If you’re looking for a healthy, great-tasting way to hydrate when the temperatures climb, look no further than Coconut Water.

The clear liquid found inside a young, green coconut, coconut water is the most popular beverage in many tropical countries where it’s used treat a variety of health conditions, especially those that are digestion-related (constipation, stomach flu, intestinal worms—even dysentery.) (Note: pregnant women also use it to ease nausea and constipation; nursing moms to boost the immune boosting properties of their milk!)

The primary reason most Americans love their coconut water—besides its low calorie count (46 per serving) and its lightly sweet, refreshing taste— is its ability to HYDRATE. Coconut water contains 600 mg of potassium per serving (12% DV), along with magnesium, sodium and calcium, all important electrolytes necessary to maintain blood volume and heart health, and to prevent dehydration. Maintaining adequate electrolyte levels can also help reduce fatigue, stress, and reduce muscle tension. (Who couldn’t use that?!)

Feeling Good Hydration
It’s the hydration effect that makes coconut water a great post-workout alternative to most sports drinks. One study showed that while water, sports drinks and coconut water all have similar rehydrating effects, the coconut water made participants feel less full, have less stomach upset and feel less nauseous than the other drinks—even regular bottled water. Plus coconut water is only about 4.5% carbohydrates whereas traditional sports drinks can contain 6-8% carb concentration— this makes coconut water a great choice athletes trying to watch their sugar intake after a workout (not to mention their need to avoid the artificial colors and flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and caffeine found in most commercial sports drinks…yuck!).

For most casual exercisers, coconut water—sometimes referred to as Nature’s Gatorade—is a great low-sugar, post-workout hydration choice. (Note: Some long-distance endurance athletes may need more specialized products that contain more sodium and carbs.)

When shopping for coconut water, look for those that are 100% coconut water, NOT from concentrate, with no added sugars. We’ve got a whole bunch here at Rising Tide Market, all vetted for both taste and quality of product. Try adding some to your morning smoothie, or drink whenever you need a hydration boost. The taste will win you over; the way you feel will keep you hooked.