This month we celebrate our right to make the kinds of non-GMO choices that influence retailers and food manufacturers, and ultimately, our food supply. Non-GMO month at Rising Tide allows us to showcase our favorite Non-GMO Project Verified companies and the products that make them so special.

Take the Challenge 
What better time to make Non-GMO part of YOUR healthy lifestyle? The Non-GMO Project has created a program to get you started. The Non-GMO Challenge, established in 2012, is a monthlong experience that empowers shoppers, brands and grocery stores to support the right to know what’s in our food. Take the challenge and tailor it to your own particular goals. Maybe you pledge to eat only non-GMO snacks, or to eat one completely non-GMO meal each day. Maybe you go all in and vow to eat non-GMO the whole month long. Get creative; there are as many ways to pledge as there are eco-conscious consumers like you.

Whatever your pledge, be happy in the knowledge that you are driving change around the world! You’ll also be entered to win a non-GMO DreamBox filled with non-GMO Project Verified goodies, thoughtfully created by our friends at the Non-GMO Project.

Take the Non-GMO Challenge this month. Here’s how:

1. Make your Non-GMO Pledge and encourage friends, families, coworkers and others to join you.
2. Post a photo of yourself to social media and state your pledge in the caption. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #nongmochallenge.
3. Complete your entry on to be entered to win a Non-GMO Dreambox and other big prizes.
4. Click here for further details.

Look for the butterfly when shopping, as it will always lead you to a non-GMO Project Verified company and product!