Mateen Pouyafar and his mother, Bita, launched Superseed Snacks to offer a healthy alternative to existing snacks and bring attention back to seeds, the root of all food. By focusing on seeds, they want us to remember where our food comes from, and that so much of it starts with the humble seed! We are so happy to have these uber-healthy snack bars at Rising Tide, and to learn from Mateen how they came to be.

RT: What is the Superseed Snacks mission?
SS: We make seed-based foods with raw ingredients. We believe the less processed our food is, the healthier it is for us. We also believe in transparency. What you see written on the front wrapper is backed up by basic ingredients and nothing more. In addition to providing health-conscious consumers with a nutritious, delicious snack bar, we want to bring back the tradition of seed saving and encourage people to grow anything!

RT: What sets Superseed Snacks products apart from other bars on the market?
SS: Oh, so much! We insist on a process that only includes raw and organic ingredients. Also, I’m really proud of the fact that we mostly use hemp seeds in our products and are allergen friendly. Our maple syrup comes from a family farm in Upstate NY. And most importantly, Superseed Snacks taste really good!

RT: What’s the latest from Superseed Snacks? Anything new and exciting in the pipeline? 
SS: Yes, so much. We are in the process of rebranding and changing our name to ‘Seedly’. Also, look out for seed butter, seed yogurt, and seed milk coming soon.

RT: How would you describe the role hemp plays for those pursuing a clean, healthy lifestyle? 
SS: I think hemp embodies clean and healthy in every way. Hemp seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. It’s the most complete source of plant protein available and is filled with essential amino acids like omega 3 and 6. It’s also important to understand where our food comes from when we talk about clean and healthy. Hemp is a plant that can be grown and harvested locally almost anywhere in the world and helps regenerate the soil. Hemp as a whole plant has many other uses, too, including textiles, building materials, and medicine.

RT: How has the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill affected your ability to do business?
SS: It’s definitely opened up many opportunities which most businesses take for granted…things like opening bank accounts and contracting local farmers. It’s also helping change the stigma around hemp.

RT: When you’re not noshing on organic hemp seed bars… what are you loving to eat right now?
This might sound basic, but fruits and vegetables are my go-to. I love waking up in the morning and having fruit for breakfast. Rice bowls are fun, too. You can use any grains and top with cooked or raw veggies and seeds with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon. I love making homemade bread/pizza too. Back to the basics!

RT: What’s your favorite recipe using the Superseed Crumble?
SS: Classic go-to would be on top of yogurt or ice cream. It’s like having dessert as a meal and not feeling guilty about it! One morning recently I was making oatmeal and thought I’d see what would happen if I added some [Superseed] crumble. I threw in like half a bag of ginger chai and it was so amazing. I was very happy.

RT: What is one FUN thing most people don’t know about  Superseed Snacks?
All our products are made by hand with love in our dedicated seed kitchen. And we’re always blasting music while we work.  Everyone touching our bars is basking in high vibrations of Love & Joy.  It’s our company policy.

RT: Rising Tide loves local. What has it been like to start and run a company in New York State?
It’s a great place to start a business because the community is so large. There are so many food startups right now and everyone has been friendly. Also, having Manhattan in your backyard is great. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

 RT: So many in this community dream of starting their own business. What’s your best piece of advice for launching a successful local biz?
SS: I’ll refer back to what my grandfather told me. Start slow and steady. Invest as little money as possible and as much time as possible. Let the people you serve dictate your growth.