The Rising Tide Grateful Card has successfully entered its second phase with greater functionality and customized rewards for our amazing customers (for whom we are so very GRATEFUL!). Come into the store today to enroll in the program and receive these valuable rewards:

  • Grateful Card Coupons: As you accumulate points in your Grateful Card account, you’ll receive bi-monthly, hassle-free “Grateful For You” e-coupons through your email. Why hassle-free? You won’t ever need to present the coupon or have it scanned from your phone; when you qualify for a coupon it will automatically appear in our system and we’ll tell you about it at checkout after your Grateful Card is scanned. The more you spend, the more valuable your coupon will be. It’s that simple.
    Spend $200-$600 in two months: Receive a 10% coupon
    Spend $601-$1000 in two months: Receive a 15% coupon
    Spend $1001+ in two months: Receive a 20% coupon

(Note: it’s important you scan your card every time, so that every point you earn finds its way into your account.)

  • Birthday Coupon: Check with our cashiers to be sure we have your birthdate in our system.
  • Social Media Coupon: Be on the lookout for targeted emails to share on your social media platforms. Share and receive a coupon for $2 off a $10 purchase. (You’ll receive your coupon the day after you share.)
  • Digital Juice/Smoothie Card: Buy 10 16 oz. Juices or Smoothies and the 11th one is on us. No need to carry your card around; we’ll have it all in our system.
  • Senior Discount (65 and older): 5% off entire purchase at every visit.
  • Supplement Discount: 20% off Rising Tide brand supplements at every visit.

We’re so excited to be sending out your Grateful Card rewards! You deserve it!