Everything you need to fuel your healthy lifestyle

The Rising Tide grocery experience is one you will find only in an independent health food market like ours. We understand your desire to eat and live right, and stock our shelves with the items you need to live your best life, every day.

We Set the Trends

We were emphasizing Organic and Local before they were “in”, and continue to make them the cornerstone of our grocery inventory. Our close relationships with local vendors allows us to stock amazing products that other, bigger stores don’t have the same access to.

And while we carry a more thoughtful selection of products than some bigger stores, we have state-of-the-art technology that helps us evaluate our product mix on an ongoing basis. That means we stock more of the products you truly want, more of the time.

Customer-Driven Inventory

Our customers know best, and they have been driving our product assortment for the last 42 years. Don’t see your favorite product on our shelves? Just ask, and we will order you a case (and give you a 10% discount, to boot!).

Walking the Line Between New Products and Tried-and-True Favorites

While we are constantly adding exciting new items to our grocery inventory, we also know there are certain products our customers expect to find on every visit to Rising Tide. Our grocery staff makes it a priority to keep those items on the shelves at all times.

Our Commitment to Non-GMO Products

As we state in our Non-GMO Policy, we will not bring any new products into the store that are not either A) verified by the nonprofit Non-GMO Project or B) free from the top 10 ingredients that are most at-risk for being contaminated by GMOs (there are a few exceptions, and those are for extremely clean, customer-requested products that are currently in the process of undergoing Non-GMO verification). We are strong supporters of the JustLabelIt campaign, and believe in full transparency when it comes to GMOs and products derived from synthetic biology in our food supply.

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