June is Men’s Health Month — time for men you know and love to assess their health routines and see where positive changes can be made. Where to start? Choose supplements specifically geared toward health issues that only men will face. Our resident Wellness Guru, Jen, offers up her top picks for all those amazing men who want to live in optimal health.

  1. New Chapter’s Every Man’s One Daily. It all starts with a great multi. Every Man One’s Daily is a whole food based multivitamin, featuring fermented vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible and easily assimilated by the body. Jen likes the addition of Elderberry (plus Eleuthero and Astragalus) for enhanced immune function.
  2. Life Extension’s Ultra Prostate Formula. Whatever the state of your prostate, this is one to add to your daily routine. This product does it all: promotes healthy prostate function, supports normal urine flow, inhibits excess estrogen, and supports a healthy inflammation response, all while helping maintain healthy PSA levels.
  3. Nature’s Plus Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder. If your man’s boosting his smoothie with product that isn’t serving him, it might be time for a new protein powder. The Nature’s Plus Pumpkin Seed powder is packed with 15g of protein per serving and the great-tasting pumpkin seeds (and beneficial fatty acids) shown to promote prostate health.