Those of you who are true connoisseurs already know that July is National Ice Cream Month (yay!), and July 15 is National Ice Cream Day (double yay!). We have President Reagan to thank for this most creamy of holidays, as it was during his tenure that Congress passed a joint resolution inaugurating the day and the month, and signed it into law on July 2, 1984.

At Rising Tide, we love our ice cream, especially when it’s organic and made from minimal ingredients (like grandma used to make!). Two of our favorites are ON SALE for the occasion. If you’re not going to make your own, you cannot lose with one of these:

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream: Classic American ice cream made with hormone-free cream and milk, organic fruit and no ingredients you need a science degree to decipher. Clean and amazing and one of our all-time faves. (Available in: vanilla bean, mint chip, vanilla chocolate swirl and chocolate chocolate chip). Reg. $8.99, ON SALE $7.49/48 oz

Slim Twin Organic Ice Cream: With 24g of protein and just 240-320 calories/pint, organic Slim Twin ice cream is a cleaner, greener answer to those other low-cal, high-protein frozen desserts. (Available in: vanilla, mint chip, chocolate, mint chip, cookies and cream). Reg. $5.79, ON SALE $3.99/pint