If you’re like most of us, you’ve been hearing a great deal lately from friends, family and the news about Cannabidiol, or CBD.  Might CBD be for you?  If you’re a science person, you may have noticed that much of the research being done on the benefits of CBD has been done overseas. Until now, that is. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp farming here in the U.S., and ushered in a new era for CBD. Today, the sky’s the limit for research and potential uses for CBD, and we are beyond excited to see what this next stage will mean for natural health advocates and consumers alike.

Click here and here for additional background information on CBD and its potential uses.

One point that cannot be disputed…CBD is HOT! Products claiming to contain CBD oil are everywhere you look, even your local gas station. How can you know if you’re actually getting what they are purporting to sell? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved CBD products–leaving them largely unregulated–and companies that manufacture and sell CBD products have a great deal of liberty as to what they can put on (and leave off) their labels. As a result, many products either contain far less CBD than the label states, can contain myriad fillers, or aren’t CBD-infused at all.

Put Your Trust in Us
As a community leader in health and wellness, Rising Tide is committed to offering only agricultural hemp-derived CBD items from highly reputable companies, carefully vetted by our wellness and grocery experts with input from other independent natural food retailers in our INFRA co-op.

Here, you can experience CBD in various ways. First, we have CBD supplements, including those from CV Sciences, a nationally recognized pioneer in CBD supplements. Other CBD brands we carry include Green Gorilla, made from certified organic hemp; Medterra, and Upstate Elevator. (Check out these sites for dozens upon dozens of consumer reviews praising the positive effects of CBD.) Unlike products you’d find in a vape shop, all our CBD is 100% transparent, traceable from seed to shelf. In addition, every product you’ll find here makes available to consumers COAs (Certificates of Analysis) that indicate precisely what’s in their products.

In addition to the supplements, we carry CBD beverages, organic CBD kombucha, and organic chocolates made with CBD. Lastly, in our Health & Beauty department, we have soothing bath bombs and lotions made with CBD and essential oils.

Speak with our knowledgeable Wellness staff; they will share what they know about CBD, and how it’s helped so many of our customers. This is a great time to see what CBD can do for you. **Our entire line of CV Sciences products is ON SALE throughout June.**

Note: As with any other holistic approach, it can take time to see results with CBD preparations. While some will have instant results, for others it will take time to establish a baseline and see significant changes.