Our 100% Produce Department—Better for You and the Planet

Rising Tide Natural Market takes the guesswork out of shopping for the most important items in your grocery cart—your Fruits and Vegetables! Unlike virtually every other grocery store in our area, we have always maintained a 100% Organic Produce Department, stocked year round with gorgeous, often local, always farm-fresh fruits and veggies grown using a defined set of standards, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

What does this mean for our customers? When shopping for produce, you needn’t read labels—just pick the produce that suits your needs and know for certain it will be good for both you and our planet.

Organic Seeds from High Mowing Seeds…Coming Soon!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to High Mowing Organic Seeds, Rising Tide Market’s valued source for organic seeds since 2015. What began with just 28 varieties in1996 in founder Tom Stearns’ backyard has since grown exponentially—a one-man operation now a thriving business making available to home gardeners and commercial growers over 600 heirloom, open-pollinated, and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seed. True to its roots, High Mowing Organic Seeds continues to grow many of the varieties they sell on its 40-acre farm in northern Vermont, setting them apart from the majority of other seed companies.

Beginning in March—just about one month from the ideal time to plant your backyard garden—come in and check out our collection of Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified seeds on the racks by the registers. 

Local, Organic Plants from Marion Gardens…Coming in April 

Just as the ground begins to thaw here in the Northeast, we start to carry our 100% Certified Organic herb and vegetable plants from local purveyor Marion Gardens, located nearby on Long island’s North Fork. We choose Marions Gardens because their standards are as high as they come, and they make no sacrifices in their quest for excellence. Non-organic herb and vegetable plants are often advertised as “all natural” or “GMO free.” However they can still be grown with chemical fertilizers, pest controls, growth regulators and treated seed. Certified Organic plants like those from Marion Gardens must be GMO-free and only use USDA Certified Organic compost, fertilizer and pest controls, including the use of beneficial insects. Since 2007, Marion Gardens plants have grown under these strict USDA Certified Organic standards. As with our certified organic seeds, check back often during growing season to see our new offerings from Marion Gardens. 

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