In honor of Heart Month, we’ve compiled a quick primer on some of the healthiest ways to regulate your body’s cholesterol levels.

1. Ubiquinol. If you’re on a statin (like 25% of American adults) you must take ubiquinol—the form of CoQ10 your body uses for energy production—to add back the CoQ10 the statins have depleted. If you don’ take a statin, you’re also in luck: there is evidence to show that ubiquinol can raise levels of good, HDL cholesterol and lower some of the biomarkers that are risk factors for heart disease. We like Ubiquinol by Bluebonnet. Available at Rising Tide Every Day Low Prices.

2. Wiley’s Finest Omega 3 with Plant Sterols. For those with a sensitivity to statins, or who have tried without success to use red yeast rice to control cholesterol, we’ve got the thing for you. Wiley’s Finest Omega 3 with Plant Sterols is a fantastic choice for promoting healthy cholesterol levels. Unlike other plant sterol products on the market made with corn and/or soy, Wiley’s are made from non-GMO North American pine tree sterols. All Wiley’s products are third-party tested from the boat to the shelf, and Wiley’s standards and methodology are beyond reproach. Fished in Alaska and manufactured in Ohio, Wiley’s Finest products are American through and through.
This and all Wiley’s Finest products are available at Rising Tide Every Day Low Prices.

 3. Citrus Bergamot. There are some remarkable studies confirming the efficacy of this cholesterol product. It’s all about the flavanols! Bergamot can be used in conjunction with the Wiley’s Omega 3 with Plant Sterols, or as a complement to statins. Research has also credited bergamot with raising good cholesterol, removing fatty deposits in the liver, and lowering blood sugar levels.
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