Valued ties with local vendors result in the finest dairy and fermented items

Local farms featuring pastured, organically raised animals are the hallmarks of our ample DAIRY department at Rising Tide. This is one place where deep connections to local farms really pays off, in terms of the amazing freshness, the superb quality and the wide variety of the products we offer.


Our glass, grass-fed milk from Pennsylvania’s Trickling Springs Creamery is our top seller. Clearly, our customers have great taste!  This milk is the best of the best; certified organic, and created in small batches from local, family farms that take the best care of their happy, exclusively grass-fed cows and their land. These happy cows get all the sunshine and free grass they want during growing season and are not pushed in growth or production by synthetic hormones. Choose from Whole, 2%, Heavy Cream, Half & Half, and Chocolate.

Our other grass-fed milks include those from Maple Hill Creamery and Natural By Nature, and Grassmilks by Organic Valley.

Goats’ Milk

Some of our customers who don’t tolerate cow’s milk find they do quite well with products made from goats’ milk. We carry goats’ milk butter from Delamere, 100% goats’ milk from Vermont’s own Oak Knoll Dairy, and goats’ milk yogurt and kefir from Redwood Hill Farm.

Non-Dairy Milk

We carry a wide selection of fresh, delicious non-dairy milks from MalkCalifiaThree Trees, and New Barn. For those customers who cannot tolerate lactose, we carry a full line of lactose-free products from Green Valley Organics, including kefir, sour cream, yogurt and cream cheese.


Our yogurt selection is as varied as our milk, and again, centered around local farmers and organic products. We have something for everyone—cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and even dairy-free. Some of the local farms that give us our most popular yogurts include: Maple Hill Creamery (Stuyvesant, NY), and Old Chatham Sheepherding Company (Old Chatam, NY).

Perfect for lunch boxes or anytime you’re on the go, we’ve got healthy and portable yogurt pouches and more from Stonyfield Organic and Once Upon a Farm.

Non-Dairy Yogurt Alternatives

Our most popular dairy-free yogurts include the delicious “Cashewgurt” from Forager Project; creamy almond milk yogurt from Kite Hill; Lavva yogurts, made from the rich, buttery, pili nut; the probiotic-rich oatmilk yogurts from Nancy’s; and coconut milk yogurts from So Delicious.

RTM_35Specialty Cheese

Cheese lovers find a home here at Rising Tide, as we make it a point to carry varieties you won’t find anywhere else in the area. And unlike other grocery stores, you’ll never get tired of our cheese selection; expect to find 4 or 5 interesting new selections each month.

Again, this is where our relationships with local farms give us access to really great cheese, many of which come from single herd farms (you can easily trace a direct line from their cows to their milk to the cheese). This is the way things were done 1,000s of years ago, a lost art that we are thrilled to resurrect in the dairy department of Rising Tide.

Organic Cheese

Some of our favorite cheeses are the organic varieties we rotate in and out, depending on availability. These include those from Cowgirl Creamery, Organic Manchego from Spain, Organic Montchèvre  (herbed and original), organic gouda and cheddar from Maple Hill Creamery, and local artisanal cheeses from Jake’s and Nettle Meadow Farm in Upstate, NY. On occasion, we also carry organic brie.

RTM_27Organic, Pastured Eggs

Pick your own eggs, freshly delivered each week from Hidden Camp Farms, a local upstate New York farm. At Hidden Camp, the happy hens are free to forage in the fields, scratch in the dirt, and nestle themselves in the shade on sunny days. Their diets are supplemented with Certified Organic minerals and grains that never, ever contain soy.

Other organic pastured eggs come from Handsome Brook Farm and pasture-raised, local eggs come from small, Amish farms in Pennsylvania. We’ve also got beautiful blue free-range Andean heirloom eggs from Carol’s Eggs.


Vegetarian sandwiches with ricotta cheese and fresh vegetables

Artisanal Vegan Items

It has always been our belief that our vegetarian and vegan friends should have access to as many decadent and delicious foods as their meat-loving cohorts. For this reason, Rising Tide Market sources the finest artisanal Vegan cheeses and other dairy-style items for our Dairy department. Many fresh alternative Vegan “meats” are also located here; everything from tofu to seitan, frankfurters to bacon, and more. Some of the names we are proudest of include coconut oil-based Violife Foods (mozzarella and parmesan), Kite Hill, Miyokos Creamery, Field Roast, and Treeline Treenut Cheese.

In addition to our Dairy department, be sure to check our freezer section for our wide selection of frozen vegan items.


Pickled cabbage with carrots in a glass jar on a dark wooden tableFermented Foods

At Rising Tide, we understand the importance of feeding your microbiome through fermented foods. Let Rising Tide Market be your primary source of small-batch, often local, always probiotic-rich foods and beverages. Your gut will thank you!  A carefully curated selection of krauts, kimchi and pickles come from such local artisanal fermentation pros like Alive & Well (don’t miss their probiotic olives!), Wild BrineReal Pickles, Ozuke and Hawthorne Valley Farm. (Like spice? Hawthorne Valley’s Raw Heat fermented hot sauce is consistently a top seller in this department.)

Probiotic drinks include Kefir (dairy and coconut milk-based) from Green Valley Organics, and others, Gut Shots from Farmhouse Culture and Kombucha on tap from Vermont’s own Aqua Vitea. 

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