NEW: Organic Cold-Brew Iced Coffee from Chameleon

True coffee lovers have a new go-to at Rising Tide: Our Organic Chameleon Cold-Brew Iced Coffee.

For Austin, TX-based Chameleon, cold-brew coffee is an art form, with all efforts geared toward maximizing taste and minimizing bitterness. It all starts with beans that are sourced consciously and sustainably grown —organic, non-GMO beans with bright, vivid flavors. Next, these special beans are soaked in the highly mineralized water of the Texas Hill County—soaked for 12 hours or more to cut down on the bitterness you sometimes experience with regular iced coffee. Lastly, the beans are air roasted using state of the art equipment, and small-batch ground to ensure each cup is as smooth as the last. 

The bottom line: here is why you’ll be hooked on our new Cold Brew Iced Coffee:

  • More concentrated, with a less watered-down taste

  • Half the acidity of regular coffee (so easier on the stomach!)

  • Smooth, chocolaty and delicious 


Enjoy with a splash of milk or straight up. 16oz/$3.99, 24oz/$5.49



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