Our Response to COVID-19 update: March 30th

We know that the situation regarding COVID-19 is overwhelming and these past weeks have been intense for many. Our hearts are with our local and global communities as we navigate this situation together. Rising Tide’s mission has always been “to serve and nourish our community with the products we sell and the knowledge we share.” We are committed to continue that mission in these unprecedented times…differently.  As a grocery store, we play an essential role in providing the nourishment that our staff and customers need, and in the days and weeks to come, we will be adapting our business as quickly as we can to best serve you.

As a community business, our commitment to protecting staff and customers are of utmost concern. Given the guidelines issued on March 16 by the CDC, we are in the process of reviewing our systems and processes to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Below are some of the measures we are currently taking.

Beginning April 1st, Rising Tide will be closed on Wednesdays
We are beyond grateful for our amazing staff, and the commitment they have shown during this time. We feel strongly that we need to give them a chance to regroup and repair. Therefore, Rising Tide will continue operating on a reduced schedule, and will be closed every Wednesday. We are open for text-in orders between 8am and 2pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Curbside pickup hours are 8:30am-5pm on the days we are open. This will change according to the evolving situation but will remain in place until further notice.

Product Availability
As a result of the increased traffic and strains on the supply chain nationwide, we are experiencing shortages on a number of products. Rest assured, we are working with our distributors to make sure we are able to provide all the products you rely on. However, you can expect shortages in the coming months. Please know we are doing our best to minimize them and to keep shelves stocked with all your necessary and desired items.  At this time, we are asking our customers to be mindful about what they need, and to leave essential products on the shelves for others as well.  We are all in this together. 

Self-Serve Kitchen, Bakery, and Deli Offerings
Out of an abundance of caution, we have voluntarily closed our self-serve soup and kombucha stations, and have discontinued our freshly-baked goods, smoothies, and hot lunch program.

The good news…our Grab and Go program will be as robust as ever—in fact, more so, as we have begun to pre-package all of the RT Deli’s top-selling items (you will still be able to get your Chicken Caeser Salad, your Tre Colore salad, and more). We are also continuing our fresh juice program, including our pre-bottled juices and lemonades.

We apologize for any inconvenience any of these changes may cause, and thank you for your understanding.

Social Distancing

Your safety and need for social distance are top of mind as we create new processes to protect us all. This will require some adjusting on everyone’s part, and we appreciate your flexibility and patience as we get everything up and running.  As of Tuesday, March 23rd:

  • We have gone to curbside pick up only.
  • RT TEXT: We are asking all customers to send us their shopping lists via RT Text (516-400-4360). We will text you back confirming your order and ask for a credit/debit card payment at that time. (In order to minimize exposure for our staff, we are exclusively accepting card payments at this time.) When your order is ready, you will receive another text. Please understand that we are able to process a certain number of orders per day, and that your request might not be fulfilled on the day you text it to us. (We are doing our best with our current staffing levels to continue serving you.) Once you have been texted that your order is complete, come to our parking lot and a Rising Tide employee will meet you outside with your groceries.
  • If you have any questions about the RT Text shopping process, please feel free to reach out to us: 516-676-7895 xt 4.

Additional Precautionary Measures
We are closely following all updates from the NYS and Nassau County Departments of Health, as well as the CDC. We are checking for new information daily, and will follow any guidance issued by local, state, and national health officials.

So far:

  • We have instituted a new sanitation protocol, including wiping our carts and baskets at each use and cleaning each department with sanitizer every 30 minutes and as needed.
  • We have also increased regular cleaning efforts throughout the store, with a focus on all high-touch surfaces.
  • We are expanding training to all staff members regarding hygiene and hand washing.
  • We are providing regular briefings to all staff regarding the basics of COVID-19, including prevention recommendations from the CDC.
  • We are monitoring the health of staff and asking any staff members who even sense a sniffle to stay home.
  • As mentioned above, with the aim of keeping staff healthy and well rested, we are limiting store hours and employee shifts.
  • We have suspended all active and passive food and product sampling.
  • We have increased the presence of hand sanitizer in our store. Our distributors are currently out of stock on sanitizing wipes, so we are increasing cleaning of carts and baskets until we are able to restock.
  • Regrettably, we have returned to a policy of giving out paper bags to customers; no reusable bags are allowed at this time. (Note: this will not affect any of our Charities of the Month; Rising Tide will still donate to these amazing nonprofits according to a pre-determined schedule.)
  • We have instituted a no return policy until further notice in order to reduce exposure to both staff and customers. We will reinstitute to our liberal policy regarding returns once we are through this.

We anticipate that we will continue to make changes to our operations in order to further protect our staff and community. We will keep you updated on social media, our website, and through email.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Stay safe and healthy. We will be with you every step of the way. 



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