Bakery / Desserts

Muffins, scones and other treats get the organic treatment

Like other areas of Our Kitchen, our Desserts and Bakery items stand out not only for their taste, but for their emphasis on Organic ingredients. This is the next best thing to baking for yourself (or even better, as it leaves you time to focus on other, equally important activities!)


We’ve got Non-GMO Baguettes and Ciabatta bread from Izzio Bakery, baked fresh each day in the Rising Tide kitchen. These non-GMO certified artisan breads are made with the tastiest flour out there—flour that’s fully traceable from seed to harvest to the local Colorado mill. Baking with this flour—adding just water and salt along with three days of fermentation—creates a loaf of bread that’s authentic and flavorful.


Plain and Chocolate Croissants made with Brittany butter from France are baked fresh daily.


We’re thrilled to have Popovers from local bakery Heritage Bakers, made with nutritionally robust organic, heirloom whole wheat flour. Popovers come in plain and cinnamon-sugar. Available several days a week.


Our Muffins are made from a brand-new recipe that our customers are loving. Healthier ingredients include organic spelt flour (wheat free), coconut sugar (low on the glycemic index), and organic safflower oil. Flavors include Banana Crumb, Zucchini, Blueberry and Chocolate Chip, and are rotated daily.

Fresh, moist Blueberry Scones are also available daily.


Other sweet, house-made treats available all the time include Rosie’s Famous Blackout Cake, creamy vegan Puddings and a moist, delicious Carrot Cake. Additional, seasonal dessert items (Pies, Fruit Tortes, etc.) are available to custom order from our Catering Menu.

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