We are pleased to introduce you to our February Charity of the Month: Healing Headbands.

Harnessing the healing power of art and laughter, Glen cove-based Healing Headbands works with people with serious illnesses (children and adults) to create joy. Run by World Laughter Tour certified laughter leaders, Barbara Grapstein (founder and CEO) and Joanie Accolla (co-founder and creative director), Healing Headbands has worked with more than 500 children, conducting workshops in hospitals, schools, with Girl Scout troops and elsewhere where healing was needed. The workshops begin with 20 minutes of simple laughter exercises, which shift the brain to the right and get them ready to “paint their joy,” Grapstein says. The colorful art they create is then printed on an ultrasoft SPF-protected headband (big enough to cover the head of most children). Now the children can “wear their happiness”.

Since founding Healing Headbands in 2013, Grapstein and Accolla have offered healing workshops at Cohen Children’s Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital and other locations, including some in Florida and California. For more information, email Grapstein and Accolla at info@healingheadbands.com.