With deepest appreciation for our amazing staff and cherished community, we’d like to offer a brief update as to how Rising Tide is working to ensure staff and customer health and safety.

As most of you know, as the COVID-19 crisis moved to a head, we moved to exclusively curbside shopping on March 24th—a preemptive action that positioned us to keep people safe while still providing the healthy foods and essential items needed to weather this storm. It required a great deal of retraining and a complete overhaul of systems and procedures, and we are grateful that it has allowed us to continue to serve the community efficiently and most importantly, safely. In keeping with New York State guidelines, we required every staff member to wear a mask and began a process of deep cleaning and minute-by-minute sanitization.

Today at Rising Tide

We are continuing with curbside delivery, and have re-opened our Deli (smoothies, salads, burgers and more). Curbside orders can be texted to 516-400-4360. Once you text, we’ll let you know which day we will shop your order. Let us know when you want your order shopped and we will do our best to oblige. Our current average wait time for orders is less than one day, and our pick-up hours are 8am-4pm. Need eight items or less? Just come to the RT parking lot with your list and we will shop it on the spot. If you cannot text in your order, please bring it to us at the store—we will find a way to make it happen! No one who needs good healthy food will be left out in the cold.

Moving forward….

We have returned in-store shopping—with some caveats. We allow a maximum of 8 customers in the store at one time, and masks will be required by ALL. We accept credit card & cash transactions, but ask that if you bring a reusable bag to please pack your items yourself.  In order to service as many customers as possible in a way everyone feels good about, we will plan to maintain our convenient curbside service for the foreseeable future.

A note about our staff

We can honestly say without the slightest hesitation that we would not be able to carry on serving our community in the way we are without our caring, generous, hardworking, dedicated team of employees. Each time we thought we might not be able to meet customer demand, our amazing staff members would step up and overdeliver with high energy, teamwork, and can-do-attitudes that more than once brought tears to our eyes. We are indebted to them— the superstar Rising Tide team—and we feel so very lucky to have them.

Which brings us to YOU, our incredible customers 

And while our staff keeps everything ticking here at Rising Tide, it’s our customers who make it all worthwhile. From Mark, who donated and erected our tent to keep your groceries out of the rain, to the dozens of schoolchildren showering us with thank you cards, to the hundreds of texts and social media posts we’ve received from customers expressing their gratitude, our daily efforts are fueled by the compassion and generosity of spirit of those who call this amazing community home. We can’t express how much these little gestures mean to us, and how they’ve gotten us through tough spots and down days. We are humbled by your generosity and your gratitude.

One last note…we’re fully stocked!

Thanks to some savvy buying on our end, and amazing distributors who move mountains to ensure we receive our essential items, we’ve got everything you need to keep living the healthy lifestyle you count on Rising Tide for. That means organic fruits and vegetables (fresh and frozen), paper products, grains and beans (and yes, we have YEAST!)—we’ve got it all. Plus, as always, we’ve got the carefully vetted, high-quality supplements necessary to keep your immune system strong as we move past COVID and into the future.

Thank you again for your loyalty and kindness…we are truly grateful for you and this community.

Stay well…

Jerry Farrell

Owner & Founder, Rising Tide Natural Market