We are pleased to introduce you to our November Charity of the Month: North Shore Sheltering Program.

Twenty-two years ago, two homeless men—in separate incidents—froze to death in Glen Cove. It was this double tragedy that brought religious and community leaders together to found the North Shore Sheltering Program, housed every year since in the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove.

A Hot Meal and a Safe Place to Stay
The volunteer-based North Shore Sheltering Program provides homeless men with food and shelter in the winter months (from late November through March). Every evening from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., the program accepts up to 25 men a night (they have had 30 on some bitter cold winter nights), and allows them to see a nurse, have a hot, nutritious supper, sleep in new sleeping bags, watch television, read, talk with counselors, and have access to a shower. Hot meals and supplies are all donated by local organizations.

The mission of the program is simple and one we are very proud to support: No man will ever freeze to death again on the streets of Glen Cove.