At Rising Tide, we’ve been juicing for as long as we can remember. Then Jerry and Ashley went to Denmark last fall and fell in love with a new kind of juicing—concentrated health shots, bursting with nutrition in a super compact package.

These shots tasted—and made them feel—GREAT (you’ve gotta love the Danes!) and plans to bring them to Rising Tide were under way. Our resident health mixologist (A.K.A. Brian) concocted three SuperShots power packed with Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatories and Immunity Boosters like GINGER, TURMERIC, BEET, CAYENNE, ORANGE, LIME, APPLE and PEAR—each one delicious, 100% Organic, and a mighty addition to a wholesome, whole foods diet.

Choose from these pure SuperShots of vitality at Rising Tide Market:

  • Sweet ‘n Hot SuperShot: beet, ginger, apple & lemon
  • Hot A.F. (hot and fabulous) SuperShot: turmeric, ginger, orange juice, lemon juice and cayenne pepper
  • Serenity Now! SuperShot: turmeric, pear, carrot & lime

Throw one back today. You’ll be happy you did! Now available in the Deli case. $3.99-$4.99/2oz shot.