Stress this time of year is as ubiquitous as tinsel, cranberries and shelf elves. Whether it’s anxiety about your growing to-do list, worrying about the money you’re spending on gifts and festivities, or stress about time spent with family members that always, ALWAYS get under your skin, the reasons for experiencing extra stress in December are many. But so can be your ways of coping.

Meditate, exercise, take hot baths, and get plenty of sleep. In addition to the self-care, look to natural medicine to guide the way through the maze of holiday stressors. Here are the top 3 we recommend when you’re feeling overwrought, overburdened and overextended:

1. Adrenal Health Daily Support, by Gaia Herbs.  Think of this as your “happy pill” for the holidays. Chronic stress can tax your adrenal glands, and affect your body’s ability to heal. Support in the form of a powerful combination of herbs (Holy Basil for emotional wellbeing; milky oats for relief of day-to-day tension, and adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda to promote optimal energy) will take you through the hectic pace of life this time of year. Take two; you should start to feel the calming effects right away.

2. L-Theanine: This amino acid—a derivative of green tea—is a natural stress reliever. Taken once or twice a day, it can have a calming, sedative effect on the body and mind without making you feel drowsy. The Natural Factors L-theanine product also contains magnesium, which enhances it’s power to invoke tranquility.


GABA: This neurotransmitter plays a role in mitigating stress by reducing the activity of nerve cells in the nervous system. Often prescribed for ADHD, as well, it can help you focus and takes the edge off your holiday anxiety.  Try Pharma GABA chewable tablets, by Natural Factors. **On sale this month!**

3. Rescue Remedy by Bach: Whether in drop or spray form, Reduce Remedy—made from five different flower remedies, each playing a different role—is a tried-and-true path to immediate relief from stressful occasions. Take 4 drops directly on the tongue, or apply two sprays onto the tongue.