Juice Bar / Smoothies

Organic fruit & veggie drinks, bursting with all the good stuff

One of the more popular spots at Rising Tide is always our Fresh Juice & Smoothie Bar. Operated out of our full-service Deli, our beverage bar is unlike most others in that it is stocked 365 days a year with 100% fresh and frozen Organic* Produce. We know how you source high-quality, pesticide-free ingredients when creating in your own kitchen, and want you to feel right at home when ordering a juice or smoothie from us.


Our freshly made smoothies are the perfect pick me up any time of day. Choose from one of our Signature Smoothies, or fully customize yours, with a choice of fruit, milks, nut butters, and protein powders. Add a super health kick to any smoothie with a scoop of our Superfood Smoothie mix, featuring goji berries and cacao and maca powders.

Wheatgrass Shots

Our fresh cut, local, organic wheatgrass shots have a devoted following here at Rising Tide. We’ve got a whole crew of customers that just won’t start their day without the detoxifying, alkalizing, revitalizing, digestion-boosting effects of our wheatgrass, available in 1, 2 and 4 oz shots.

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonades

Our 16oz fresh-squeezed lemonades pack a bolt of sunshine (and Vitamin C!) in every sip. Try the RT Master Cleanse, the RT Antioxidant, The Ginge and the beautiful Strawberry Lemonade (seasonally available). Fresh Watermelon Water (100% watermelon) is also available in season.


We’re known throughout the community for our Greens Drinks, literally bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and pure vitality! In addition to a nutritious blend of organic greens, RT Greens Drinks contain lemon (loads of vitamin C), ginger (anti-inflammatory) and green apple (vitamins A, C and K, potassium and more!).

Enjoy our juices freshly made, or for your convenience, we always have three juices pre-packed and ready for you to grab and go:

  • Greens Drinks
  • Orange Juice, sweet, delicious and packed with Vitamin C

Green Card

We believe so deeply in the health-boosting powers of our juices, we want to reward you for drinking yours. Pick up a Green Card at the register, and get it punched for every juice purchased. After 10 juices, the 11th is on us. Happy, healthy sipping!

* There are a few times a year when we cannot source organic lemons and/or turmeric. Just ask the Deli staff; they can tell you whether these items are organic or not.