Rising Tide Deli

Delicious, organic foods, crafted with the same ingredients you use at home

Rising Tide deli is NOT your average deli.

Filled to the brim each day with delicious, healthy and organic prepared foods, the Deli at the Rising Tide Market is a health conscious eater’s dream.

All the chicken and turkey we use in the deli is antibiotic free (oven-roasted chicken is also organic) and much of the produce is organic. We use only organic safflower oil and organic olive oil in our dressings. Our beef is grass-fed, our salmon is organic, and our tuna is wild caught, dolphin safe and BPA-free. And while we aren’t 100% organic, we are 100% transparent about what is and isn’t organic. Ask at the Deli for our list of organic ingredients to be certain that what you’re getting meets your needs.

Speaking of dietary needs, at Rising Tide we are dedicated to meeting the changing nutritional requirements and culinary tastes of our customers. Come check us out; 80% of our menu items are made with products that don’t contain gluten, and we have lots of protein options for our vegetarians and vegan friends. Our soups rotate every day, and are filled with nourishing, organic ingredients. The burgers are wildly popular (and freeze great, so perfect to prepare in a pinch). A Deli favorite introduced by Chef John is the Crab Cakes—moist, comforting and hearty and made with sustainable lump crabmeat, they are consistently one of our top-selling items.

We know you like a different, delicious, healthy lunch every day, and so do we! Weekday Hot Lunch plates (always including a vegan option) at the RT Deli are:

Monday: Meatball Monday
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday
Wednesday: Chili Bowl Wednesday 
Thursday: Kung Pao Thursday 
Friday: Mediterranean Friday 

Grab and Go Salads
Don’t have time to wait? Now your favorite Rising Tide salads are pre-packaged and ready to fly, conveniently located in the refrigerated case in front of the Deli. Offerings will change seasonally; at present we have:
* Tuna Salad
* Chicken Salad
* Macaroni Salad
* Jalapeño Potato Salad
* Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad

And don’t forget our famous RT Hummus! Loaded with organic chickpeas and garlic and available every day to Grab and Go. 

Organic Juices & Smoothies
Don’t miss our organic Juice & Smoothie Bar. Customers can choose from the Deli’s menu, or mix and match to create their own concoctions. Don’t know what you want? Ask our Deli staff; they are the masters, and happy to recommend some of the tastier “off the menu” items.

(By the way, if there is anything you don’t see in our Deli case that you would like to, just ask; our menu is constantly evolving due to creative and seasonal inspiration—and suggestions from customers like you.)

Standards Like No Other

Unlike most other delis you might shop at, where the food LOOKS as fresh and healthy as ours, at Rising Tide we are deeply committed to using the same quality of ingredients you would use to cook at home. Maintaining our standards for freshness and quality of ingredients has always been our No. 1 objective.

Whether you’re here to pick up breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll find fresh, nutritious and delicious food, thoughtfully conceived, and prepared with your tastes and needs in mind.

We’ll see you at the Deli!

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