Give Your Pets the Clean Diet They Deserve

Where do you get your pet food? Is it as clean (and free from GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.) as your diet? While some of us might cut corners when it comes to pet food, we pay for it in the long run with pets that don’t thrive like they should.

Sure, some pets (like some humans!) can live long lives on a diet of highly processed foods. But their vet bills would be much higher, their energy levels lower, and their medical issues more frequent.

Strive to feed your furry friends the same kind of fresh, healthy, organic food you clean yourself. The Rising Tide Market is proud to be “Pet Central” for many of our customers. Castor & Pollux, the first branded, premium quality line of natural specialty food and supplies for pets, makes it easy.

The birth of a great pet food…

It all started 20 years ago, when a lab/pointer named Joey was rescued from the humane society. His people parents, Shelley & Brian, were so smitten, they would do anything to ensure Joey’s health and happiness. Castor & Pollux was born out of that love.

Their business evolved, and in 2001 Castor & Pollux launched Organix, the first and most complete line of organic pet food, grain free and hand-crafted in small batches in a Certified Organic Kitchen. This is the good stuff—wholesome, nourishing, great tasting—and your pets deserve it.

(Why grain free pet food, you might ask? While many dogs and cats can tolerate pretty much anything, it’s possible that avoiding grains can avoid problems in their later years. For animals with grain sensitivities, studies show that feeding them a grain-free diet can help to clear up allergy symptoms, make shinier coats, improve digestion and more.)

And if superb quality and excellent nutrition aren’t enough to sway you, Caster & Pollux is a great product with a mission to match. Deeply committed to feeding pets in need, the company has teamed with non-profit rescue organizations all over the country to serve over 6 million meals to pets living in shelters and foster homes. Nice!

Now’s a great time to give Castor & Pollux all-natural and Organix pet products a try, as they are all 20% off for the entire month!  We’ve got dried and canned food for dogs and cats, dental chews, doggie treats and much more. It’s a veritable feast for your favorite pet. Don’t let them miss out!

Show your pet the LOVE by what you put in their bowl.

Coming soon: Look for Rising Tide Market to launch the community’s first healthy pet food club…money saving and convenient!



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