As part of our mission to nourish our community through the products we sell and the knowledge we share, we believe it falls on us to take the lead in establishing practices that nourish and protect our planet, as well. That’s the impetus for our new experimental initiative: B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bag!).

Rising Tide spent $12,800 on 101,000 paper grocery bags in 2016. (We eliminated the use of plastic bags back in 2012, and the customers loved it!) While we’ve previously awarded customers with $.10 for every reusable bag they use at the store, it has not resulted in a reduction in the number of bags.

So we decided to take the idea a few steps further this year.

1. For every paper bag we use to bag your groceries, we will charge you $.10. The proceeds will be DONATED to local charities, a different non-profit entity each month. (The Cause of the Month will be clearly displayed by the registers.)

2. For every reusable bag you shop with…HOORAY! You are doing something incredible to protect our trees and the life of our planet.

3. We will continue to sell our reusable Rising Tide shopping bags to you AT COST: $1.99/each.

4. Last but not least: In 2017, Rising Tide will commit to spending the same $12,800 on grocery bags we spent in 2016 OR…every dollar we don’t have to spend on bags (because you are all bringing in your reusable ones) will be donated at the end of each month to that month’s charity of choice. (For example, if we reduce the number of bags in half, and spend $6,400, we will donate the remaining $6,400 to our local charities.)

So…we don’t profit on this initiative, but if it works, we do something great for the environment AND help out lots of folks in the Glen Cove community. Plus, we will have joined together as a community to make a difference, which is awesome, too. A number of forward-thinking and progressive communities from coast to coast have already embarked on similar tree-saving initiatives, and we feel a bold project like this will resonate with our community, as well.

We’re sure you’ll have questions. Please feel free to ask about this when you’re in the store. We are genuinely excited to put our efforts toward a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. We hope you’ll get behind it, too!