Meat & Seafood

When Only the Highest Quality Meat Will Do

We’re highly selective when stocking the Rising Tide Market Meat & Seafood Department, searching both locally and further afield to support local/regional ranches and farms raising natural, organic and grass-fed animals.

All Rising Tide meat products meet the following standards:

  • No antibiotics or supplemental hormones
  • No animals finished in feedlots
  • No animal byproducts in feed
  • Pasture raised or access to outdoors
  • Humanely raised, transported and slaughtered
  • No fois gras or veal
  • No nitrates or nitrites


All of our Chicken and Turkey products are Certified Organic.


All our Pork products contain no Nitrates, Hormones or Antibiotics. Items from The Piggery and Applegate are either organic or non-GMO project verified. We also carry organic bone-in pork chops from Reunion Foods and DuBreton


All of our Beef products are Organic and/or Grass-Fed.


We take great pride in the quality of our meats. Get to know our meat vendors, with whom we share close ties.

The Piggery

A family-owned, nationally recognized, whole animal butchery in Ithaca, N.Y., the Piggery produces local and pasture raised charcuterie (Natural Ham, Bacon, Pork Chops, Hot Dogs, Kielbasa), and has been featured in Edible Brooklyn, Time Out NY, The New York Daily News, Bon Apettit and more.  They’re also farmers!  The Piggery Farm in Trumansburg, NY and JD Farms in Eaton, NY graze heritage pigs and turkeys on certified organic pastures and woodlots and finished on non-GMO feeds. We’re so lucky to have been turned on to their handcrafted meats—perfect for a values-driven businesses like ours. 


A local purveyor of gourmet meats partnering only with small arms and ranches that have the strictest standards (no antibiotics or hormones), and offer the best-tasting conscientiously-raised meat possible. Their free-range, organic chickens are born raised and harvested in the U.S. and air-chilled for the best flavor. Their Jambon de Bayonne (French Prosciutto) is all natural and dry aged. Their pork tenderloin is made from humanely raised, meltingly tender Berkshire pork. (Whole Chicken, Chicken Breasts, Chicken Tenders, Drumsticks and Thighs; Jambon de Bayonne, Duck Breast, Pork Tenderloin and Ground Buffalo)


Tasty meat sourced from 2,500 family-owned farms, raised humanely without antibiotics and hormones, artificial ingredients or preservatives, or GMO ingredients. (Organic Ham, Bacon, Hot dogs)


Organic/Grass-fed meats from animals fed a 100% Non-GMO diet, with an excellent taste. (Organic, Grass-Fed and Finished Ground Beef, Organic Oven-Roasted Sliced Turkey Breast)


Grass-fed beef that’s 100% organic and humanely raised on lush pastures. (Top Sirloin and Ground Beef; look for additional cuts as we get into the heart of grilling season)


Olli Salumeria uses heritage breed pork pasture-raised on family-owned farms, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet, with no hormones or antibiotics. The result is a collection of artisanal cured meats that taste authentically Italian. (Calabrese and Genoa dry-cured Salami, available on their own and featured in convenient snack packs along with cheese and crackers)

Bone Broth

In addition to the nourishing chicken and beef bone broths we offer daily in the Rising Tide Broth Bar (at the Deli), we also carry the best retail bone broths on the market. Epic Broth makes its ready-to-heat bone broths the way our great-grandparents did in generations past, cooking bones from pastured and grass-fed animals for long periods of time over a low flame, then bottling in glass and refrigerating for freshness. If you don’t drink our broth, or make your own, this is definitely the best, most nutrient-rich bone broth you’ll find anywhere.

Holiday Meats

Rising Tide has the highest quality specialty meats available for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah, Easter/Passover, etc.). Specialty meats can be found both in our Meat & Seafood Case and are available by special order.

Sustainable Seafood

Rising Tide is thrilled to carry the first-ever certified organic salmon.

At Rising Tide, we bring in only the freshest seafood, always with one eye on sustainability, and the other on taste.

New to our seafood offerings is the fresh, clean, amazingly delicious Organic King Salmon by Creative Salmon, pre-packaged every day in our Meat & Seafood case. Creative Salmon is the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification. And this fish is fabulous. Packed with heart- and brain-healthy omega3s, t’s raised in a low-density environment without any GMOs, growth-promoting hormones, or antibiotics; and fed only a natural diet of fish meal, fish oil, and certified organic wheat (as a binder). 

In season (June-September), we will have Wild Caught Pacific Salmon, the same salmon we’ve been using for years for prepared dishes in our Deli; we’re thrilled to offer it for you to prepare in your home, your way. 

If smoked fish is more your thing, we’re also proud to carry Wild Alaskan Sockeyed Salmon from Dear North—sustainably caught, minimally processed, with 980mg of omega 3s in every serving, this artisanal delicacy is hand-packed in reusable glass jars according to native Alaskan traditions. Serve with a hard cheese, rosemary crackers, and a bottle of white wine.

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