Find a body of water. We are blessed in Long Island to be surrounded by water. Make the most of it! Whether it’s a lake, an ocean, a river, or something else, take the plunge. Go fishing, swimming, hop on a paddle board or into a kayak. Take a boat ride; one of our favorites is the ferry to Fire Island, but a short ride on a Port Washington Water Taxi can do the trick, as well.

Try something new. There’s still time to take a detour from the usual to try something you’ve always meant to. Beach yoga? Learn a second language? Take a day trip to an interesting new town? A cooking class? Whatever strikes your curiosity, lean into it this September.

Visit a farmers market. Take advantage of our proximity to local markets while they last. The produce this time of year is remarkable, and dinner made with late-summer ingredients from the local farmers market is simply unbeatable. Click here for some clean, easy to prepare recipes using some of the season’s shining stars.

Go camping. Few things lend themselves to as many late-summer activities as camping. Hiking…check. Kayaking…..check. Grilling….check. S’mores…check. Stargazing….you guessed it….check. Did you know two of the best campgrounds in NY State are located right here on LI? Or if glamping is more your scene, you can enjoy the outdoors in style, right in NYC.

Start a gratitude practice. And do it now before the days get shorter (and you lose the light earlier). You don’t have to get fancy; just jotting down a few things each day that you’re grateful for can help you have a positive outlook and guard against depression.

Do any of these suggestions resonate with you? If not, that’s ok! Just get outside and do the things you love and you’ll have no regrets once sweater season is upon us.