NEW: RT Broth Bar

Bone broth has been touted far and wide for its many health benefits. Better hair and nails? Check. Increased immunity? Check. Reduced joint pain/inflammation? Check. Improved digestion and a healthier gut? Check, check.

Now the healing power of bone broth can be yours every day of the week at Rising Tide Market. Our customers are over the moon for our NEW RT Broth Bar, which features Hormone- and Antibiotic-free Chicken Bone Broth every day, along with an Organic Mushroom Broth option for our vegan friends. Add-ins are free (have it your way!), and include Organic Ginger, Organic Turmeric, Organic Scallions and more. As the cold weather creeps in, our Broth Bar will be the one place you want to be. See you there…



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