Rising Tide Owes Staff and Customers a Debt of Gratitude

We can honestly say without the tiniest bit of hesitation that we would not be able to carry on serving our community in the way we are without our caring, generous, hardworking, dedicated team of employees. Each time we thought we might not be able to meet customer demand, one of our amazing staff members would step up and overdeliver with high energy, teamwork, and can-do-attitudes that more than once brought tears to our eyes. We are indebted to you— the superstar Rising Tide team—and we feel so very lucky to have you.

And then there are our loyal, inspiring customers. From Mark, who donated and erected our tent to keep your groceries out of the rain, to the schoolchildren, showering us with thank you cards, to the hundreds of texts and social media posts we’ve received from customers expressing their gratitude, our daily efforts are fueled by the compassion and generosity of spirit of those that call this amazing community home. We can’t express enough how much those little gestures mean to us, and how they’ve gotten us through tough spots and down days. We are humbled by your generosity and your gratitude.