Like all good things, Coastal Craft Kombucha’s humble beginnings were driven by a passion for creativity and a love for food and health. Rachel Rappa (along with co-owner Daryn Stoger) founded Coastal Craft after falling in love with the health benefits of kombucha and deciding it was something that could fuel her entrepreneurial dreams. After an hour-long “DIY Kombucha” class, Rachel went home to brew up her first batches in her parents’ home kitchen.

Co-owner Daryn Stoger parlayed a background in cocktail bartending and an I-can-fix-it mentality into his current career as Coastal Craft Kombucha’s Head Brewer; if you’re already enjoying Coastal Craft, it’s him you can thank for your healthy gut and happy taste buds.

Rachel and Daryn share the belief that health and enjoyment can—and more importantly, should—go hand in hand.  Using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients and honoring authentic brewing methods, they set out to produce a handcrafted kombucha that’s good for you and incredibly delicious. We were lucky enough to chat with these local booch makers to find out what inspires them and why kombucha makes a great holiday gift.

RT: What sets Coastal Craft Kombucha  products apart from other kombucha on the market?
CCK: At Coastal Craft we focus on quality and flavor from start to finish.  Instead of using a standard base of teas and just adding juices for flavor, we utilize multiple different teas, herbs, flowers, spices, whole fruits and fresh-pressed juices throughout different stages of the process in order to craft flavors that are distinctly different from one another.  As a result, our line of Kombucha offers a unique and highly enjoyable set of flavors.

RT: How would you describe the role kombucha can play for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle?
CCK: Kombucha is first and foremost a real food that contains naturally occurring probiotics, B and C vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants. Some of the reasons to drink Coastal Craft Kombucha include its ability to aid digestion, boost immunity and metabolism, naturally energize, detoxify the body, and fight off free radicals.

RT: When you’re not sipping on booch… what are you loving to eat/drink right now? What are your go-to’s?
CCK: We’re both food and beverage enthusiasts and health nuts. These days, we’re loving Bulletproof Coffee roasted, brewed and served by our neighbors at ByGood Coffee in Oceanside; TONIC Bare CBD (we’ve experienced and fallen in love with the benefits of CBD!);  hydrating with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water; and, for a sweet treat, Unreal Almond Butter Cups.

RT: What’s one FUN thing most people don’t know about Coastal Craft Kombucha? 
CCK: Our first batch was brewed in a one-gallon jar in Rachel’s bedroom.  Rachel named it “Behind the Bed Booch”.

RT: What’s the latest from Coastal Craft? Anything new and exciting in the pipeline? 
CCK: Our Winter Seasonal Flavor is in the works and it’s unlike any other flavor we have done before…stay tuned!

RT: What’s your favorite way to use Coastal Craft Kombucha during the holidays? And does it make a good gift? 
CCK: We love to bring Coastal Craft Kombucha into the holiday season because of how it helps us stay naturally energized, ward off seasonal colds, and detoxify our bodies after some unavoidable and well-deserved indulgence!  Whether you drink it on its own or use it as a cocktail mixer, you can’t go wrong.  Coastal Craft Kombucha makes a great gift because it’s brewed with the intention for everyone to enjoy it. What better gift than one that offers health and enjoyment?