The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor (CSHH) is a volunteer, nonprofit organization, founded in 1986. CSHH is dedicated to identifying and eliminating environmental threats to Hempstead Harbor and surrounding communities. Our objective is to advance the public interest in protecting and restoring our local environment to its full ecological and economic potential. Currently, CSHH has been involved in a year-long Habitat Restoration project in Glenwood Landing and also organizes several “cleanups” throughout the year.  Most recently, CSHH sponsored an Earth Day press conference and rally to oppose offshore seismic blasting and oil and gas drilling.

The fundamental force behind CSHH’s efforts is the belief that concerned and informed citizens can make a difference in events that shape the future. They seek to increase awareness of environmental issues and promote greater appreciation of the local environment. Most importantly, the public is encouraged to participate in local conservation issues.